“Never hurt yourself because it hurts me.” Epi-1


Welcome to the world of my imaginary story on swaragni. Its a short story with approximately 30 episodes. I am new here and for any mistake in the ff i am asking sorry in advance only. Please bear me guyssss..
All the characters are same except that the parents of sanskar and lakshya are vice-versa. And their families are good friends and lakshya is like brother to sanskar.

So here the first epi begins….
The epi starts with a couple ebtering a mansion. Their faces get revealed and they are non other than our cute couple SWASAN.
Sanskar was carrying Swara ib his arms. She is unconscious

Sanskar (shouting)- Mom-dad. Come fast.
Dp (coming from room)- Yes Sanskar . What happened?
Ap (surprise)- Swara.
Sanskar make lie Swara on the sofa softly.
Ap (with concern)- what happened to my daughter? From where did you got her?
Sanskar (worridely)- Mom i will tell you everything but first let me call the doctor.

He calls his family doctor. Doctor tells him that he will reach there within half an hour.

Ap told sanskar to get fresh up till the doctor arrives. Sanskar leaves.

Ap( sitting beside swara)- Where were you Swara? We all tried to find you everywhere.

In the mean time Sanskar come from his room. And just after ,doctor arrives.
Doctor-Yes Sanskar . What happened? Is everything all right.
Sanskar (turn towards swara)- Doctor. Please check her.

Doctor checks swara . He prescribes some medicine
Doctor- give these medicine when she will gain conscious and she need rest & a good care as she is very weak.
Sanskar- Sure doctor.
Doctor- Ok then i ‘m leaving . But if any type of emergency occurs. Call me immeadiately.
Sanskar – Thankyou doctor.
Dictor leaves mm(maheswari mansion)
Sanscar carry swara in hus arms and moves towards his room that is upstairs.
He places swara on the bead and covers her with the blanket and kisses her on thr forehead. He leaves from thereand come downstairs.
Sanskar- Mom , I am going out to buy medicines. Please take care of Swara.
Ap- No need to say that sanskar. Swara is like my daughter.
He gave her a fake smile and went out.

After 1 hr he came back with medicines and head towards his room but get sad seeing his swara still unconscious.
He sat down near her and started speaking…
Sanskar(caressing her hair)- where were you swara? I try to find you everywhere. Why did you left your Sanskar. You know na i can’t live without u. I was like a body without soul in these months.
He hold her left hand between his hands. He could not taje it anymore and started crying keeping his head on her hand.
Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to find his mom. He hug her and started sobbing now.
Ap- Everything will be alright sanskar. Keep faith on god . Ok first tell me where did you find swara?
Sanskar (Wipe his tears)- mom….

Sanskarwas returning from office when he saw a group of goons taking a girl forcefully , when she try to protsdt one of them give injection and she fall unconscious.
Sanskar find something fishy so he followed them.
Sanskar(to himself)- Why they are taking that girl forcefully. I should follow them.
The van stops near a small house. They take the girl inside.

(I did not want to mention the names of goon so i gave them numbers. Sorry for the inconvience).

Goon 1- L ets go inside before anyone see us.
Goon 2 (to goon 1& 3)- You two take her. We are going from here as we have some work in other city.
Goon3- ok.
Goon 2 & 4 left the place& the other two take her inside the house.

Sanskar-I shoul go inside the house as no one is there except those two.
Sanskar come out of the car and tey ro find another door to enter the house.
He found it at the back of the house. He enters the housep.
Sanskar – Where did they go with that girl.

He then found that the girl was tied with the ropes on a chair. When he raised her face he was shocked to find that the girl was non other than her beautiful wife ,swara.
When he take a glance of that room ,he saw that the two goon were not in their sense and were sleeping because of the effects of alcohol which which was kept near them.
He untie his swara & took her in the arms and saw her it was all pale. He quickly move out of the house and keep swara on the on the front seat and put seat belt.and drive fastly from there.


Sanskar suddenly…..

Here the first epi ends . Thats for all today Please comment below because the ff’s future depends ob your comments.

Love you all……….. Take care.♥♡♥♡♥

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