Never let u go (Chpt 16-17)


Hello Everyone!! Sorry for this delay..So brings double Dhamaka…Actually I was afraid about this chappy.Its so much emotional..I poured all my efforts in this chappy..Please give your reviews friends..because m damn scared about this chapter..Please let me know your reviews..Thank you for your support and love dearies…

Chapter 16
Next Day after trip….
BirdSong Office
“ May I come in?” Radhika asked from entrance of Neil’s cabin.
Neil lifted his gaze from papers on which he was busy working and soon a broad smile came to his face.
“ Ofcourse Chashni…from since you need my permission to meet me? “ Neil asked playfully
“ Not like that Neil..Actually I saw you busy working thought better I asked you before disturbance….” Radhika said
“ Well..i m always free for you so you can ask for me anytime…..” Neil replied with smile.
“ Sure for next time…” Radhika smile as she sat in black leather chair in front of him.
“ I’m really impressed by you Chashni..I heard from Arjun how confidently you delivered Presentation..Let me congratulate you First..” Neil got up from chair and Gives gentle hug to her.
“Thank you so much Neil..You always encourages me..” Radhika just mumbled
Neil sense something serious in her tone that she wanted to share with him.
“What’s wrong Radhika? It seems you want to share something with me, Right? “ Neil close the file.
“ Yeah. I want to talk to you and sam about something…” Radhika
“ about what? “ Neil got worried
“ About Arjun…but not here…can you meet me in evening at Café . I have already messaged sam about this..” Radhika wanted to share all her plan with Nesam and that to secretly from Arjun
“ Okay Chashni You don’t worry I will be there @ 6 sharp…” Neil said with his as usual jovial smile.
“ Okay then see you there..” Radhika got up from chair walked towards her desk.
Neil got worried and thought that what about Arjun bothering Chashni so much..

Arjun was busy in his meetings entire day so he couldn’t able to talk with Radhika. She felt good about it otherwise she know that he would have read anxiety from her face and a force her to tell reason behind it. She finished her work and left from the office early.
Walking down the street, she went down and got on the subway and went three shops off and walked about a block to the restaurant. She could see Sam siting inside through glass window and she stepped inside cross the room and sat in front of Sam.
“ Heyyy Samm…Hows your day?”
“ It sucked” She answered.
“ I’m sorry to hear that…” Radhika mumbled “Soon Neil’s arrival makes you smile” Radhika tease Sam
With that her Sentence Neil entered into the café and greeted both the ladies
“ Hiiii Sammyyyyy…..” Neil hug Sam and place gentle kiss on her chick, Radhika could see slight blush on her face.
Radhika felt happy for them
“See I told you Neil brings smile on your face and your tiredness will fly away…” Radhika chuckled
“ Stop Chashni…I guess we aren’t here for had something to talk to us about…” Sam replied with the hope that Radhika would spare her from teasing.

“ Yeah….about that….I wanted help from you guys before doing anything “ Radhika
“ we are always with you Radhika don’t need to ask for such..” Neil mumbled as he ordered some sandwiches and coffee for them.
“ guys you don’t believed or found weird.. but I want to do it for Arjun..”
“ Chashni don’t be vague, We are starting to get little worried. You are always to the point..” Sam
Radhika told them about the entire incident from Arjun’s Vallet photo, Sonali’s confession and Arjun’s feelings and pain about his mother.
Nesam got dumbstruck with it though Sam knew little about it from Rads but Arjun’s confession part shocked her.
“ Whoa…stop. Breath. Rads” Sam caught hold her hands.
“ It’s really tragic….we are best buddies from child, as I remembered about Sonali aunty she was so kind women bcos of that I too couldn’t have belied about her departure…It gives pain to Arjun so I didn’t brought this topic to him ever…but after knowing all this we have to unite them..for my friend” Neil voice was firm
“In next week “PEARL” completing 10 years so Sonali mam have organized an event. I think this is best opportunity to unite them. We will bring Arjun and his father on that event and make them to meet Sonali mam…” Radhika
“ But how come Raj uncle will come here without contacting Arjun…” Neil
“ It’s all on you Neil..Tell some lie to him about Arjun’s health..I know it’s not good to lie but if it making things on place then we have to do this….its going to be surprise to three of them” Radhika
“ What’s brief plan Chashni? You know they hate Sonali Aunty how they will talk to her..” Sam raise question
“ I have plan for it too..In this event I have performance with little kids on Mother-son relationship so with that I can convey my msg to them…after my performance you guys have to bring Arjun and Raj uncle to back stage and I will bring Sonali mam…I know when they meet all misunderstandings get solved itself..” Radhika complete her sentence.
Nesam squeal in happiness..
“ Wow..You are great Chashni..Hope our efforts make them unite….” Neil became very happy.
After they ate sandwich, Neil left in his car and so as Sam and Radhika for their apartment.
As next days were weekends so Radhika prepared all the things related to her plan. She was busy in her rehearsal with small kids in NGO and all arrangements for event.

Monday Morning
Radhika was working on her pc.
“ Good Morning Radhika “
She turned to find from where the voice came, and see Arjun’s Blackish brown eyes blazing into her soul. He was looking for something. She was unsure of what was that. She was mesmerized by his eyes for a moment. He did have really beautiful eyes she thought.
“Very good Morning Arjun “
“ You seems really busy this days…Neil told me that you are busy with NGO’s event ..”
“ Yeah.. A lot of things are going in my head and have too much work to implement them…”
He chuckled as he pulled out the chair next to her. For a while, they said nothing to each other. When he broke the silence it was something she didn’t expect.
“ Radhika, I would like to help you if you wants any…”
“ Thanks for the offer but right now I can handle all the stuff..and I know you have a lot of work too..n how can I ask Guest to work but sure whenever I feel as such I will call you first..” Radhika knows if she took Arjun’s help in all stuff then he would surely figure out was in her mind.
A slight smirk crossed his face. His eyes dropped and stared her for a moment, when he stood.
“Okay I’m waiting for that call then…”
He moved to go when she stop him and pull a red blue color card from her bag
“This is card…Director of “PEARL” sent this invitation for you…She said me to give on behalf of her”
Arjun took card from Radhika’s hand
“ So this means you don’t want me to come there…” His voice was full of playfulness
“ No no…not like that..I’m personally inviting you for the event…Please do come..i will be waiting for you..” Radhika completes the sentence hurriedly
Arjun got amazed by her last sentence..She will wait for me..for what..He realized there were something in her eyes that making them sparkle with happiness..He couldn’t figure out what was it.
“ Yeah..Defiantly ..i will be there then..” His eyes twinkled.

So destiny is playing her role in Aradhika’s life by making Radhika to help Arjun to get rid of his pain.
Mr Fate has his own cards for this couple to unite them as well.

Chapter 17
You can twist and bend the truth as much as you as want, but eventually it’ll come out.
Radhika knows that if things won’t fall properly she would have to face consequences of this..She may be loose Arjun’s Friendship..That thought made her tense.
As day of event was coming close she became more nervous.
As per plan Neil took his part of calling Arjun’s Dad Raj but as he wanted to make sure that his dad flew down to Sydney, he didn’t tell him real scenario. Instead he told him that he has plan something surprise for Arjun so that Arjun can confess his feeling for Radhika, in that he need his help.Raj took the news seriously and immediately booked the ticket to Sydney. The entire time he was happy for his son for taking initiative in his love life.

Arjun parked his car in parking lot and got call from Neil. Nesam were waiting for him at entrance gate.
As Arjun arrived they showed their passes to volunteers at the gate who were greeting to the guests.
Sam called Radhika to inform her that they were arrived and waiting at auditorium.
NGO was decorated at its best. Entrance gate was decorated by white and red balloons gate and the way from entrance to the Auditorium lighting bulbs and stars hanging on trees.
Once in, they saw a huge auditorium decorated with handmade lanterns, paper flowers and handmade paper birds by kids in NGO up to the stage.And the stage was decorated like some snowy place by white cottons which pretty much looking like real snow.
Few people were already seated, patiently waiting for event to begin.
As Radhika was getting ready for her performance so they went backstage to meet Radhika.
When she finally came out from out, Arjun’s jaw dropped instantly. His heart almost stopped beating and everything stood still for a moment.She had worn white full length having frills fairy dress and had worn shining tiara on her curled hair..She was looking like gorgeous fairy.As she comes close to him his breathing got heavier.
“How am I looking ?” She asked them casually.
“ a princess chashni…” Sam replied and gave hug to Radhika
“ Thank you Sammy…” Radhika smilingly
“which role are you playing? “ Neil enquired with his jovial smile
“ Fairy god mother…” Radhika’s eyes twinkled
While all this convo Arjun was looking at her like dumbstruck in her beauty and controlling his feelings.
Neil’s phone rang flashing call from Raj.
Neil winked at Radhika and Sam and turned toward Arjun.
“ Bro I want you to meet someone you didn’t expect to be here…” Neil playfully
Arjun got confused “ to whom ? “
“ Chalo to….”
Neil forcefully pulled Arjun outside.
When Arjun saw Raj outside the audi he was left shocked, he couldn’t able utter word and finally he scream
“ Dadddddd” He went to Raj and hugged him tight.
“ What a surprise..means how you came here suddenly “ Arjun’s happiness on peak.
“ Neil called me…” Raj exclaimed
“ Neil” Arjun raised his eyebrows.
“ It’s a surprise…let go inside..radhika’s performance is about to begin…” Neil
They settled into their seats , Sam to joined them and the play commenced.
The narrator’s voice boomed out describing the initial plot to the audience.
The two lead characters – Rose the fairy mother and her son Edward
As the curtains drew open, the first scene enfolded.
It was Rose was playing with little Edward. They were playing with snow and singing their favorite song.
Rose has given her magical charming pendent to Edward that would protect Edward as far as he lived.
One day they were playing with snow ball, there Noel the witch entered. She saw them living happily she got jealous of Rose and want that locket to increase her black magic power.
One day when Edward was playing by the lake side , Neol applied her black magic on Edward and hypnotized him as Rose was not around him. Neol filled Edward mind with anti-Rose thoughts and made him think that Rose is witch.
From That day Edward used to fight with Rose and fights grow more and more.
Neol order Edward to kill Rose and as per her influence on him he went to kill Rose.
When rose tear falls on His pendent, light came from it and shows the true color of Neol. Then Rose killed Neol by her charming magical wand.
Play end on happy note.
With play end Radhika, little boy Playing Edward and Lady playing witch came on stage took a bow to rapturous applause and departed.

“ Ladies and Gentleman …..” A sweet and soft voice of lady came from mic
When Raj and Arjun saw that lady, they were dumbstruck and shocked to the core.
It was Sonali standing on stage and addressing to the people. Among the crowd in audience she couldn’t able to recognize Raj and Arjun. She had worn silk saree and wooden jewelry.
“ Ladies and Gentlemen , I am very glad that you all contribute and became a part in this Nobel cause . This all kids are my children and your love will help them making their life bright. Thank you so much for your help. “ She paused for a moment and continued
“ This play is very much inspired from my life. I have lost my family because a witch called FATE. I have lost my son and loving husband due to misunderstanding. Destiny made me orphan. They were my everything.Because of that pain I realize how this beautifully children missing happiness of their life and decided to start this NGO for them.”
“ My son if you are listening me then, Please forgive me beta.I am sorry for hurting you.The grief has stayed in my heart for months and years.”
She was sobbing in tears so as Raj and Arjun too.
She gathered herself and apologized to audience and left the stage.
She was standing in back yard of NGO building and sobbing in tears.
“ Mom…” A male voice came from back
“ Sonaliii” Second voice came again….
She turned and got stunned seeing Arjun and Raj behind her and kept staring them.
For few minutes no one spoke a word. They all just spoke by their eyes.
“ I am sorry …..for running away like that…” Said Sonali
“ No Sonali….It’s not you it’s my fault…” Raj grabbed Sonali
“ Arjun I need your forgiveness beta..Please forgive me…” Sonali folded her hand to Arjun
Arjun couldn’t hold his tears back and without thinking for a second, he embraced his mother like there was no tomorrow. Sonali did too wrap his arms around him tightly.
“ Can I join this jhappy? “ Raj chuckled
They laughed and share a warm hug.
Radhika, Sam and Neil watching this from distance too had tears in their eyes and they too share a warm hug.

Next chappy : Radhika will realise her feeings for Arjun but……

So this is longest update i have posted ever..So let me know your feelings as i love to read them..

Credit to: dipika

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