I never knew…this would happen (intro and episode 1)

hello friends this is shagun with my ss on mahek ,,,hope u wiil like it5

MAHEK’s family
mahek sharma-an open minded girl
kanta sharma-mahek’s mother hates her behaviour but loves her a lot and always wants good for her
jeevan sharma- father of mahek,a cool minded person who is ok with everything of mahek
balwant sharma- grand father of mahek,dont like mahek because of her way of dressing and talking
ravi and mansi-chacha,chachi of mahek who care for her a lot
pd-loves mahek a lot

mohit and nehal-cool cousins of mahek
SHAURYA’s family
shaurya khanna-a business man,top hotelier
karuna khanna-mother of shaurya

in my ss mahek and shaurya both are rich
shruti khanna-cousin sister of shaurya ,best friend of mahek
swetlana-mother of shruti …she is in a positive role
vicky arora-boyfriend of shruti
so the episode starts .I hope dont like it but love it
location-shaurya’s house
mahek has dressed in a cut sleeve top of pink and black and jeans of blue color which is now in fashion …….well that torn jeans(see i dont know very much about fashion so thats why i have wrote this) she was in his house standing in the drawing room
mahek calling shruti,shruti………….getting late
shruti comes and she is dressed in a crop top and jeans
shruti- mahek everyone is not like u who get ready in 2 mins…….see I have not applied lip bam….first I will apply it and then move
mahek(angrily)-what the hell…u know what u look like a ghost
shruti(angrily)-shut up mahek..let me apply it
then karuna comes in her usual get up
mahek (smiles)-hello aunty,how are u

mahek-aunty u going somewhere
karuna-yes beta..i am going to temple…
karun sees shruti-shruti touchup haan
shruti closes her lip baam-yes buaa(sister of father)
karuna smiles and says ok now bye hann I have to go to temple
mahek-bye aunty
shruti-bye buaa
then karuna moves
mahek-oye…….are u done applied all ur things
shruti-yes lets move

then swetlana come in orange sareee
swetlana(enthusiastically)-oh mahek
mahek-oh aunty
and they both hug each other
shruti -mahek move na
mahek -arey wait na
mahek-aunty have u seen my pics that I have uploaded
swe-yes beta ……..u were looking gorgeous
shruti(frustated) -not again…..plz mahek and maa…….plz
mahek-u wait na……aunty lets take a selfie
they both take a selfie
mahek-see its looking good na
swetlana-its very nice mahek upload it haan…………ok I am going in my party…..bye……..enjoy

shruti -bye maa
and swetlana moves
then shaurya enters he was cominmg down from stairs in his three piece suit
he ignores mahek…….as he dont like her
mahek-oho khanne…..looking cool yaar(she calls her khanne……..by his surname…edited it)
shaurya -miss sharma………get a side
mahek-what khanne I always compliment u and u always show me ur rudeness…
shruti(tensed)-mahek.plz dont do it
mahek-what mahek

shaurya-shruti tell ur friend to be in her limit
mahek-I am in my limit only
shaurya -oh plz ms sharma
mahek-u want to go somewhwere na……plz leave
shaurya-for ur kind information its my house

mahek -I know……….so what …..oh u want to say that its not shruti’s house
shaurya-oh plz I have not said it ……she is my sister so ultimately it will be her house also……btw u will not understand…..because u are a dumb struck
mahek-oh shutt upp khanne,……….I dont want to fight …..shruti lets move yaar we are getting late for shopping
shaurya-ohh……..going on shopping I hope u lost in the mall miss sharma
mahek bent her fingers in towards the palm and make fist and clenchh it shruti sees it and become tensed as she know that she want to hit shaurya
shruti-mahek stop it…plz…….bhai u go……….I am sorry for her behaviour
mahek glares at her but she signs her to be quiet

shaurya-plz dont be sorry shruti……its her problem……..na……. and he smiles nd says to shruti all the best for ur shopping
shruti smiles and says thanks

mahek-are u both done……lets move shruti
shaurya(smiles) to shruti-shruti…u know what some people are jealous with other happiness so be aware of them and just try to avoid them …..
shaurya smilingly-ok bye
shaurya was moving

m-hope khanne never see u again
shaurya without looking back ward with his head upward in pride-first time hoping that ur wish come true and then he moves from their
mahek huffs
mahek and shruti both move from their ……..
maek-shruti tell ur brother to be in his limits otherwise…
shruti-oho.mahek u know na ………bhaii is like this he dont like if nyone argues with him
mahek(sarcastically)-yes ur bhaii has a different attitude
suddenly mahek strikes with a girl and hits her leg

girl-what sorry I know girls like u first break the leg and then say sorry
mahek-I have said sorry na..I have not done it intentionlly
girl-oh plz….I know ……….blo*dy b*t*h
mhek-oh plz…atleast dont use these type of words
girl-I will use ..what u will do……..blo*dy b*t*h

mahek(at the peak of her anger)-means u are not going to stop u b*t*h …
girl-what u said me b*t*h now u seee..
mahek(angry)-yes I said ……….what u will do hannn ….tell na…..tell
shruti -lets move from here
mahek-I will not shruti ….its she who has started the game but I will finish it in my own way
shruti-mahek plz…
suddenly vicky comes……shruti goes to him and tell her everything
vicky comes infront of mahek and when he was uttering a word the girl’s boy friend come he was very tall like a body guard
bf-yes .what problem

vicky(got scared)-nothing nothing ,….
bf-then why she is fighting with her
vicky-oh sorry sorry ………..actyally its her habit to fight with everyone…….sorry I am saying sorry from her side na…plz sorry
mahek(from back)-why u are sorry vicky i will not leave that blo*dy b*t*h
girl(from back only)-see jaanu he called me b*t*h again……
bf-what is this
vicky-sorry sir she saying to me ……….really sorry sir am sorryfrom her side and mahek I am sorry from that girl side …..plz dont fight
mahek glares him but vicky join his hands and she shows attitude but then says-ohk
bf-hmmm………lets move from here darling

gf-yes lets move
they both move
vicky ,shruti and mahek were standing near a bike
mahek-shruti if ur boy friend would not have stopped me naaa….I have given him(the girl’s bf) two(agar tum mujhe rokte nahi toh ….muh todke aa jaati us ke boyfriend ka)

vicky-mahek if everyone’s mind would be frustated then there should be someone who should think from cool mind …..so that’s why(ab agar sabh log
mahek-oh plz…..I know u were scared of him
vicky-I was not mahek
mahek ignores him

shruti-plz stop it guys and chill …..the fight is over and btw mahek her bf was too much scary even I was scared of him
mahek-but I was not
shruti-ohk ohk
suddenly tht girl and his bf come in their bike speedly and shouts in mahek’s ear
mahek (at the peak of her anger)-what the helll…………….I will not leave them…….at least not now

PRECAP-mahek was driving bike for the revenge from the couple

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  1. Interesting … Continue writing and update daily … Or weeks

    1. Shaguu

      first of all ….thanks for commenting first and I will try to update daily as my holidays are going on…

      1. Ok dear I just say only when u free dear only..

      2. Shaguu

        thanks di…for showing this much understanding

  2. Nice and all d best

    1. Shaguu

      thanks bhavs

  3. Superb shagun … Mehak in bold avathar interesting .. Waiting for the next part .. PlZz update next one asap. .

    1. Shaguu

      thanks salma ….and this is trailer of mahek’s bold avatar just see next episode…u will come to know that she is not a girl to be trifled with..

  4. keziaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    your os is really interesting and try to update daily ,because other serial os are they regularly post but in this serial only one or two person only write the os

    1. Shaguu

      yes …I will try to update daily and I know that their are not many os and ss or ff in this serial bcoz this serial is special nd as the readers,writers and commenters….like u are special..

  5. Wow shagun..
    Nice update..
    Beautifully penned dear..
    Waiting fr next update..continue soon.☺??

    1. Shaguu

      oh god…sudha u wrote the unexpected thing …beautifully penned and me…well thank u ..this ff is nothing in front of moni di’s os u read it and u will find that I don’t write that well and express that well which she do..u will find that she would get attached to u by her writing skills…and last than u …nice that u all like it…I was not knowing tat u guys will like it or not but thanks for ur support

  6. Haayyee kya epi tha ekdam jhakass…..aur uss couple ki toh me??????…..how dare they to mess wid mehek……aur me tujhse naraz hoon itna late koi Marta he bhala….tera pehla ff kya hua use post kyun kar rahi he?????? I m waiting for dat…….acha chal abb mujhe guess kar…me hoon kon???? acha chal tujhe hint deti hun….me Teri regular commentor hoon….aur tu mujhe ache se janti he…..me tujhe ek cute so pet name se bulati hoon….aur tu v mujhe ek cutecute sa pet name se bulati he…..acha chal kitne dare hint de die mene…..ab mujhe guess kar…..story we had aur yeh bala as jaldi post kario samjhi…..acha chal tata….lov u jaan……

    1. Karta**not marta

      1. Kyun nehi kar rahi he???

      2. Shaguu

        oh god………………u meri shakkar ki bori I have tears in my eyes ….vaise to mein first line pad ke hi pehchaan gayi ki thi ki ye tu hi hogi shakkar ki bori…par aaj karva karela kyun ban gayi….but never mind I like karelas ….ek baat bataoon aisa koi din nahi hai jis din meine tujhe miss kiya …I hope ki tu mere saamne hoti sweta….I wanna hug u yaar….kya hua zyaada cheesy comment likh diya…tereko pata hai mujhe tujhse bahut kuch kehna hai par kaise kahooon ….agar itna sab kuch likh doongi to telly updates bhi mujhe warning dene lagega….aur tereko pata hai mere exam abhi abhi khatam hue hai …vaise toh sab ache hue except maths….ek wish maangooo…pura zaroor kariyo…see I believe in prayers aur mein chahti hoon ki tu na mere ache result ke liye pray kariyo…aisi wish meine pehle kisi se bhi nahi maangi…lekin tujhse maang rahi hoon…patanahi yaar mera result kaisa aaega ….kyunki mera 1st term bad bekar tha lekin second term bahut achaa gaya….see I don’t have any smilies to express bcoz I have a laptrop with me….sweta meine na story we had ke 2 episodes type kar liye the …par bahut late ho gaya tha isliye meine use update bhi nahi kiya ….iske alava bhi 2 reasons they…pehla to yeh ki exams chal rahe they aur doosra ki mujhe internet nhi milne vaala tha….aur sun ab tera last exam hai ache se kario uske baad…mujhe treat mein tera achaa result chaihya …bhale hi tu mere kuch episodes chod dena but padna ache se….jaanti hoon tu thak gayi hai mera itna lamba comment pad ke …par koi batnahi …ok bye haan love u shakkar ki bori

    2. Shaguu

      sorry I don’t guess u sweta …ha ha abbey tere ko kaise bhul sakti hoon …tereko pata hai meine tere ko kitna miss kiya…I think tere ko hichkiyaan zarrpor aati hogi…voh hichkiyan mere kaaran aati thi..mere school ki wall par India ka map bana hai …aur sabse pehle mein orrisa ko hi point out karti thi aur sochti thi ki kaise to uttarakhand aa sakti hai aur fir mein orrisa…but voh possible nahi….shayad se mein bas ek baar tujh se mil sakoon …par tu use chod aur tera last exam hai…aur mein chahti hoon ki is exam mein tu top karein ….fine kya hua comment zyada cheesy to nahi hogaya…tere ko pta hai meri aankhon mein sach mein aason aa aagaye the tera comment dekhkar…love u and will miss u for these 2-3 days…muaah …vaise ye word meine aajtak kisi ko nahi bola…aajtak se yaad aaya yaar papa na aajtak ke chakkar mein mujhe mahek nahi dekhne dete…coming on the episode coment…mahek is coming to take revenge from that couple u don’t worry aur meine who precap mein mension bhi kiya hai….aur sunn jo tu story we had ki baat kar rahi thi na…who uske meine 2 episodes likhe the lekin dono erase kar diye kyunki bahut late ho gaya tha …mere exams chal rahe the…aur mereko net bhi nahi milta ..isliye and
      all the best
      best of luck
      for ur last exam
      teri choco

      1. Shaguu

        sorry yaar do baar comment ho gaya hi..pehli baar likha aa raha tha duplicate comment isliye meine dusri baar comment likha…ab tere ko dono pad ne padenge sorry

      2. Latha

        Shaguu don’t worry dear I wish this time u will get good results. Good to see u and Swetha kithini achi dostis.

      3. Meri choco hehe tune mujhe guess kar liya meri jaan……????????…..pata he kitna miss kia mene tujhe 1 month ho gay tujhe baat kie hue…..plzzz jaan too maat me tere ankho me anshu nehi dekh sakti tere face par smile achi lagti he…..so ek cute so smile dede mujhe…Han yeh Hui na baat ab has ish tarah smile karti reh…..sun me an tujhe hug kar rahi hun toh accept kar aur mujhe v mera return hug dede samjhi…dnt wry meri choco me tere results me lie preyar jarur karungi……tu v mere lie preyar Karna mere results ke lie……mujhe pata he there results bohot ache honge samjhi…..air Han mere xams bohot ache Gaye an baas 2 paper Bali he he phir xam khatam…..sun tu baas an enjoy kar tere xams Jo khatam ho gaye samjhi……aur su n milenge toh hum jarur abhi nehi toh future meh paar jorur milenge samjhi meri jaan…..aur itne lambe lambs comments padhkar bohat acha laga…tera comment padh the samay mere face par ek badi wali smile thi….sach me choco tujhe pata he tere do itne sweet cmnts ko padh kar me kitni special feel kar rahi hun….sach me jaan me bohot special feel kar rahi hun muaahhhh to ur cheeks aur mera kal maths xam he toh mujhe wish kar aur mere lie preyar Karna samjhi…..aur ek baat can we b frnds??????….acha chal tata me ja rahi hun padh ne….lov uuuuuuuuuuuu meri choco…..

      4. Shaguu

        @latha didi thank u so much for ur prayers and ya pray for sweta too for her results she need more prayers as its her 10th …and btw di are u multi language(sorry not getting the word)…I mean u know hindi too lovely di even I want to know tamil…u know what I feel very jealous when u all talk in tamil and I don’t understand a single word…but u all enjoy…right to freedom..last exam was of S.St ha ha laughing na…well I have written a lot and ya di pray for me and sweta …thank u so much thank u thanku dii ..lov u even I hope that u do get promotion in ur job and see my wish will come true bcoz it is said that God accepts the wish of school students early(well it is kid but I am not a kid but after kid its teenagers na…so he will accept my wish)…thank u once again

      5. ??waiting for next part….
        Khub valo os???
        & 1 dbt shaggu r u frm odisha? ???

      6. Shaguu

        @sweta first of all I wish very very very outstanding and excellent luck for ur mths exam…and ya I hope it goes very well bcoz its ur 10th..aur 10th ki marksheet hamesha apne saath le jaani padti hai agar ek job chaiye..toh vaise toh 10th ki marksheet sirf birth date check karne ke liye hi hoti hai lekin phir bhi kitna proud mehsoos hota hai agar usme ache grade aaye…vaise toh tera abhi grade system hai…mera soch shakkar ki bori %system who bhi puri book…can u imagine ya imagine in 12th…vaise mein jaanti hoon ki tujhe yeh sabh already pata hai par fir bhi remind kara rahi hoon and I hug u back and see..I don’t want to be frnds with u not ur best friend also …sorry ..sweta but I want to be ur best friend forever or ur bestie with whom u can share ur every problem…and trust me I have great solutions ..love u yaar aur paper ache se dekar aana …no need to scare of maths…mein bahut dari thi tabhi maths bekar gaya par tu mat darna ..pehle who part karna jo tereko aata ho ..kyunki agar tune starting mein woh part kiya joh tere ko aata hain aur woh sahi hai..toh teacher impress aur agar baaki ke part wrong ho gaye toh woh tere saare marks nahi kaatega ..sochega achi bachi hai…galti ho gayi hogi isliye sirf 0.5or0.25 hi kaat ta hoon..bye all the best for ur both exams and ya hum ek din zaroor milenge aur jis din milenge dhoom 8 banjaegi..bas ab hasn band kar ur ache se padna
        praying for u
        urs choco

      7. Thank u so much for the wishes jaan….meri bestie thank u so much…..today z best day of my life I got my bestie today….am ka din yaad rakhna meri choco 2april next year him hamari best friendship ki anniversary manaenge samjhi OK I tata meri choco..meri bestie lov uuuuuu….me chalk some mujhe 5 babe uthne v toh he….chal tata lov uuuuuu

      8. Shaguu

        @Arpita thanks for such a cute comment…well I am not from Odisha I m from Uttarakhand

      9. Shaguu

        @sweta..abbey to raat 12 baje tak jaagti hai…chal use chod aur mein 2 April ko kabhi nahi bhoolongi…april fool ke baad jo aati hai…jab tu mera comment padegi tb tune exam de diya hoga..sweta ab bs ek exam aur aur sun ye vaala exam kaise gaye …batiyo zaroor but next episode mein…vaise to mein yeh maan nahi sakti ki tere jaisi ladki koi bestie nahi hai…ek to hogi koi school mein ya colony mein…koi ek to hogi…na …reply soon haan aur is episode mein nahi dure vale mein …aur tera story we had is in processing
        with love
        teri choco

  7. Latha

    Awesome intro shagun and very interesting to see Mehak in bold character. Eagerly waiting for your upcoming episodes and keep writing.

    1. Shaguu

      thanks latha di…and yaa mahek is coming to take revenge with full speed…from that couple …nice to know that u find my ff interesting

  8. Saxenasapna

    Hii shagun….
    Kiasi ho tum…
    Yrr tum apna (we had ) ka next part kb uplod krogi….
    U know main kitna miss krti hu….
    Or yrr jldi uplod kiya kro bcoz log aadhi Story ko pura nhi krte h or hm log bhul jate h….

    Or mujhe ye story bhi tumhari acchi lg rhi h…
    So isko bhi aage bdaana ok…

    Or don’t worry yrrr…
    Tumhra result bhut accha aayega…
    Main bhi tumhre liye pray krungi ok….

    I can’t wait for tomorrow night yrrrr….
    Zkm rock hota ja rha h… Or shagun tum insta pr ho kya…..

    Agar ho tho mujhe btana ok….

    1. Shaguu

      thanks sapna for a detailed comment… I am fine and btw I was not knowing that u all will miss story we had this much…but don’t worry I will update that too..and even I am waiting for today’s episode …shaurya propose mahek <33..oh god I want to see her reply..whether she will slap or accept or ignore ….oh god cant wait yaar ..cant wait

  9. Oh cool girl mehek!!! And loved the cat fight between shauriee and mehak!! Keep the good work going sis!! Cheers!!

    1. Shaguu

      thanks diva ..for ur appreciation well I have to ask u one thing…are u the author of kuch na kaho..if yes then plz update it yaar..I want to know the mystery

      1. Ya sure but my exams are still on so i think i will be able to update it on 12 april ok??

      2. Shaguu

        ohk..it means I guess it right..well I will wait for April12

      3. awwww…….. so sweet of you dear!!!! now i will surely update as soon as possible!!! by the way someone commented and asked you if you are odia, are you?? if its true then let me tell you i am odia too…. that will be great!!

      4. Shaguu

        hi diva…I am not from Odisha..well I think I would …btw I am from uttarakhand

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