Never let u go (Chpt 14)


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Chapter 14

Rock the Dance floor!!

After taking a deep breath, Radhika walked from the room and walked towards the stairs. She saw people talking and Arjun, though his back was to her. She paused at the top of the stairs and was about to step down when people notice her.
“Who is that beautiful girl….” Someone said among the people.
When Arjun turned around to see her Radhika felt her breath catch in her throat, and Saw Arjun’s eyes went wide. She stood there for a moment to let her body get over shock of seeing him like that and to concentrate on not falling down the stairs in her high heels.
Arjun’s eyes on her every move, they were examining her carefully; he couldn’t able to get his eyes off from her.
Arjun’s POV
She is so stunning woman that can be a part of any man’s dream or fantasies .She can’t be Radhika Mishra. The woman in front of me is goddess. An angel sent from heaven to torture me with her exquisite beauty. The women that is standing on top of stairs wearing fluffy royal blue dress that hugged her body and showing her all delicate curves ,her hair draped in a curls, her eyes smolded with something that was foreign to me and she moved downstairs so elegantly.

When Radhika reached bottom, Arjun step forward and he slipped his arms around her in a gentle hug.
“You look absolutely gorgeous, Radhika “he whispered in her ears.
As his whisper her skin went crimson pink, she blushed with his hypnotizing voice which has power to melt any girl.
Arjun thought “ She is so beautiful I can watch her for all my life without getting bore of it. And for this night she is mine…”
Ardhika reached to venue hall and walked to the door. Mr Kayler was manning the door and he greeted to Ardhika then they entered into the hall.
Hall was decorated so beautifully like a magical garden. White lights twinkled like a stars and the walls were covered by dark cloths and sprayed glitter to resemble a starry night. Bubble of fountain and very beautiful gazebo draped in ivy with swing across the room added more beauty to the hall.
As they walked in many people were already present there, girls in hall gave a look to Radhika as she walked along with Arjun, on other side boys looking at Arjun with Rage too..jealousyyyy…
Radhika goes to talk with Ms Alex which was present in board meeting.
Arjun was still lost in Radhika’s thought. His mind and heart started fighting in his subconscious mind and continued to watching her every moment.

Arjun thoughts came over again, if this isn’t Radhika then I would cover her lips with kisses and I would continue to kiss her as I moved to touch all her sensitive areas of her skin and eventually make her moan my name as I moved my hands across her body and the night would end her out of the dress too. No that’s not going to happen, not now…this is not the time….. his heart said loudly.
Radhika step besides Arjun and they continued to talk with everyone until they heard Mr O’Brian on mic
“ It’s my honor to tell you people we got our super talented partner and so I want to start this party with them ….” Mr O’Brian addressed to people and looked towards Ardhika
“ So I wanted to invite Mr Arjun Mehra and Ms Radhika Mishra here…” Mr. O’Brian continued..
With this everyone started clapping for Aradhika.
Arjun hold her hand and went toward Mr O’Brian.
He greeted Aradhika and handled bottle of champagne to Arjun.
Arjun twist the bottle,Hold the cork and gently push the cork out of the bottle. Champagne shower start,with floating liquid that all people cheered.
“ Ladies and Gentlemen, Now it is time of their dance and official beginning of this night..” Mr O’Brian cheered and left.
It was then the music started to play. Arjun led her down to the center of dance floor and he pulled her close to him. Radhika heart was pounding with fear. She never ever does not dance with someone nor does she know how to dance. She had a fear if she fall then people would make fun of her. Arjun noticed her fear in her eyes and leaned close to her and whisper into her ear.
“You deserve this Radhika. Stay close to me, I won’t let you fall”
Radhika looked deep into his did he know my thoughts do am that much tranferent? She thought.
It was then the lyrics of the song started

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I would offer you a warm embarrass
To make you feel my love….

As they dance he couldn’t help it but he pulled her as close to his as he could. He wanted no distance between them for that moment. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she placed her head on his shoulder. They were living that moment. As the song continued they forgot where they were and what was going around them.

When the evening shadow and the stars appear
And there is no one to dry your tear
I could hold you for million years
To make you feel my love

I know you haven’t made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
I’ve known it from the moment we met
There’s no doubt in my mind where you belong

There ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do
Go to the ends of earth for you
Make you happy, make your dreams come true
To make you feel my love

The words of song echoed through their mind as if that song was just made for them
As the song was wrapping up Arjun wanted to yell at DJ to keep the song playing…He didn’t want to end that moment. He looked into her eyes and she looked back at him and in that swift moment she leaned and place soft kiss on his cheek. As He felt her soft lips brushed across his cheek ,electric charge flow across his body. He wanted to kiss her back not on her cheek but on her soft lips and find out if she was as sweet as she appeared to him. He shook that thought from his head; he couldn’t want to scare her.
“ Thank you Arjun sir, for giving one of the best nights of my life “ Radhika whispered
Why would she thank me?Did she didn’t know what she was making me feel in that moment ?she might be my employee but I wanted nothing more than to claim her as mine..Arjun thought to himself.
He couldn’t really form a sentence but choked something as simple as possible.
“ No Radhika you deserve this.Thank you for everything “

The dance ended. She goes to some other ladies to have some talk with them. He noticed the some guys watching her closely but he had to suppress his growl that was setting deep within his chest.
When he walked past Emmett Roger, he heard him mention that he was going to get Radhika to dance with him. The thought of that vile creature touching Radhika made him ill, and so he remedied that he will not let her stay alone in party.he thought No one would try to ask her if she was with me.
They told by organizer at midnight the dance was over. Arjun extended his hand to Radhika and led her out from the party hall. They came into the garden area besides the Hotel.
Radhika went crazy watching the scenic beauty of sky and stars at the night and sat on the bench and started observing sky full of stars.
“I like to stares at stars as long as I can..” She whispered with so much excitement in her voice.
Arjun left staring his lady love lovingly.

Next chapter : Aradhika’s candid talk undersky..Radhika will talk about Arjun’s mother to him.

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