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Chapter 12
Arjun and Radhika reached at Hotel Emeralds at four o’clock. Arjun stopped the car in front of entrance gate of hotel. Hotel was very beautifully decorated and having antique architectural design of building. It was one of the five stars and luxurious hotel in the city. As their car stopped; one of the guards came and took car keys from Arjun to park in parking a lot.
After stepping down from car they both greeted by delegates of organizing company CRETA by bouquets. After they have shown their respective rooms by delegates in hotel and informed them to gather at conference hall for Meeting.
Arjun came near Radhika and asked her to get ready for conference meet after getting freshens up. Radhika nodded and check in to her room.
After hour and so they got ready for conference and both headed for conference hall. In conference all the businessmen have gathered discussing things with their partner. Hall was decorated and small round tables were placed reserved for respective company peoples. There were 10 companies which participating in the event. Aradhika sat on table which showed Birdsong name on name plate.Mr O’Brin managing director of CRETA addressed to all people and shared the information about tender opening. After an hour or so meeting got over Aradhika were about to come out of conference hall they heard somebody called Arjun and they stopped to find who it was.
Emmett Roger who was owner of ALK advertising came with his PA Lauren who was looking like model on ramp. Arjun make his face which shows he doesn’t want to talk to them.
“ Hello Mr Mehra it’s nice to meet you !!“ Emmett offered Hand for handshake. Arjun reciprocate it but with least interest.
ALK was rival company of Birdsong . ADK ppl always in try to defeat birdsong but it didn’t happen till.
“ Mr Mehra this time it look like you don’t take this deal seriously that’s why you bring a new comer with you” Emmett said sarcastically while looking at Radhika.
“ Mr Roger what you have to do about my interest in this deal. Better you mind your business” Arjun answered him with equal sarcasm.
“ This time we will not lose this contract..This deal will be on ALK ‘s desk. You will get to see it soon. After that no one remembers Birdsong “Emmett has devilish smile on his lips.
“ Yes Mr Roger we will get to see who’s going to grab this deal soon.” Arjun in firm voice and turned to go away.Radhika followed him.
She was silent all over their way to their rooms; Arjun noticed it but he didn’t say much to her other than preparation regarding presentation.

Radhika’s Room

Radhika changed into her favorite tank top and pair of shorts. She started preparing for presentation. Emmett words affect her; she was so afraid about presentation. She doesn’t want to lose this contract due to any mistake by her.
Because of travelling and too much work she got slept on laptop.
After a while Arjun come to her to room to inquire about skipping dinner bcos she didn’t came for dinner.
Knocking for 2-3 times he realized rads didn’t opened the door so he got anxious and open the door by another key given by hotel servant.
After getting into room he found Rads was fast asleep on table making laptop’s keyboard as pillow. Arjun smiled at her and thought how cute and peaceful she was looking in sleep.
He held her head to remove laptop but in doing so Rads got awaken by his touch.
Seeing arjun she got surprising a lil bit then gathered herself.
“ Sir.. What brought you here?? Do you need anything?” Radhika enquire with hesitation
“ No. I just came to inquire about presentation …. And I got to know that you skipped your dinner “ Arjun asked her as if she was done something wrong by skipping her dinner.
“ Sir actually I am full and I was busy working so..” Radhika was trying to figure out if she gets scolding for skipping dinner from her boss.
“ Its not good radhika. If you didn’t eat then how will you deliver presentation tommarow..i have ordered dinner for you it will came in some minutes.” Arjun
“ but sir I don’t want to eat…” Radhika responded quickly
“ Forget it you have to eat it as I have ordered already” Arjun in bossy tone.
“ Okay let me see your presentation “ Arjun asked
“ Yes sir I have done touch up to it. Its final you just check it” Radhika got up from chair to show ppt to Arjun
But she noticed a pop up message regarding battery low on laptop screen and plug in the charger in socket. Arjun was observing all her every activity. In all that activity her leg got stuck in to charger wire and she was about to fall but Arjun hold her by waist.
Due to sudden jerk he couldn’t balance himself and both got fall on bed.
Arjun was on top of Radhika still holding her from her waist . Radhika was beneath Arjun she could feel his warm breath on her skin which make butterflies in her stomach . Sudden encounter make their eye lock. They were just looking into each other eyes. Their lips were just inches apart. Radhika couldn’t hold his that much proximity and closed her eyes.
Arjun was lost in her beauty; he notice her crimson skin blushed with his touch. Her lips were so delicate and luscious that he wants to taste sweetness of her skin. He was unable to hold control over his emotion and just about to kiss her…
Doorbell rang with a bang which make him realized the situation what he was up to. He got off from her with jerk. Radhika opened her eyes with bell rang and too got up from the bed and went to open the door.
Hotel waiter was on door brought dinner for her. She let him come inside the room.
Waiter served the food and went.
Arjun feels awkwardness between them.
“ Radhika just take your dinner and sleep well. Don’t worry about tommarow “ Arjun started walked towards door.
“ Arjun Sir…” Radhika called in soft voice
Arjun stopped by her voice and turned.
“ Good night Sir” Radhika wished with smile.
“Night Radhika” Arjun whispered as he walked over to the door.
Radhika couldn’t able to sleep thinking about Presentation and just recurling on the bed. She remembers Arjun’s eyes how calm they were; he didn’t filch his eyes by Emmett words but looked confidently in his eyes.He confident about me too Radhika thought. Somewhere in night she slept.

Next Day Morning:

Radhika was standing near meeting hall; waiting for Arjun. She wore black color pencil skirts and white formal shirt top with black stilettos and a tightly –tied high ponytail which made her look confident but smile was missing on her face.
Arjun came to her and he noticed her pale face.She looked hell nervous.
“Good Moring Sir” Radhika wished But her tone not soaking in excitement.

“Morning Radhika.Whats wrong ? “ Arjun asked

“Nothing really. Just have a lot of stuff on my mind. I guess “

“ Radhika you have been working so hard for this moment , it’s your time to shine…so what is making you so sad? Emmett’s words?”
“ Maybe a little” Radhika whispered “ I’m not big on talking in front of people , especially in front this big people.”
She felt a warm hand reached out to touch her , she flinch a little but when she saw deep black eyes, her gaze got caught.
“Don’t worry about the big people out there .you will be fine. If you get scared, just look at me and imagine that’s just you and me there. Talk to me and me alone. I have faith on you Radhika the way you always passed in my every task so in this meeting also you will do your best. Don’t worry about the contract just live this moment “ Arjun leaned and comforts her .
Radhika POV: I couldn’t understand why he is so sure of my abilities when I am not even sure of what I am doing at the moment. But his words felt good to me and feeling light now.
One of employee came from CRETA and informed them that they have to go next for presentation so that have to sit in waiting room besides to hall.
They moved towards waiting room and got sited. Radhika closed her eyes and prayed to god.
Her hand was shivering which has tight grip on chair’s hand. Arjun noticed her shivering, he grab her hand tight. Radhika looked toward him.
“Trust me “ Arjun’s eyes blazed into her.
As soon as he said that organizer came and asked them to go in meeting hall.
Arjun enter into hall followed by Radhika. Mr O’Brian greeted them and asked them to sit.
It was then Mr Kayler the one of board member of CRETA introduced them to the other members.
Arjun stood and gave a very moving speech about their planning and structure of tender.
Radhika thought he was too good mine wouldn’t be able to compare to it.As he concluded Radhika felt sick.
“Ladies and gentlemen ,our the presentation part will delivered by Ms Radhika Mishra “
She stood and walked to wards the projector and turned her attention caught by deep black eyes of Arjun.He nodded at her in encouragement. She cleared her thoughts and began to speak.

“ Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen , board of organizer…….”
She began to delivered presentation very impressively. It’s like that she was expressing her self.
Arjun too got stunned by her presentation she look complete different now. Liking shining star he thought.
As soon as Radhika completed her presentation the room broke into round of applause and she looked toward Arjun watching her and his crooked smile shined back to her with his classic wink.
They Asked Aradhika to wait outside for result declaration until completion of all presentations.
Aradhika came out of the room. Radhika was very happy and felt relief.
“ You have done Great. I guess they are impressed by our presentation. “ Arjun patted her.
After an hour and so Mr O’Brin and Mr Kayler came out of room and started to spoke
“ Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s our honor and privilege to present this contract to BirdSong “
The passage broke into round of applause . Arjun shook his hand with MR O’Brim and Mr kayler.
All people congratulate Aradhika. After passage gone quite empty .Radhika squeal in triumph , she can’t hold herself anymore and hugged Arjun tightly in happiness.Arjun to reciprocate the hug..

Next chapter : Sizzling Dance of Aradhika

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