Never let u go (Chpt 18)

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Chapter 18
Raj and sonali left for the home. Arjun came to this trio ( Radhika and NeSam ).
“Hey bro how’s this surprise, huhh? “ Neil cheerily said and gives tight hug to Arjun.
Arjun didn’t reciprocate the hug and separate Neil from him.
Trio can see his nose flaring with anger and his tighten fist.
“ Who planned this surprise?” Arjun roared in angry tone.
With his angry tone trio got frighten…why he is so angry? A minute before he is crying in Sonali’s mam warm embrace. What happened suddenly? Radhika Thought
“ It…Its… all Sam’s Planning..” Neil blurts out with that Sam poke him.
“ Hey Arjun..He is liar…m not done any planning..its all Chashni’s Planning…” Sam grumbled down
“Me….No..No….what are you saying Sam…. “ Radhika widen her eyes toward Sam..
“ She is kidding…you know sam is funny sometimes..I didn’t do anything. You knw me right..” Radhika said making childlike innocent face.
With that answer Arjun couldn’t hold himself and started to laugh hard. Trio got dumbstruck and shocked with his laughter.
“ Oh my god…I might die with this….” Again he started to laugh heavily..
“ looks like your boss got Mad with too much happiness..need to call psychiatric…” Sam whispers in Radhika’s ear
“ Shut up Sam….” Radhika shush her
Arjun control his laughing and started to speak
“ How’s this Surprise Guys??….look at your faces….looking like you guys saw a ghost.” Arjun chucked
Trio realized Arjun making fun of them and they all started laughing.
Neil came forward and punch on Arjun’s shoulder..
“ don’t throw your acting on us….” Neil
Arjun hug him tight and turned towards Radhika and Sam
“ Thank you guys for this surprise…” Arjun exclaimed
“ It’s all Chashni’s planning..We help her in this..” Sam
Arjun saw lovingly towards Radhika who was smiling looking into his eyes.
“ Let’s go guys..don’t you want to go home..” Neil pulled Sam
Radhika started to leave when she felt a warm grip on her wrist, she turned to find and saw teary but smiling deep black eyes.
Arjun hug her warmly. She didn’t get what to do so she stood calm.
“ Thank you so much Radhika for giving precious gift to me….” Arjun realize her form hug
“ I can’t have words to pay my gratitude. I owe you today for life time…”
Radhika place her finger on his lips stopping him to speak further
“ Shhhhh…No thank you and No Sorry..we are friends right? “ Radhika whispered and continued
“ I am happy for you…you deserves this happiness…”
In that swift moment, they shares intense eye lock…
“ Raddhikkkkaaaa” Sam yelled from far
With that Radhika realized her finger on Arjun’s lip and she said “ sorry…” pulling her hand off immediately
“ Good Night Arjun..” Radhika wished
“Night Radhika…” Arjun waved her bye.

Radhika sat on passenger seat in car and Sam drove off to the road.
Radhika staring the running houses, trees and the moon while humming her favorite song.
“ You looking so happy today” Sam said while driving
“ yup..I’m so much happy for Arjun and Sonali mam..Finally Arjun got his mom back. Feeing so good….” Radhika smile without stopping for sec and she started talking about Arjun, his pros and cons, his like and dislike n all about him only.
Sam smiled looking at her.
“ You know Chashni, I think you likes him…” Whispered Sam
Radhika glance down towards sam in bewilderment. In her simple life it was like massive.
“ What???? I like Arjun ….Arjun Mehra !!! That’s impossible
“ You have to be kidding “
“Nope. Your smile and eyes telling all” Sam
No this is not happening to me..Its wearied. I didn’t honestly know how I felt about whole thing. It was just a crazy thought. How could something like this be happening to me?
Her mind was full of thoughts which making her head heavy.
“ Sam, I really don’t know “ She mumbled as she tried to continue to gather her thoughts
“ Remember , you can always talk to me anytime. We have known each other from childhood, and I will do anything to help you, Chashni “ Sam’s eyes sparkled with honesty as she spoke.

In the time this conversation taken place, they reached home.
Both girls got tired with all activities so they directly went to the bed.
“ Chashni, tomorrow is Saturday so Neil planned a day out…You are free on tomorrow na…you are going to come with us…” sam said pulling cover over her.
“ No Sam….actually feeling tired because of event preparation so I will stay at home and take rest …please…but next time I will become handdi between two kababs “ Radhika chuckled with naughty smile.
“ Chashni…..stop it..sleep now…” Sam with fake anger..

Radhika cover herself with blanket and curled facing opposite side to sam.
Arjun’s thoughts were haunting her mind.
How could I fall for Arjun, he is khadoos , arrogant , angry bird, hitler…But I like to spend time with him. He became good friend of me. I like to be with him..But this feeling felt good to my heart..why…Mostly because I love Arjun….

Wait a minute…did I just think that??????
Her mind stopped for a moment…..

Did I ? Do I love Arjun Mehra??? This can’t be possible…
Her mind kept running and she tried to slow down her thoughts. The whole thing was nuts.
I couldn’t love him, not in that way…
She started to think about everything..their first meet, rain walk ,night walk, business trip , dance , moon light convo and today’s night..With that smile came to her face.
She pushed her face in the pillow. She needs to calm down her thoughts.
She decided not to think about it..
“ Radhika you couldn’t love Arjun that way…he is your friend and more than that he is your BOSS….”
That was when she heard something in the back of her heart say, “you have always been in love with him…”
That was then her mind travelled back to their dance moment , her eyes drew her in that moment and the way he treated her made her…….made her fall in love with him….
The guy is truly sweet heart and would make someone really happy, when he actually did choose to find someone. That’s all what I could think about him…She thought and rolled over to other side and shut her eyes and sees Arjun’s blackish brown eyes…a deep slumber cover her mind.


She woke up to the sun shining down on her while she was curled up on bed. Groaning she rolled over and pushed her head down into the pillow. She hadn’t sleep well and it was clear that the day wasn’t going to improve either.
“Luckily Today is Saturday and I am not going to have to face Arjun , atleast for little while…Hopefully I could avoid him at least until Monday…By then I might have figured out everything about how this new feeling will affect things “ She mumbled to herself.
She pulled covers up around the head and try to go to sleep again but Arjun’s thought didn’t allowed her so….
She finally crawled out of the bed and went to her mobile screen which Flashing Sam’s message, it reads
“Good Morning Chashni..i left for were in deep slumber so I didn’t woke you don’t be mad at me…your breakfast kept in oven. Eat it…I will come back by evening …Take care…love ya…”
Radhika smiled and messaged her back
“ It’s okay..dont worry about me..enjoy your date….love you tooo…”
Radhika grab her toiletries and cloths and got in to the shower.
The water was scalding but felt so good against her tense muscle. After putting her favorite body wash on sponge, she massaged the muscles in hope of relaxing them some because she was overly tense. Then grabbing the shampoo she rinses the soap from her hair, letting water run down from hair. She let the water run down from body in hope that her thought too would get rinse off from her head.
She got out from bathroom and she worn a crop top and shorts.
She walked towards the mirror and wiping her hair she stares to herself.

“ Who am I kidding? Arjun wouldn’t want someone like me? I’m not tall, blonde , graceful…..i’m just plain…ordinary….He never fall for me….”
Sighing she finished drying and went to the living room and about to stepped in kitchen she heard doorbell rang.
She went to the door and opened it, surprised to see Arjun at her door…
Arjun had worn black denim and grey colored t-shirt which radiating his fair skin and muscular body..
He got mesmerized seeing her wet hair and her shining face…
She didn’t utter a word.

“Hi….. Can I come in…” Arjun said smilingly showing his dimple.

“Ohhhh…yessss…for sure…” Radhika came out from her shock..
Arjun came in and sat on the sofa…

“What are you doing here on a Saturday morning, Arjun?” She bit her tongue directly asking such question to him.

“Can’t I come over to see my friend?” He asked though his eyes were shining in naughtiness.
“ Yeah..but I am not used to seeing you at all over weekends . I didn’t expect you at this early morning so…” She thought that this answer wouldn’t sound stupid at all.
His eyes started to study her..He felt her behavior quite wearied. She always looks confident but today seems something different…
She was trying her best to hide her feeling deep inside.She wanted to bury them and not acknowledge them at all.
“ Radhika what is going with you…are you okay…” He asked worriedly to her.
“I’m good…just don’t feel that great…”She was trying to sound okay, but her tone said something different..
He stood from the bed and walked toward her.She noticed how his body moves when he walked…like a lion…His hand moved to her forehead and stayed there for moment..
“You don’t feel hot, but you don’t really look right.” Arjun said worriedly. And thinks for moment..
“ Let’s go…I will fresh your mood up…” Arjun said smilingly.
“ Where?” Radhika said in confusion.
“ To have coffee, lunch and dinner outside…just you and me… I will show a place which will make you lighten up again…Go and change into something…” Arjun grab his car keys..
She knows that there was no point in refusing. She went to her room to change into outdoor cloths…

next chapter: Aradhika’s Day out…

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