Never let u go (Chpt 11)

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Chapter 11
Radhika pulled off some of her favorite t-shirts and her favorite pair of jeans from her closet; packed her bag. Last night she was busy doing paper presentation on laptop and forgot to pack her bag.
She took cold water bath which was much needed to feel relaxed for her. She came out of bathroom and wore her favorite pinkish tank top and blue denim. She combs her hair in ponytail and wears lip gloss and black kohl to eyes.
“ Radhikaaaaa have you done with packing your stuff?” Sam yelled from kitchen while making sandwiches.
“Yeah babe m done……just cominggggg….” Radhika grabbed her bag and headed towards living room.
Radhika put her bag on sofa and put on her leather jacket.
“ Sammmm…..Lets go” Radhika wearing her combat boots.
“Stop darling first have this” Sam offered sandwiches.
“ Oh..babe…thanks a ton…but sam m running late yar..Will eat…ohhh” Sam didn’t allow Rads to spoke she put sandwich in Rads mouth.
Radhika mouth was filled with sandwich she couldn’t utter a word. After chewing and swallowing full sandwitch for a minute and two.
“ Sam day by day you r turning in to mom…” Radhika finally done with sandwich.
“ chashni you don’t take care of your health so I have to act like aunty” Sam chuckled putting plate down plate in wash basin.

They drove back to Techno Park.
Sam and Radhika headed towards the BIRDSONG entrance from parking lot.
“ chashni I will miss you like hell yar…don’t know how I would live for this 4 days without you…” Sam had pout to her face.
“ me too darling…..don’t worry ..We will connect by phone na…this 4 days will flew like 4 min” Rads hugged sam
Their hug broke by sound of horn made by Mercedes which entered from entrance and stopped in front of them.
Arjun and Neil get down from car. Arjun had worn white t-shirt and blue faded jeans, black leather jacket with navy blue aviators. He was looking not less than any Hollywood hero.
Sam whispered in Rads ear “Your angry bird turned out to be Tom Cruise the Handsome hunk” and both giggled.
Neil came forward and hugged Sam; greeted Radhika.
“ Hey hi chashni all set for business trip?” neil enquired
“ Yess all ready.bit nervous. First time m going to face this kind of big deal” Radhika
“ you don’t worry. I know you will rock it and Arjun is there to support you na…This contract defiantly will came to us” Neil

“ Radhika let’s get in . We have to reach there by evening. We can’t to miss conference meet.” Arjun grab the wheel.
Radhika bid bye to everyone who came at ground floor to wish her good luck and sat on front seat besides Arjun.
After car was started and was backed out of the drive, she started to play with radio.
“I don’t like any one played to my radio or rather my things , back off Radhika” He said as he smacked her hand playfully.
She looked at him and just sat there and pouted like a kid who didn’t get her way. It was too cute he thought and put another mix CD and sound flooded the car. She looked shocked just a sec ago he shouts on me now himself playing song. She couldn’t complain since it was her favorite songs too.
One of the song of Demi Lovato and she started to sing along with it. She had an amazing voice. She got in to the song and lost in the moment, he listened to her as he drove.
“ I’ve always been the kind of girl
That hid my face
So afraid to tell the world
What I’ve got to say
But I have this dream
Bright inside of me
I’m gonna let it show
Its time to let you know

To let you knowwwwwww
This is real, this is me
I’m exactly where I supposed to be now gonna let the light shine on me…….”
Radhika was busy singing lost in her own world and she disturbed by male voice which rather different than the singer n she turned her gaze and found Arjun was singing the male lyrics of song.
“you’re the voice I hear inside my head
The reason that I’m singin
I need to find you

I gotta find you…”
Arjun was singing the song with full enthuse and he too tuned to find Radhika’s expression.
Their gaze was lock in each other’s and shared intense eye lock.
With some horn of other vehicles they broke their eye lock. Radhika tuned her gaze outside.
Arjun parked his car in petrol pump to fill the tank.
“ Radhika if you want something then you take it from store . I will just come in a minute.” Arjun step down from car.
Radhik went into the store and walked into the book section and took deep breath enjoying the smell of new books. She walked freely in shelves to find good book to read.
She found someone that worked there.He appeared to be in his early twenties with dusty blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was good lookin radhika thought he was attractive through not as Arjun sir and she bewilder about her thought.
“Excuse me; I need to find books on Shakespeare “Radhika
“of course . let me show you something “The guy

Meanwhile ARJUN came in to store and stand besides Rads.
Radhika noticed from her corner of eye Arjun was taking protective stance around her which she found rather odd. The clerk led her across the store to section and handed a book to her.
“ is there anything else I can do for you “ The guy asked
“ No thank you” Radhika
“ If you need anything, My name is Chris . don’t hesitate to ask me personally “ He smiled and left them standing there.
She turned to see Arjun glaring at that guy as walked away. His eyes still burning with something. Jealousy
“ Whats wrong with can you let anyone so friendly with you.he is bastered “ He sneered at her
“ what? No way..I highly doubt that..he was just helping me..” Radhika spoke to calm him. He was very furious.

He grabbed her hand and let her towards the cash counter and passed chris in unknown feeling towards her.
A lady on counter gave the bill before she could get her pocket; Arjun had his credit card out and paid for everything. He took the bag and let her out of the store.
“ What happened Arjun sir ?” She asked as they walked towards the car. He gave her look as he didn’t do anything wrong.
“ Get in Radhika” Arjun
As soon as she got in to car her stomach growled
“ I think its time you got something to eat Radhika” He said cool voice.
How he can change in a minute or two she thought
“ I don’t want to eat sir” Radhika looked outside.
“ Let me took you to lunch Miss Radhika “ Arjun said while driving toward restaurant
That was surprised to Radhika . That wasn’t something she expects from him. She heard before he never takes people out to eat.

“ What brought this on sir” Radhika asked curiously
“ Radhika, I am hungry, and you obviously hungry as well as I heard your stomach growling like lion” He chuckled his eyes shimmered in the sun as looked at her.She make her face pout in angry.
Arjun wanted to be able to do this every day for the rest of his life. To have Radhika with him and for them to be happy together would be dream come true for him.
Arjun parked his car down a side street and he pulled up in front of Italian restaurant. He slipped out of the truck and radhika followed him. He opened the door for her like a complete gentleman.
They were greeted by hostess and she led them to corner and told them their server would soon be with them.
Radhika did notice that hostess was trying to figure out if Radhika was Arjun’s girlfriend or what.By her expression she was pleased to think Radhika wasn’t his GF. Radhika sighed and focused her attention on menu card.

When food arrived, he continued to talk about their business deal and tender while they ate. She praised the food it was amazing. He didn’t really notice the taste of food while he was busy watching her all the time. After in an half an hour they done. Server brought the bill and handed the money and told her to keep the change.
They come out of the restaurant; Radhika step up the seat and he got behind the wheel and turned the ignition and pulled the car out of the lot.
Arjun’s POV: She is so innocent ,naive and amazingly beautiful .the thought of someone touching her made me angry and sick at same time. She may be thought that she is ordinary nut she is not; she is very special to me. I have never had seen a girl like her. A girl full of dreams with intelligent mind.She is the one who can complete me. One day Radhika you will be mine all mine.

Next chapter : Aradhika falls on bed and about to kiss.

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