I never knew…this would happen (episode 3)

Hello friends …….so this is episode 3…….hope u all don’t like it but love it
mahek comes home
kanta-mahek……get ready
mahek-I know maa….opening ceremony of khanne’s restaurant
kanta-mahek plz atleast take his name properly
mahek-maa……dont stress urself bcoz of him
kanta-I never stress myself because of him……..but everytime he makes me stress free…….and u are talking that he give me stress……its u who always made me tensed
mahek-me………maa…….when I stressed u
kanta-now only
mahek-what I have done
kanta-ur this behaviour makes me too much stressed……..and plz I dont wanna talk about this………just get ready
mahek-I am already ready
kanta-dont tell me ……….that u are going in this dress
mahek-so what its fine
kanta-see u have wear torn jeans with this torn top
mahek-oh plz maa…….this is not torn……..this now in fashion
kanta-whatever ……it is just change ur clothes ……..I have bought a anarkali suit for u and it is in ur room ……..just wear it
mahek-whaaaaaaaaaaaat……..suit….no way
kanta-its my order,…….u have to wear it
mahek-but maa
kanta-not a single word……….just wear it
kanta smiles-good
mahek makes a face and moves away from their
kanta(smilingly)-I know she is egoistic ………but what to do she is my daughter only
kanta calls mohit and nehal and informed about shaury’s new hotel
they both come home and then get ready
mahek comes downstairs ……….she was wearing a pink color pajami and pink and royal blue long anarkali wuth pink duppata which was having royal blue borders…….her hair were open and she was looking gorgeous

welll….mohit has wear ………u can imagine anything u like he should wear in parties
nehal has wore a long red colour sleeveless gown with open hair
mohit-di……..u know what today every boy would die for u
mahek(with no expression)-well said..
nehal-di….seriously u have wear suit
mahek-left with no other option…….well leave it and u re looking goegeous seriously
mohit-and what about me
mahek-u are looking like bandar(monkey)
mahek(smiles)-arey listen the full statement…………bandar’s opposite …….. looking handsome..
mohit(smiles)-di…..btw thanks
mahek-ohk lets take a selfie
they take 2-3 selfies
kanta comes with ravi,mansi and jeevan
kanta-are u done ………ok now lets move
mahek-ohk maa….but before
she pout and took a selfie with kanta
mahek-see maa its amazing na
kanta-leave it and move ms selfie queen
mahek knew her maa is very khadoos so she started buttering her
mahek-maa……u are looking gorgeous…..in this age also u look like a 16 year old girl
but kanta ws not at all affected by her buttering
kanta-well said

mohit try to control his lughter
mahek glares at him nd thinks one time this dialogue was mine….now its proved she is really my mother……has gone on me
kanta(looks mahek suspiciously)-I am gone on u or u are gone on me
mahek-how do u know I was thinking this
kanta-I am ur mother and therefore knew everything of u ….
ravi and mansi smiles seeing this
mahek-maa we were going somewhere na ………lets move
They all move to shaurya’s new restaurnt……….it was amazingly decorated…………
but mahek has not yet entered the restaurant….she was outside the restaurant and was seeing it from outside
mahek-its to be said that I hate that khanne a lot….but only one thing I like in him …its his way of doing his work …he is lways loyal towards his work…,well leave it
kanta and family were inside the restaurant..
kanta-its nice na mahek …mahek ,mahek
kanta sees around herself…but she was not there
\kanta-nehal…see is mahek outside …
nehal-hmm taiji
she goes outside ..the restaurant and see mahek was standing near the car
she goes to her
nehal-dii…what are u doing here
mahek-I am admiring his restaurnt
nehal-u are admiring shaurya’s restraunt…..di are u fine naa
mahek-yes I am …see I dont like him …but like his work
nehal-diii….dont u want to see his restaurant from inside
mahek-I want to see…but I will never go inside his restaurant
nehal-di …but taiji is calling
mahek-my mom…will never let me freedom…ohk lets move then…I surrender infront of her
nehal smiles
mahek-why are u laughing move..otherwise ur taiji will burst on me..
nehal-ohk …
nehal moves first and then mahek
when mahek enters the restaurant…a man was drinking wine but it falls in his coat by seeing her…the glaases were fallen down by the waiter and within a second she becomes the centre of attraction sorry distraction
nehal-di…see mohit was right…today every men will die for u
mahek smirks
this all is witnessed by shaurya who was talking to sharma family…mahek sees that shaurya was getting irritated …so she decide to irritate him more so she smiles at another waiter who was carrying glasses and the glasses fallen down…shaurya knew that she has done it purposely so he becomes furious
shaurya-this girl is always a problem for me
shaurya-aunty ..one minute
kanta-of course
shaurya moves to the waiters and scold them for being careless and then he goes to mahek
shaurya-so miss sharma..came again for making problems in my life
mahek-oh hello khanne… what I have done
shaurya -what u have done …bcoz of u two sets of glasses fallen down
mahek acts like she dont know anything-bcoz of me
shaurya-sorry sorry …bcoz of ur horrible make up my waiters got scared and the glass fallen down
mahek-oh I am saying it first time khanne thanku so much …she said this with a beautiful smile on her face…
shaurya was confused that why she told him thank u
mahek-thanku for calling this horrible …first time I agree with u ..even I dont know why maa gave me this dress only
shaurya becomes furious..and told her to not to smile at anyone but she did she smile at the server who was serving drinks and the by mistake he pour the wine out of the glass
shaurya shouts at her-miss sharma..who have invited to u in this party
mahek smiles and says-forget khanne that u have invited me with my family and btw what can I do …this ur waiter’s fault that he broke the glasses
shaurya-what can I do miss sharma I have to invite u….I dont know what good things u have done that u are born in this family
mahek-sometimes..I wonder the same about u ….btw khanne ur restaraunt is looking handsome like u
shaurya-u started again
mahek-kya karoon oh khanne mein hoon aadat see majboor(what to do…I am forced by my habit)
shaurya-excuse me ms sharma…I think I have to move
mahek-u are excused …and it doesnt matter if I excused u or not bcoz ….u will do what u wnt to do
shaurya-miss sharma these are the basic manners ….which a child in class first would know
mhek-u forget khanne I went to hostel in class first and their they dont teach like family
shaurya-plz dont start again….I am not interested in ur tragedies
mahek-If I want to tell my tragedies ….then why I would I choose u…..khanne u forgot u were going to meet ur guest
shaurya sarcastically with anger on his face-oh thanks miss sharma for reminding me and he moves
mahek smirks


I hope u loved it …I know u all wnt to see mehry moments but plz u have to wait for that plz plz wait

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  1. You nailed it yaar and just continue it

    1. And plz continue ur old ff it was amazing plz update it iam eagarly waiting for it….

      1. Shaguu

        first of all thanks diya for commenting first….u are asking about old ff….well I will try to post it today..

  2. Moni7

    Pakka pakka…love you shaagu dear.. umaaaaaaah???… Mehak just awesome…??????… Shaurya he he he????✌✌✌…keep posting between you are too fast ??…still im struggling with one ?????…

    1. Shaguu

      thanks moni di…oh god thanks for calling me fast..well I can tell u the reason that why are u struggling…bcoz u are a dentist and u have to save the world’s teeth…but me…I don not have any work..well till now..

      1. Moni7

        So sweet of shagu …waiting for your nxt episode??

  3. Gud yaar .. .tq for d fást update..

    1. Shaguu

      thanks akhila

  4. Latha

    Hi shagun nice one yaar . I think u r exams r over u r updating fast fast . Any how thankyou for fast update. In today’s episode I like the siblings love and their convo very much and mehrya too. keep writing dear.????

    1. Shaguu

      yes di…my exams are over that’s why updating fast..u know no studies till 6 April..and after 6 ..the daily routine will start again…which is too boring..

  5. Hi Shagun, I am silent reader of all your comments, OS, FF. This story line seems to be interesting. your other story “The Story we had” story line is also good. Continue writing on that one as well.

    1. Shaguu

      thnks Aksh…and I am very happy that u commented….nd its nice to know thst u find my this story line intresting.

  6. Hi everyone , i was an silent reader but this os is like a dream come true . I all ways wanted to see mehek (Sameksha) like this . thank you so much Shagun and u all are superb . My exams are over and now I can enjoy the show and ail os here . ???you all rock .????????

    1. Shaguu

      Hi Arundhati…and thanks happy that u like the concept and mahek and its the matter of proud that I made ur dream come true …

  7. Choco meli jaan….amazing yet funny epi baby doll…..I lov the part where mehek become center of distraction??????…..hahahaha?????…..n shaurya jealous?????…n when shaurya said mehek stop smiling?????…..acha sun abhi na mene fb account deactive kardia he…xam me baas ek naya account kholungi……tab mera name aur info dedungi thikhe….paar me tujhe kede pehenchanugi ki boh account tera he?????????sry previous epi reply nehi Dia kaal coz mujhe nor se khasi ho rahi thi…..coz I ate 7 ice cream in one go……aur abhi bhi ho rahi he lekin thodi kam……..sun tune bola tha aj tera result ayega……result aya ya nehi?????paar mujhe toh pata he tera result acha hi hoga hena?????……acha chal tata lov u le meli choco???????????????

    1. Shaguu

      hi sweta …telly updates valo ne tera comment post kar diya hai..tu kyun in par gussa ho rahi hai ..very bad..par meine tera comment bhi abhi dekha ..well tune 7 ice cream khaii….ek baat kahoon never mind…but tu bahut pagal ..I mean 7 ice crem kaun khaata hai yaar…agar mein teri jah=gah hoti tu in 7 ice creams ko poora ek hafta chalati har din ek -ek khaati…u know bachat..par voh alag baat hai..ki vo ice cream..zyada der tak tik nahi paati..kyunki who mera bhaii kha jaata …ek no.ka bhukkad hai voh..he is so irritating well..meine tere doosre comment mein apni fb id ka reply kiya hai..check it haan..bye shakkar ki bori

  8. Nice shagun .. Nok jhok b/w shaurya n mehak ?… N pehle wala ff bhi continue Karo na plZz ..

    1. Shaguu

      hi salma and thanks pehla vaala ff shayad se aaj tak aa jae

  9. Mahek is rock .. Super ?

    1. Shaguu

      thanks vavachi di.and she will lways rock

      1. ??
        dear pls upload old ff waiting it’s soo humble request

      2. Shaguu

        well didi I have posted both the ffs it..dont know when it will come

  10. Uffff yeh fly update wale did not posted my comment huh????????????????…..
    Well coming to the epi I loved the part when mehek become center of distractio???????…..shaurya jealous??????…hehe jab waiter be glass tod dia mehek ko dekhte dekhte hehe……when shaurya told mehek not to smile to anyone bt mehek smiled at d waiter ????…
    Aur suun mene na mera fb id deactive kia he..xam me baas ek naya sala kholungi tab meri id name n thoda info dedungi Thik he…paar mujhe kese pata chalega ki woh tera id he????acha sunn tera am result ane wala tha na?????? Kesa hua tera result mujhe pata he acha hi hoga hena?????acha chal tata lov uuuu?????

    1. Shaguu

      hi sweta …mein kabse tere comment ka intezaar kar rahi thi..yaar ek problem hai…jo ki mujhe tere ko bat ni hi..dekh meri fb id hai par mere naam se nahi,,us me meri dp bhi nahi hai..bte meri id hai Priya Semwal..jisme ishaani ki dp lagi hai..ishaani matlab Radhika madaan aur ye meri aashiqui naam ke ek serial mein aati thi…

    2. Hehehehe sachi me pagal hoon????….an me kya karu I lov ice cream….acha sun me xam me baad tujhe frnd request send karungi Thik he….paar tune bataya nehi tera result kesa hua????????

      1. Shaguu

        sweta u don’t love ice cream..u are mad about it..just like the shautya in moni didi’s new ff,,ha..ha..tu mujhe april 8 ko request bhejegi na…pakka april 8 ko hi bhejiyo..I will wait..mera result bhi bahut acha aaya tha .hmm byee..

      2. Han le meli choco me tujhe 8 or 9 April KO hi bhejungi frnd request… Thik he..

  11. Hiee shagun..
    Nice update dear..??
    Just awesome.?
    Hehe distraction..mehak..shaurya jealous..two set glasses broken..??..this was epic..couldn’t stop laughing..?
    Interesting Precap..Eager to know the reason behind kanta’s anger..continue soon..?
    Lots of love..

    1. Shaguu

      thanks sudha ….I will try to post soon..so u can know the reason behind kanta’s anger

  12. Bhuvs

    Hi Shagun, ur storyline is interesting. Please continue writing regularly . Waiting for your next ff. all the best ??

    1. Shaguu

      thanks bhuvs…btw ur dp is very cute

  13. Saxenasapna

    Hii sagun…..

    Sorry yrrr…
    Me coment nhi kar payi….
    Me thoda bssy thi…..
    Bat thanks yrr….
    Tum itni jldi update kar rhi ho…
    Or mera tho roz ka din hi bn jata h…. Tumhari story padkar….

    I just love your storys….

    Plz ek Rqust h… Ki
    We had….
    Ko bhi uplod kro….

    And again thanks….

    1. Shaguu

      hi sapna….thanks deari..story we had ko mein jaldi update karne ki koshish karoongi..kyunki usme zyada mehnat lagti hai..compre to this ff..but well no problem ..I will update that soon

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