Swaragini – NEVER LET YOU GO (2nd episode)


Sorry for the late updates. Actually my computer system broke down and I had many home works. My school is very strict. If I hadn’t done my work they punish us. So please forgive me. Thank you for your supports and thank you Ayesha. Because you are the one who supported me first in my first ever story.

Recap – swaragini introduction
Another big mansion is shown and it is Maheshwari mansion (MM). In the mansion a cute and charming boy is sleeping. Another handsome boy came and wakes him up and he is our Sanky. The boy who is sleeping is Lucky. (In my story lucky and Sanky are in same age group but Sanky is 2 minutes older than lucky. at there ragini is 1 minute older than swara but younger than lucky)
Lucky –bro why did you wake me up in early morning?
Sanky –early morning? It is near 8. We need to reach collage before 9. This is our first day collage. Get ready fast.
Lucky – sorry bro I forgot I will be ready in 2 minutes.
(Both of them came down. They were as charming as I cannot describe by words. AP who is doing an arthi came there and be happy to see her kids like that. Sanky is also AP’s son.)
AP-are you both planning to get late on the first ever day at college?
Sanky –nothing like that mom. Where is dad?
AP-he had a meeting so he had to go.
Lucky – it’s okay mom, bye

The boys enter the college by a white BMW and at the same time a black Ferrari entered and both got hit. Just a minor hit. Swara get out and started to shout and rags too get out and try to control swara . Both the boys get down too. Sanky saw his dream girl. He just carried away by her beauty. Lucky smiled at swara.
Lucky – sorry miss…. we are so sorry to hit your car. Now please calm down do not shout.
Swara – hey who shouted I just got angry because it’s my dad’s gift.
Sanky – sorry my brother does not know it.
Rags – it’s okay friends!
Everybody – FRIENDS 
Precap –any ideas?

Credit to: Dilakshini

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  1. Nice make swalak

    1. Let us see what happens

  2. I lyked ur ff bt I don’t think so any prsn makes frnds so quick…. srry if I hurt ed u…

    1. you are right no one makes friends quickly.
      but just think for a while the first day you enter to your school and find someone who really suits you and sitting near her. and i think friendly people will make friends quickly

  3. Yaa….. Even I feel the same as sujatha…. The friends thing… And please make it swasan!!

    1. when there is love at first sight can’t there be friendship at first sight?

  4. nice make ragsan as pair

    1. thanks but wait for the pairs

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