“Never hurt yourself because it hurts me.” Epi-2

Sorry guysss for the delay. Without wasting anytime lets begin epi 2.

Recap- sanskar brings unconscious swara.

The episode starts with sanskar suddenly noticing movement in swara’s hand. He gets happy to see his swara getting conscious.

Swara P.O.V.
Aaahhh…. My head is paining like hell. Wait where am I. I was protesting towards those goons but suddenly i started feeling dizzy and after that i don’t remember anything. But..but this room look familar to me. Then suddenly i hear someone calling me.

P.O.V. ends


Without wasting anytime he took her in a bone crushing hug. Swara happiness has no bounderies seeing him infront of her .
Swara (while sobbing)-sanskar. How did you found me? Sanskar. You will never leave me na now.
Sanskar (while keeping finger on her lips)- ssshhh… calm down swara and i will always with you. Now stop crying and take some rest.

Ap- I’m going to bring dinner.
Ap leaves.
Swara- sanskar vo i want…
Without letting swara to complete her sentence sanakar speak in between.
Sanskar-i told you na not to talk
Swara(innocently)- but i want to go washroom.
Sanskar look towards swara and gave her a smile. He took her towards washroom as she needs support. She went inside the washroom and he was standing there suddenly he recall something.

It was midnight when swara try to wake up sanskar sanskar(sleepy tone)- swara see its only 1 o’clock. Why did you wake me up at this time. I am feeling sleepy. So good bight and you also sleep.
Seeing her hubby in a deep sleep. She did not want to disturb his precious sleep so she think to go by herself.

As soon as she started walking she stiumble and fall down.
Sanskar woke up with the scream of swara when he switch on the light. He saw her on the floor holding her ankle.
Sanskar- why did you get up? You should have told me once. You have sprain in your ankle. Can’t you be carefull . NEVER HURT YOURSELF SWARA BECAUSE IT HURTS ME
Swara(murmuring)- again lecture i can’t tolerate it. He is saying like that as he woke up at once when i called him. Kharrooss.
Sanskar(smiling)- I heard that.

Saying this he pick up swara in his arms and drop her infront of washroom door . Swara was admiring her hubby but her trance was broken by sanskar.
Sanskar(smirking)- don’t stare me like this or i think you are telling me through your eyes to company you in the washroom.
Listening this she bluahed and and went inside and hurridely close the door.
Sanskar(while smiling)- I love her blushing face.
Swara- & i love your craziness.

His trance was broken by opening of door. He made swara sit on the couch.
In the mean time ap comes with dinner and give to sanskar and leaves from there.

Sanskar make her eat dinner with his hands & then gave her medicines and ask her to sleep. He make her lie on the bed and cover wih the blanket.
She dozes off quickly doe to effects of the medicine .
Sanskar eat his dinner and went near the window.

Sanskar P.O.V.
Why swara didn’t tell me where she was these months.. Although she is safe and secure here but still an unkown pain and fear was visible in her eyes. But i don’t want to stress her anymore in this situation . I think she was scared of something. He wants to tell something but she didn’t tell me…damn it..Either i have to ask her tomorrow or i should find it myself. Mmmm……..I will findbit myself, involving her more in this matter will worsen her condition and affect her health . I will make her my old swara who knows only to smile.
P.O.V. ends.

Sanskar- i should sleep now. Its already 11 o’clock.
Sanskar went towards swara. Caresses her hair and pecks her forehead.A smile curved on swara’s lips and seeung her smiling sanskar also smiles.
He then went other side of bed and he too dozes off quickly.

Thats for all today and here the episode ends.

Thanks to all who commented in my first epi. And for the mistakes i ‘m sorry for that please keep supporting me and i try to be regular but i can’t upload it daily so i will try to upload it on alternate days.

Lobe you all….. take care.. bye.

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