Priyanka:[she came near bhavya and kept her hand on bhavya’s shoulder and said]di relax whatever you want to say just sit here and say it[she gesture bhavya to sit on sofa bhavya sits on sofa chair and ranveer and priyanka were sitting on adjacent sofa]
Bhavya:[she takes a deep breath and says]ranveer i want you to complete my undercover assignment in my stead stay in oberoi mansion and find that locket please
Ranveer:[he was really busy make sense out of bhavya’s words as she was saying really fast]bhavya calm down[bhavya relaxes herself]bhavya you’re not from the people who take set backs then why do you want to leave this assignment after coming this far
Bhavya:[she hesitates for moment]ranveer i don’t have any other option by every passing moment in that house i am getting attached to family and i am afraid that doing all this drama i am getting distracted from real reason to be there and i can’t think of anyone else better than you to do this job you don’t have to do any drama to stay in oberoi mansion you can stay there as their son in law
Ranveer:[he thinks about it for a while and says]okay i will talk to commissioner sir but if he says no then i can’t do anything further
Bhavya:[she stands up to leave]and please don’t tell this to any
Priyanka:[she keeps hand on bhavya’s hand and says]di don’t worry we won’t tell anyone

[she was sleeping peacefully but suddenly she wakes up due to dream of her own past]
Anika:[wiping her sweat]what’s wrong with me till today i never let my past get over my senses i have forgotten those memories of my life with great difficulties and all these nightmares are bringing back my past to me….anika get hold of yourself all these nightmares are your past and past doesn’t have any place in your life get this thing clear to yourself[she tries to convince herself] you didn’t have any family nor home your are just middle class adopted girl and that’s your only past[she takes a deep breath and tries again to sleep]

[anika came down to have her breakfast everybody was present there]
Dadi:[she was first one to notice anika]anika why are you here i had send your breakfast to your room
Rudra:[he goes near anika and takes her to chair beside gauri]bhabhi first you just have a seat
Anika:[she didn’t protested rudra she sat on chair and notice gauri’s hand and then leg]gauri how did you got injured and how did your hand got burned
Gauri:[she smiles and looks at omkara for help but he was busy enjoying his breakfast]bhaujai i was working in kitchen and i wasn’t attentive
Anika:[she cuts her in between]you weren’t attentive what do you mean by that you should have been careful it’s burned really bad and if you wanted something then you should have asked somebody what was need of getting yourself into trouble
Omkara:[he mummers the word to himself]if even shankarji would come tell gauri not to fall in troubles gauri will still invite trouble to her
Rudra:[he looks at anika and gauri and smiles and says]sometimes i feel as if you both are long lost sisters[anika and gauri look at him]i mean that you take care of each other so much and you speak same languages i mean almost same
Omkara:shut up rudra[rudra’s smile fades away omkara looks at anika and says]bhabhi after breakfast you have to go to hospital
Anika:[she says eating her breakfast]but why?
Omkara:[he looks at anika in disbelief that she forgot she was hit by bullet]bhabhi you were injured by a bullet yesterday
Anika:[she stops the spoon in mid air]so what my dressing is done i don’t have any pain[she was lying and everyone could understand it]
Shivaay:[he murmurs words to himself]anika gets scared with name of hospital if agrees to visit it it would me a miracle
Dadi:[she says in ordering tone]anika you will go to hospital rudra will take you[rudra nods in yes and anika nods in no]
Shivaay:[he says looking at food in his plate]it’s okay dadi if she doesn’t want to go then doctor will come at home to check her
Anika:[shivaay was about to speak further but anika interrupts]dadi i will go to hospital with rudra
[shivaay looks at anika with surprise and anika looks at shivaay with anger she was disturbed by gauri and shivaay by ragini all finishes their breakfast and leave for their work]
[rudra was driving and anika was lost in her own world more like thinking about her past suddenly rudra stops the car]
Anika:[she looks at rudra and her one hand is no her nape]rudra why did you stop the car
Rudra:[he looks at anika to make sure she is fine]bhabhi are you fine[anika nods in yes and rudra looks in front and says]bhabhi looks like accidents has happened ahead and not more people use this road let me just check once if anyone is injured or not[rudra gets out of the car a white car was collided with the tree car’s windscreen and front end was crashed badly rudra got close and looked through the window there was young person in driving seat and he was unconscious and his head was bleeding rudra couldn’t see his face as it was turned to other side and his head was on steering wheel rudra went back to his car and opened door of passenger seat]
Rudra:[he one hand was on door and another was on his waist]bhabhi someone is in the car and he is injured i will call ambulance then we will leave[saying this he took out his phone]
Anika:[she stopped him from calling to ambulance]rudra don’t call ambulance we will take him with us we are going to hospital anyway and it doesn’t feel good to leave an injured person like this alone so just bring him to our car i will open back door[rudra nods in yes and leaves to bring the boy anika opens the door anika sits with him in back seat as his head needed pressure to be applied to slow the bleeding the boy’s head was in her lap and she pressed her hand really tight on his injury to slow the bleeding]now-a-days boys think themselves as some kind of superhero and end up like this

[ranveer and priyanka entered from the hall jhanvi and dadi were in hall they saw priyanka and smile appeared on their face priyanka and ranveer took dadi’s blessing as couple dadi blessed them and ranveer took jhanvi’s blessing and priyanka shared jhanvi a hug]
Jhanvi:[she looked at ranveer and noticed his nervous face]is something bothering you ranveer
Bhavya:[she was standing at bottom of stairs and she had a suitcase with her] i will tell you aunty what is bothering him[jhanvi and dadi look in her direction and gets confused seeing her suitcase]
Dadi:[she asks looking at suitcase]bhavya are you going somewhere
Bhavya:[she looks at ranveer and priyanka and then answers looking at dadi and jhanvi]dadi my assignment is now handed over to ranveer so he will be continuing it living here in my place and i have been assigned another assignment so i have to leave
Jhanvi:[she came near bhavya kept her hand on her cheek]we all knew that you would have to leave someday but now when the day has come we are feeling if that this drama would have been reality then it would have made us so happy but it’s okay you were just doing your job but what were you talking about that you know why ranveer is nervous
Bhavya:[she took off jhanvi’s hand from her cheek and went near ranveer]aunty he is nervous because now he is going live here for some weeks
Jhanvi:[she came and stood beside priyanka and said]but why? I mean he is going to stay with his own family not with some strangers
Ranveer:[he cuts jhanvi in between and said]maa i am not nervous about staying here i am just not used to live with a joint family
Dadi:[she came near ranveer kept hand on his shoulder and said]then you will get used to it with time don’t worry about it now you both go to your room and set your cupboard and other things okay [priyanka and ranveer nods in yes and leaves from their]

[they reach hospital and inform doctor about the boy doctor asks ward boy to take the boy to OT]
Doctor:[he asks rudra]did you have any identification for patient
Rudra:[say taking out a phone]no but this phone belongs to him doctor you just start his treatment we will inform his family[doctor leaves rudra switches on the phone and realizes that it’s password protected]this is locked now what will we do
Anika:[she looks at rudra and then at phone]no problem once my check up is done we will wait for him to regain consciousness and then tell him to call his family[after anika’s check up was done they waited for an hour for the boy to regain consciousness and when he became conscious anika and rudra went to meet him when rudra and anika entered he was lost in thoughts rudra went near him and touched his shoulder]
Boy:[he came out of his trance]oh, i am sorry i didn’t notice you and thank you for helping or else i might have been left all alone on that empty road till now
Anika:[she takes a step towards the boy and says]how do you know that we helped you
Boy:[he looks at both of them]my phone is in your hands[he says pointing at rudra]
Anika:[she looks at rudra,rudra gives the boy’s phone back to him she looks at the boy]call your family and inform them about your accident
Boy:[he thinks for a while and says]my family is out of country right now we just started shifting and my family will be here next week due to dad’s work issues so at present i am alone here and i will inform them afterwards they must be sleeping right now[rudra and anika give him confused look] they are in US and there must night time now[rudra and anika’s confusion get cleared]
Anika:[she realizes that she didn’t ask him his name]what’s your name?
Boy:[he smiles and says]anvith[anika jerked hearing his name]
Anika:who named you?[anika asked with shaking voice]
Anvith Kashyap,20{tapasvi mehta but,you can chose any other actor if you want}:He is son of Digvijay Kashyap,anvith is friendly and a sensible young adult,he is studying t.y. BMS,always manages to get in top 10 of his class and plays great violin. he loves his family a lot he always looks forward to bring his best self out so that he could make his own identity apart from his family name. he is knows when to be quiet in front others and if needed how to show people their faces in mirror and make them face their reality


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