Never let u go (Chpt 15)

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Chapter 15
Radhika went crazy watching the scenic beauty of sky and stars at the night and sat on the bench and started observing sky full of stars.
“I like to stares at stars as long as I can…” She whispered with so much excitement in her voice.
Arjun left staring his lady love lovingly
Radhika turned to find him; he was standing beside the bench.

“Sir, Come na..sit hear…” Radhika hold his hand and let him to sit on bench.
“ You know sir I’m really fond of this… full of shining stars…I love to stare at them..feels kinda connection with them..” Still she was looking at sky and her eyes glued to the sky dreamily.
“It’s beautiful….” Arjun said while looking at Radhika and when she turned her head towards him; he turned his face towards sky to hide his feelings.
Radhika feels worried about how to bring a subject about Arjun’s mother she don’t know how he will react on it, maybe he will yelled or screamed or will get angry on her.But soon she got an idea and she decides to implement it.
“Sir can I ask you a favour..’ She started and gathered all her thoughts
“ Go on Radhika..” He turned to look at her, he eyes appeared to be soft , almost like he was thinking about something that making him happy
“ In my childhood I used to play a game under this kind of sky…word building. Will you play it with me now? “ Radhika said hurriedly without stopping to catch breath..expecting he would say no to it…
“ Okay…how to play it? “ He was still busy looking at her.
“I will say a word you have to answer it buy the first world came to your mind without thinking..” Radhika explained
Arjun thought how childish she was.. A moment ago while dancing she was complete women who drive him crazy and any man can beg at her feet for being her in his life and now she was complete child who find happiness in small things of life…so lively like a fresh air..
“Ready…Go on..” Arjun replied
Radhika : Stars
Arjun : Shines
Radhika : Light
Arjun : Hope
Radhika : friend
Arjun : Neil
Radhika : Love
Arjun: Beautiful ….with that answer he looks at Radhika’s eyes
Radhika : umm Lightening..
Arjun : Rain
Radhika: Okay….Sunrise
Arjun: New beginning
Radhika stops for sec and says “ Family”
Arjun : Dad
Radhika thinks for a while and Says
With that very words Arjun goes into silent zone..he didn’t utter a word or two..Radhika felt his pain..She could see that pain in his watery eyes.
“ Whats wrong ?” She whispered softly
Arjun felt care in that whispered.if it wasn’t Radhika then he would have become angry on that person but now he didn’t want shout or screamed at her rather to put his bleeding heart out.
“She doesn’t live with us..She left us many years ago…” Arjun whispered his eyes full of tear and suddenly he felt a cold and soft hand on his hand and looked at her.
He found Radhika’s beautiful brown eyes, something was in them ..what was it..sympathy, care or love he couldn’t able to figured it out..
“Sir look at the moon..” Radhika said softly and with her voice they both turned their gaze towards full moon.
“ The moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and vanish, sometimes strong and full of light like it is just now.The moon understands what it means to be a human…” Radhika said slowly
Arjun got puzzled what she wants to say.
“so what?” Arjun with puzzled expression

“Mothers are like moon. She is your mother.May be she had her reasons for leaving you guys…but she gave birth to you and to give a birth to child that was most touching and sensitive thing for mother. She only cares about that very child in whole wide world. May be she is not with you this time but part of her heart is always with you. Maybe she is vanish for you in your life but her love is there in your life..” Radhika speaks like something she was speaking from her heart.
A Tear from his eyes rolled on his cheek, a minute ago sparkle in his eyes had gone somewhere now only pain covered his eyes.
“You know Radhika, In my childhood I was very attached to her.from morning to night all the time she was used to stay with me..we used to laugh,play and used to do many thing..for me she was my world..but suddenly that world was got snatch from me and I landed in valley of loneliness. During my childhood I wanted to share my school memories how I won in racing, in my adolescence days I wanted told her about my first crush and now badly I wants to share my success to her..But she was neither with me that time and nor now..Because of her I didn’t trust any women till now.” Arjun voice was filled with mix feeling sadness, hatred and more than that with loneliness. He got extremely emotional.
Radhika was looking continuously at him. She was first time witnessing this side of Arjun which was not more than different from a sensible child.
She reached over him and brushed away the tears that had tumbled down him face and caught hold of his hand
“ Sir Even though you want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang on to the past is holding you back from a new life. Whatever it may be, She is your mother for her to leave you would have too hard. I am sure she loves you too. Try to see from her POV..have you ever tried to meet her and asked her about why she leaves you?” Radhika cupped Arjun’s face in her hand
All Arjun could say in answer was faint ‘ No’. He was dumbstruck.
“Never judge someone without knowing the reason behind their behavior.May be something misunderstanding happened between your mom and dad. Probably that’s the reason behind her act.So ask her and broke the ice between you guys. ..and let go that pain from your heart and live free as per your heart wants to live” Radhika gives a tight hug to Arjun
Arjun felt sense of security and care in tender arms’s of her; the kind that he had missed his entire life which Radhika gives him that moment. No one had ever explained things to him the way she did and he felt a deep connection with her in that moment.The best conversation occur when people talk with their eyes.Both Arjun and Radhika were silent for a few seconds, just looking at each other.

“Should we leave for the hotel..its too late, otherwise we will catch by cold” Radhika said, breaking the Awkward silence.
“ Yes ofcourse . Otherwise I will have to bear your continues sneezing and you will have to take a injection for it” Arjun chuckled..Radhika gave him faking angry look.
Radhika got up from bench to leave when Arjun caught her hand..She felt his warm touch.
“ Thank you for everything Radhika” Arjun whispered with smile.
“Sir Don’t wanna miss your smle..” Radhika replied with warm smile.
Arjun raise his wrist to check the time, its read 4 in morning…
“It’s almost morning..we need to get our sleep…we have to leave by 11 am.let’s go.” Arjun informed
Radhika nodded and they left for their respective room.

After getting ready they meet to Mr. O’Brian and Mr. Kayler to tell them about their departure.Mr. O’Brian handed over Arjun some file regarding the project.After that they leave.
Like a perfect gentleman he opened car door for her and shut it before he walked around to get in the car himself.The sound of engine roared to life and soon they were out of the lot.
When he turned on the radio and adjust the volume.It didn’t take them long to recognize the song.
It was one of her favorites. She loved that song.
“ The Blue man? You listen to the country music? “she couldn’t help but ask.
“I heard a band perform it in bar a few weeks ago, and thought it was cool “ he answered coolly.
They sang the song in chores. She talked a lot about her childhood stuff and other lot of things. He just wanted to listen to her sweet voice all the way..Listening to her was one of the best thing in the world he thought.
As sun was about to set they reached to the Radhika’s apartment.
Stepping out of the vehicle Radhika walked around and grabs her bag from backseat of car then turned towards Arjun who was smiling slightly but in his heart he didn’t want this trip to be ended ever.
“Sir Can we become Friends?” Radhika offered her hand to Arjun
Arjun got shock with sudden friendship proposal of her but then he managed himself. How he could deny this opportunity he thought to himself.
“Only on one condition..” He said playfully
“ and what’s that? “ Radhika leaned her body on her right leg.
“ You have to Call me Only Arjun…not sir with it “ Arjun smirked.
Radhika was dumbstruck. Was he that Arjun she met in his cabin with rude tone..she couldn’t able to belive.
“ Okay Sir..AHHHH” She bite her tongue and continued “ I mean okay Arjun…” Radhika slipped her hand in his hand for handshake. They shares intense eyelock.
“Bye Radhika..See you soon..” Arjun started the engine again
“ Byeee Arjun” Radhika waved bye to him..and headed towards the apartment.

Next chapter : Radhika will take help of NeSAm to unite Arjun and his mom

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      1. di I’m studying….I just completed my 12th………….I’ll update sooon….for the past one week I was with my cuz…..she went back to her home only yest….that’s y I dint update…..I started writing….will post soooon…………….love u…..

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    1. Hey Nandu dear main thik hu..sorry for late reply…n mujhe achha laga dear tumane apane dil me jo baat hai vo share kiya…m just really proud of u…n coming to pt…maine kahi padha tha ki men always show their love physically n womens express their love by care..there is saying na men r from mars n women r frm venus..Arjun loves radhika isiliye vo rads k baare me hi ye sochta raha baki kisi girl k baare me nahi…bt maine mension kiya that ki uska mind touch k baare me soch raha tha n heart feelings k baare me…n as its a story mujhe arjun k b najariye se dikhana tha na ki vo kya feel kar raha hai…n agar arjun ko lust hoti to vo rads ko badly touch karne ki koshish karta bt he didn’t do anything like that jab ki radhika ne cheek pe kiss thoda bahut romance to banata hai na..sorry if hurt u my darling nandu…Thank you so much for your overwhelming n unconditional love…love u…take care..

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