“Never hurt yourself because it hurts me.” Epi-3

Hello guyyss sorry for the delay but i was busy in my school hw. Thanks to all my readers who have commented in my previous episode.so without wasting any time lets start the next episode…..

Epi 3 begins here…
Next morning swara wake up and saw sanskar still sleeping. She think to freshen up but before getting up from bed , she pecks sanskar forehead and turns to go. But next moment she feels a kiss on her cheeks which is given by sanskar.
Sanskar- good morning shona.
Swara (smiling)- good morning.
Sanskar-you want to fresh up first or i should go.
Swara -no, you go after that i will go.

Sanskar take his clothes and went to washroom. And here swara renembers something which brings smile on her face.

Sanskar- swara ,everyone call you by some other name. Mom call you baccha, dad call you beta and raglak call you doll. I also want to give you some unique name.
Swara(arrengeing wardrobe)-so wgich name you have decided for me.
Sanskar (thinking)- mmmmm.. . Princess, no-no jaan, no-no my love ,no-no my love , no-no my ……
Swara(irritated) – stop it sanskar.
Sanskar makes a cute pout and turned his face away from swara.
Swara saw it and go towards him .

Swara (holding her ears)- ok sorry . But can’t you find a single name for me .
Sanskar- i found many names but i want a unique name for my lovely wife. Idea . What about kiss me???
Swara(giving a weird look) – how does this idea pop into your mind while deciding my name. & no i will not give kiss to you.
Sanskar( smirking) – no i’m telling what if i keep your name “kiss me.” You know i love ‘kiss me ‘ chocolate very much.

Swara (thinking) – from when does he like chocolates and even that kiss me chocolate . Really god he is a crazy hubby. Wait…wait… now i understood his intentions.
Swara- so my hubby wants to call me by that name so that you can ask me for kiss anytime.
Sanskar(innocently) – you are very inyelligent kiss me.
Swara (while giviing death glare) -stop calling me by that name or…
Sanskar- or what . You will give me double kiss. You are so sweet. (Pulling her cheeks).
Swara – or i will not talk to you for 1 week.
Sanskar (shock) – what… no..no..no.. swara i will never call you by that name. But please don’t give me that much big punishment.
Swara (smiling) – good.
Sanskar- Shona . What about this name.

Swara- you can call me by this name but not that one.
Sanskar – ok my shona (while hugging)

By that time sanskar also comes.
Sankar – swara you go and fresh up.
Swara – hmmmm….
She took her clothes and went inside the washroom.and here sanskar calls someone.
Sanskar – hello.
On call- hi sanskar. Tell me.
Sanskar – actually i found swara yesterday.

On call- its a good news sanskar but where was she these months.
Sanskar – i didn’t ask her that but i can sense that she is trying to hide something.
On call – don’t worry. I will come with ragni in the evening..
Sanskar – thanks laksh.
(Yes the person on call is laksh.his best friend)

Till that time swara also come wearing long skirt and top of black and pink colour.
Sanskar was not able to take off his eyes from swara as he has seen her after a long time.
Swara(waving her hands infront od sanskar face)- where are you sanskar ?
He comes back in his sense.
Sanskar (while cupping her face)- i have seen you after so many days that i’m not able to take off my eyes. You don’t know shona how much i missed yoy in these months. These months were like hell to me.please don’t leave me again shona.
Swara(with teary eyes )- no sanskar i will never leave you again. Its your shona promise.

Sanskar- but shona where were you these months.
Swara – i didn’t remember anything sanskar.
Sanskar (with determination) – don’t worry swara. I will soon find the person behind this.
Swara (in fearful voice)- sanskar leave it . I’m with you na.
Their conversation was broken by ap who was calling them for breakfast.
Sanskar – lets go shona. Mom is calling for breakfast .
Swara – ok.
Both go downstairs.

At the dining table.
Ap- good morning bacha .
Swara -good morning mom. Good morning dad.
Dp- good morning beta.
Sanskar also wishes them good morning.
Ap – see swara i have made your all favourite food items.
Swara- thankyou mom.

Sanskar( to cheer up swara mood) – what about my favourite .
Dp- everyday your favourie was cooked so today was for my beta.
Sanskar makes a pout.
Seeing this swara take a bite and keep it infront of sanskar mouth.
Seeing her care sanskar open his mouths and swara feed him the bite.sanskar also feed her.
Dp & ap are happy to see their love and care for each other.
All finish their breakfast.
Ap- sanskar and dp ji you are notvgoing to office i already inform your pa about this.
Sanskar & dp- jo hukum.
Sanskar and swara both head towards their room.
Sanskar- shona . Take your medicines.

Swara ( make faces )- ok.
She ate the medicines by making unbelievable faces and eplxpressions.
Seeing this sanskar smiles.
All the family members enjoy some family time together because of swara by watching movies and playing games.

In the evening………..

Thats all for today. Sorry for the mistakes. And guyyss if you have any confusion then you are free to ask. All type of comments are welcome.

Love you all. Take care. Bye -bye..♡ ♥♡

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