I never knew…this would happen (episode 4)

hello friends ..first of alll thank u very very much for ur love nd support..so here is the episode 4 ..hope u all dont like it but will love it
the party scene only
shruti comes to mahek…..she is wearing a black sleeved gown
shruti was shocked to see mahek…first time in suit and that to be anarkali
shruti-oh god….aunty never told me ..that mahek has a twin sister too..and she looks gorgeous
mahek-how would be she telling for that I should have a twin sister….and she raised her eye brows
shruti smiles at this
shruti-mahek u know u are looking like a princess…seriously
mahek(angrily)-just stop using that word for me
mahek -yes yes that only…and imagine shruti someone callingu as a princess…see how it sounds…it sounds like..
she was about to complete
shruti(lost in thoughts)-like everythink is made for u ..u are the most beautiful lady
mahek-oh hello …sleeping beauty come out of ur thoughts .. and see who is their
mahek-my hj and ur future husband
shruti-vicky…..but where

vicky comes
mahek-ahh happy that u came
vicky was shocked to see mahek-maheeek
mahek-I know wearing suit ,looking beautiful….anything else
vicky -no
mahek-btw vicky where were u …u know how much she has waited for u
vicky-oh I see
mahek-ok guys excuse me ….I dont want to become kabab mein haddi again…u guys continue haan
mahek-what mahek..u guys enjoy..bye
Mahek comes to kanta
kanat-so u get time for me also
mahek-maa…u know what u look too cute when u shower anger on me
kanta-mahek stop this…I want u to meet somebody
mahek-who maa
kanta-come I will show u
Kanta takes her to pammi and ajay
kanta-meet she is pammi and he is ajay
mahek greets both of them
pammi-vaise toh we are very rich but ajay handles all the business
mahek-oh nice and give them a fake smiles
mahek thinks-what should I do if he handles the business.
kanta and paami moves from their leaving ajay and mahek alone
kanta-I hope they both like each other and the marriage gets fixed
pammi-oh Kanta Ajay has alredy liked mahek…its to be said ur daughter is very beautiful
kanta -thanks pammi..but I dont know about mahek
pammi-U chill ..she will also say yes
kanta -hmm

ajay-u re looking very beautiful
mahek (with a fake smile)-oh thanks
ajay goes to bar corner
then some friends of ajay come..they were 2-3
friend 1-hey ajay how are u
friend 2- and who is this girl with u
ajay-oh she …well she is mahek
friend3- looking beautiful..ms mahek
mahek-thanks …I think I should leave
ajay-woh wait
mahek-maa is calling me
mahek moves to kanta
friend 1-wow she looks hot yaar
friend2- I want to meet her but alone
friend 3-even me..too ajay u hve to brought her out
ajay-but how can I yaar
friend1-in the way u brought her to the bar
friend2-u have to do this ajay
ajay-hmm…and then we will ..and he smirks
he goes to kanta who was talking to mahek
kanta-u should have not come like this mahek
mahek-maa..he was
suddenly a voice interupted in between
ajay-hello aunty
kanta-oh beta …I was just now talking to her that she should not come like this
ajay-no problem…aunty if u dont mind ..can I and mahek go outside …actually I am feeling exhausted
mahek-(sarcastically)-where are ur friends …go with them …why me…am I ur PA
kanta-mahek shutt up….Ajay I think she is also getting exhausted ..that’s why behaving like this…Mahek u go for a walk with Ajay…u will feel comfortable
kanta-go mahek
mahek-but maa
kanta-bye ..hmm and she moves
mahek-maa and huffs
ajay-can we move
mahek-ya sure

They both move outside…their was a garden
ajay messaged his friends to come out
ajay-btw miss mahek …what u do
mahek-I am an architect
ajay-oh…the one who is a specialist in archaeology, the scientific study of prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, etc…hmm??
mahek thinks-seriously he is a dumb struck….I dont think that pammi aunty have ever send him to school
mahek smiles-, no ajay that is archeologist
ajay-haan..so whats the difference..in both arch come
mahek gets frustated but she didn’t show him-no ajay architect design bulidingd ,hospitals..etc but archeologist research on prehistorical….historical things..
ajay-oh yaa …lot of confusion..actully in both
mahek-yaa ..yaa I know arch come so thats why no problem…and she shows him a fake smile
suddenly ajay’s friends come
friends-Hi ajay..hi mhek
mahek gives a fake smile-hi…btw u all here…feeling exhausted ..right
friends-yes yes….we dont know u are also here
mahek thinks -But I knew u all will come here
mahek smiles to them
so lets have a walk ..they move out of the restaurant and their the boys start showing their true colors
ajay’s one friend hold mhek’s hand
mahek-what is this leave my hand
he sets her hair
mahek(angrily)-I said leave it or otherwise
ajay-otherwise..what u will shout..see the time and road darling …its 10 and the no one is here in the road..the road is very silent
ajay pulls her by waist
mahek-Stop it ajay
ajay-I will not stop it darling…u can do what u want to do
mahek-so u will not stop it right
mahek-ok then …and mahek kicks his leg
ajay-ahh..u kicked me..now u see …hold her tight
mahek laughs-u will hold me..ok ok hold then
his frieend try to hold her…but mahek kicks at the leg of his first friend ..he stands for sometime then smiles and when he moves …his leg got twirled(yes she is martial arts champion..thats why Kanta dont stops her to chill as she know that mahek is ready for every situation)
mahek-Ajay u know what u are right …..see the road and see the time and he kicks ajay;s second friend stomach and then beats his every friend..ver hard
mahek-I hope know u are feeling comfortable
his friends who now lies at her feets -sorry sister…sorry
mahek-sister…and kicks them again
mahek-blo*dy idiots ..wait and she kicks them again
mahek-they will call me sister…Ajay ..see ur friends..she dont get any reply so she sees back and sees ajay running …mahek run after him…now he was exactly outside the restaurant
ajay-sorry mahek didi sorry
mahek-mahek didi …u see
she hold him by his hair and then puts him to the floor
ajay screms-anyone help …plz anyone help
shaurya sees it and stops mahek
shaurya (shouts)-mahek are u mad..why beating him
ajay-plz help me bro…otherwise she will kill me
everyone hears the voice and come out

…to be continued
PRECAP-shaurya starts respecting mahek and …his new hotel’s designing contract goes to mahek…shaurya is very happy but mahek not …but he told the company owner that he only wants mahek to design his hotel

OHK guys ..let me stop ..otherwise I will not stop writing this episode and end the whole ff..in one episode…..Thanks for reading… well now the real story starts and thnks for maintaining patiencefor mehrya moments ..but now it ends…
With love

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  1. Gowsi

    It’s very nice….waiting for mehrya moments and post nxt epi soon

    1. Shaguu

      thanks gowsi….well I will try to post the next episode today

    2. Shaguu

      and thanks for commenting first..

  2. hiii shagu.. ..ff is gud..i lo’ve d bold character of mahek…cntue….it..post d next epsd

    1. Shaguu

      thanks akhila..I will post the next episode soon…

  3. Bow,,, it’s so sweet,,, plz update next part soon,,, mahek, s reacts towards ajay and his friends,, just superb,,!!!!

  4. And thanks shagun,,!!!!!

    1. Shaguu

      hi tania…its good to know that u loved it ..and the next episode ….most probably will come today

  5. Moni7

    Hey hey shaagu ??…i can’t control my laughter… laughing like a mad ..???..ajay wow wow..kick.. superb..even shaurya need some treatment..lol????..love you dear…

    1. Shaguu

      thanks didi..well good to know that I made u laugh and yaa didi I domnt think shaurya need some treatment …well he need a lot of treatment.

  6. Saxenasapna

    very nice sagun….
    Yr tumhe tho aadat hi ho gyi hogi…
    Tarife sunne ki…
    Qki mere pass tho words hi khatm ho gye h….

    Any way….
    It is too good…

    Love u sis

    1. Shaguu

      oh god..sapna thank u yaar ..bas tum hi log ho jo meri tareef karte ho..bakki sab toh..shagun 24n hours laptop mein lagi rehti ho..kuch pad liya karo..ab mein kay bataoon …I love ,y laptop kyunki laptop mein mere frnds rehte hai….ohk then enough of talks..well soon be back by episode 5

      1. Saxenasapna

        bilkul yrr….
        Tumhari tariff tho hm hi krenge na….
        Bcoz hum logo ko tum entertain krti ho…..
        And itni acchi storys bnati ho….
        U know meri itni sari frnds tho yha se hi bni h telly se…
        Jo aaj meri bhut acchi frnds h…..

        U know tumse bat krke accha lgta h…
        Bcoz tum bhi meri trh hindi me bat krti ho….

      2. Shaguu

        sapna..even mujhe bhi tumse baat karke achaa lagta hai..

  7. You rock shagun!!! I was trying to imagine that mehak’s bold scene and can’t control my laughter when she was holding him by hair!! Lol!! Waiting eagerly for your update!!! And loads of encouragement from me!!

    1. Shaguu

      thanks diva for ur encouragement. .well ..soon there will be episode 5

  8. Awesome .shagun dr .. . Mehak toh chahgayi Yarr Aur joker Ajay KO toh?. ..n am eagerly waiting for next … Shaurya admiring mehak ??.. Aur woh chahtha hai ki mehak uska restaurant design karein … Keep writing love you shagu dr

    1. Shaguu

      thanks salma..dearyes yes shaurya chahta hai ki mahek uska restaurant design kare…well he is falling for mahek

  9. Nice shagun loved it but post regularly don’t stop ok.waiting for ur next ff

    1. Shaguu

      thanks somi, well ,I will try to post regularly …

  10. Don’t stop we love and waiting it is very difficult to waiting u know☺
    Shaurya impressed to mahek soo happy waiting for mehrya movement…

    1. Shaguu

      thanks vavachi di….but now their will be a lot of mehrya moments

  11. Wow shagu..
    Very nice update..u have penned it so beautifully..just loved it!!?
    Haha..mehak martial arts champion..?bechara Ajay and company..pit gaye mehak se..they deserve this ??
    Good to see shaurya will start respecting mehak..?..and wow he is gonna give her his new hotel’s designing contact..Eager to know what happens next..continue soon..
    Lots of love..
    Sudha ??

    1. Shaguu

      yes sudha..ajay actually deserves it……in serial also I wanted that mahek should beat them..ok if fighting is not a good option …then atleast one slap yaar..but they didn’t show it..
      well sudha for episode 5 ..u have to wit for sometime most probably it will come today in night

  12. Awesome story with brave mehak…not able to imagine ajay suffering….u are really rocking shagun….

    1. Shaguu

      thanks sugantha …well ajay deserves this both in serial and ff

  13. Post soon plz I am waiting for ua next ff

    1. Shaguu

      hi somi …sorry dear well it will come today

  14. Choco sun ek imp news zmk telly update page par bohat sare fake account s he Jo ki male he par voh dikhate gain jese won female he….so kisi ko trust mat Karna…..mujhe pata he kon he who fake account me tujhe 9 April fb me bataungi……Thik he so kisi KO apni personal information mat Dena……agar telly update se kisi se chat kar rahi he toh USS KO apni koi v information mat Dena….aur Jo boh fake account sala male he who bohot dengerious he…samjhi so carefully rehena plzzzz…phirse keherahi hun apna information kisiko v maat Dena.
    Coming to epi its as usual amazing….mehek beating Ajay n his frnds it fantabulous….paar maar thodi mam pad gayi….plzzzz next epi me aur pitana us Ajay aur us ki frnds KO shaurya se…tata….lov uu… sry for late cmnt….again I m saying b carefulll n alert

    1. Shaguu

      sweta ..vaise mujhe tujhe kuch batna hi..pr abhi nhi fb mein..I will just wait for ur request..weel aaj mein aur tu ek hi class mein aa gaye …sweta I am in 10th…WOW..its amzing..well my first day ws very good…I just love class 10..sweta mujhe tujhe bahut saari baatein bataani hai..bas tu jaldi se..mujhe request bhejna…aur 8 april ko hi bhejio…8 ko hi..fine..mein 9 ka wait nahi karoongi…..plz plz ..jaldi bhejna…coming on to the episode…tu chahti hai ki shaurya gundo ko maare ..tu voh bhi hoga..chill and wait ..bye will wait for ur request…. never say TATA because I am not TATA arey who toh motors(TATA motors) hai…isliye see u again..request 8 ko hi bhejna…

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