Swaragini – NEVER LET YOU GO (Intro and 1st episode)

Hi friends, basically I am not a writer. I have written many essays but this is the first time for me to write a story. Please forgive me if you find any mistakes. I will reveal the pairs in coming episodes and please do not suggest because I already chose the pairs. As you know about the characters I will start the story.

The episodes start with a camera going through a beautiful mansion and its name is Gadodia mansion (GM). The vision enters to a beautiful room which is painted in red and white (actually it is my favourite colours you can imagine about your favourite colours) and there are two large windows with white and red curtains. On the wall there is a big picture of two young girls hugging each other but the vision is not that clear so we cannot see the picture clearly. In the middle there is a huge white bed completely filled with teddies and dolls wait there is someone on that beautiful bed. Sorry actually there are two. An iphone from the table near the bed rings. One girl of them take it and she switched on her favourite song (CHITIYAN KALAIYAN- ROY) and she is our Swara. The other girl wakes up and shouts “Shona stop all this my ears are paining.” And she is our Ragini. Someone knocks the door.
Sumi- is my princesses waked up?

Swaragini – yes mom
Sumi –so why are you waiting today is your first day of collage. Get ready quickly.
Swaragini –ok mom
Swara wears a white t-shirt and black jeans. The logo of the t-shirt is GAMER. Ragini wears a black skirt and a pink blouse.
Shekar – my dolls are very beautiful today.
Swara – we always were.
Swaragini – bye mom bye dad.
(in my story there is no dadi and dada)

Precap-sanlak introduction

My English is different from yours please don’t mind it because I am a Sri Lankan so I write in UK English. I cannot post regularly because of my studies. I will only continue if you like it.

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