Never let u go (Chpt 19)


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Chapter 19

Radhika went to her bedroom and shut her bedroom door behind her. She leaned up against the door for moment, trying and hoping to clear the thoughts that were spreading to her mind.
Sighing she went to her closet to find her nice pair of jeans and lavender long sleeve t-shirts. She pulled her hair into traditional twist and clip. She shook her head and went towards the living room.
“You ready, Arjun?” She asked, trying to sound casual

Arjun turned to look at her and got mesmerized…
“ Vey cute…..” He murmured in low tone that Radhika couldn’t hear it..
“ What..”
“ Nothing….Let’s go..” He said grabbing her hand and pulling her downstairs

She picked her purse hurriedly and locked the door behind her.
Climbing the car she sat on passenger seat and he grabbed behind the wheel..Car roared to life and they drove off.
While they drove, he told her about morning with Sonali, how he feeing about the whole things, how Raj was happy…She just listening to him.And looking at him madly.
They stopped at the local restaurant. They quickly ordered their breakfast and chatted of different things.
Suddenly an announcement came from the Restaurants manager.
“Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please…”
With that voice all faces in restaurant turned towards the Manager so As Aradhika too turned to find what’s going on.
“ Thank you….So ladies and gentlemen today is founder’s day of our restaurant..So as this day started with wonderful people like you, we have arrange foot tapping dance for I requested all of you to join it…There are trained dancers they will help you.”
All the customers in the restaurants cheered and applauded for the event
“ We should dance…” Arjun said looking at her. His tone was serious about what he said.
“I don’t think know dancing isn’t my thing..m just baraat dancer…” She said chucking

“We have to do those things that we don’t know how to do….” Arjun in convincing tone..

“Are you really serious? It’s a tapping foot dance..i don’t know how to dance like that….reallyyyy…” She said in pleading tone.
“Neither have I known… We will try…let’s try” He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the dance flower…
Arjun goes to announcer and enroll their name for next round. They stood there for a minute and two observing how trained dancer doing steps.
“Next Couple is Arjun and Radhika” DJ called their name in Australian accent

Arjun grabbed her and reached on dance flower.
He holds her by her waist and she put her hand on his shoulder and started to swing on the music
( P. S : Please guys remember scene in titanic where Jack and rose dance on lower deck…)
Radhika thought she will fall and all people will laugh at her so she was looking at tapping of their feet that she could make synchrony with the music.
“Don’t look down… Look into my eyes….Dance will come automatically….” Arjun whispered seductively
She robotically accepts his command and look into his eyes.
She couldn’t believe, but she was dancing perfectly with rhythm.
They were swinging , curling tapping together and minute by minute music beats becoming faster and faster.
Aradhika forget the world around, they were just enjoying themselves like no one watching them.. The best way to describe the fun is they were flying in their own world.

As slowly music stops, they both gasping for air and they laugh loud, crashing on the sofa besides the dance floor.
All the public over their praised for their dancing and applauded heavily
“ Did you have fun?” Arjun asked breathing heavily

She looked up to see apparent amusement in his face. She rolled her eyes at her and looked away.

“ Come on, Radhika.. I know you had fun..”He said poking in her ribs. She jerked at the contact.

“ Yeah… It was splendid…I have never ever enjoyed this much…but I was hell scared thinking about falling” Her breathe caught…
Eventually they grabbed their normal breathing.

“I had told you…and I will always protect you , no matter where we are or will…..” Arjun spoke looking into her eyes.

His words gave her sense of security for a moment and they stayed on the couch for hours. Talking about crazy things they have done till now.
After some time they left from the restaurant and went the local outlet mall. She wasn’t much shopper so spent most time walking around, talking and laughing.
All the time he was making fun of her and teasing her like to make her laugh is his life time job.She was laughing her heart out.
Her laughter is so magical he thought to himself. He wished he could play of something on Guitar that would resemble to her laughter, something so genuinely beautiful.
By the time she checked her watched, and realized it was getting late.
“ I was thinking that we need to get back home , what do you think? “ She asked
He looked at her innocent eyes…

“ Yeah..but still one place left to go..i want show that place to you…” he said dreamily.
“ Which place? And we can go next time na….” Radhika
“ No this is the right time to go to that place…we have some more time with us…Please…” He insisted
How could she refused when he was asking her such cutely..She nodded yes…
It was almost dark at outside. They sat in the car and Arjun pulled car out of parking lot.
They got on the Maine road.
Driving in the day time was something, but at night it completely different experience, almost magical.
The lights that shined from the people’s homes flashed as they drove past them,and stars twinkled and shimmered above them, covering them in heavenly beauty.She settled herself against the window glass and watched everything fly past. They were silent all the time.
She didn’t know how long they drove neither she asked him. Suddenly he showed to stop at the edge of open field .They were down to country road, in middle of somewhere.

They climbed off from car and he led her out into middle of it. She looked around there were no lights from houses, that the only light coming around them was the stars sparkles above them.
That was the sight that you didn’t find very often either.

“ This place is AMAZINGGGGGG, Arjun. How did you find this place? “ Radhika was happy like she saw heaven.

“ I went out the night when I got angry on you that night you saw photo of mine and sonali mom …and I drove until I ended up here. I thought it was nice since you can’t see anything but the natural beauty of sky . You like to watch stars..right?”

She just nodded because she had lost in the heavenly beauty of sky , watching the twinkling stars .
It was then she realized Arjun’s hand on her shoulder.

“ Radhika, you still seem to be bothered by something. You want to talk about it?” Arjun worriedly looked into her eyes.
How could I tell him that its nothing but he was bothering me she thought

“ No, not now. Not on this perfect night. Let it go Arjun. Please for me …” She begged.
“ Alright..just know that when you are ready , I’m always here for you .” He still was worried for her.

He pulled her down and they sat stretching out their leg under the sky.
They watched the sky and it was then they saw a streak of light flash across the sky.

“ Arjun look …it’s shooting star !!” She held him by his armed without looking at him.
He got stunned by her touch.
“ Make a wish Radhika..” He whispered near her ear.

She closed her eyes and in that moment she wished “ God I wish to dance with him like I did at Party. I just wanted stay near him….To feel secure…..The best part would be under blanket of the sky flickered above us”. She thought it was pointless wished but she wanted…. No..not…she was craving for it..
He closed his and wished “ God I had not belief on this but now I wanted to believe just for her..I want her.. All my life along with me…Till my last breath…”
He opened his eyes and looked at her

“ You are going to tell me what you wished for?” He asked playfully.
She rolled away tried to avoid the question but he came after her, tickling her all time.

“ Stop it..Arjun..Please..” She said between the giggles and laughter.

He stopped and stares into her very soul.
“ Tell me..” He said firmly like he was ordering her to talk.

Her mind said how could i share my innocent fantasy to him and her heart said you don’t have to tell him just to have enough courage to ask your dream come true. She decided to listen to her heart.

“ Arjun, Dance with me…” she felt her voice sounded weak
He smiled at her request.. His heart fluttered almost thinking about her touch.

“ But we don’t have music though “ he stated as he stood in front of her

“ I guess you have nice songs in your head.. I heard you humming was great”
He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her.

Pulling her close to his strong body, he begun to hum one of his personal favorites. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they were too close, she could smell his cologne. She was enjoying the moment,forgetting everything that worried her…
He too was enjoying all the moment with her. He was feeling her breathing on his neck. It was mesmerizing him..

He stopped humming as he finished the song, and he looked down at her. Her eyes were captivating him.
Her face softened and she smile lightly.

“ I think I better you get home, Radhika. I don’t want that you skip your sleep and feel dizzy again..…”

They walked back to the car and they quickly off into the night. When he pulled car up in front of her apartment, she noticed the light coming from her apartment which shows Sam was at home.

“ I will catch you on Monday , right ? “ She said as she climbed off from car.

“ Yeah…”
“ We really should do this kind of stuff more..I didn’t realizes until today that I can enjoy things in life..” Arjun said
It will never completely be it used to be . Too many things have changed especially how I see you She thought..

“ Yeah..I guess I need to get home , Sam has arrived already “ Radhika said with a forced smile.
“ well, Good night Radhika” Arjun

“Sweet dreams, Arjun”
He drove back and she went to apartment.

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