“Just remember”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi stood with his full Tadi in front of Kameeni…The would be mother-in-law of his sister Priyanka…the marriage is not happening now..,”Can’t Shivaay Singh Oberoi buy a husband to his sister and a father to his unborn nephew or niece?”
“Oh my maatha!!”- Pinky cursed,”Talkings like we Oberoi all are not married and eloped for staying together in this house. We know the rituals of marriage too well. Hum bhi Punjabi hai ji”.
“I thought you are changed now and just cracking jokes by your sleeping pallu”-Shakti the peace loving devotee of devi maatha turned in to a real Kaali pita(maatha)..kalidev…,”not only your pallu… you are a fallen lady with no self respect and honour”.
“Last time I acted very good as a purohit while marrying that cheppadi Tia with my Shivaay bhaiyya”- Rudra praised his own self,”which pandit in India suggests marriage with in twenty minutes?”

“In addition to it which ACP will ask for this much dowry being the lamba lamba hands of law?”-Pinky was always against dowry,”have you made a safe for keeping the 200crore diamond or are you planning to keep it in EMF house like you kept my Shivaay?”
I don’t think he is in police even”- Omkara broke his mouna brata,”he was just after me and then after Prinku for the accidental hit and run case”.
“The Hawaldaar could have arrested Om or Prinku..or both and file a case for the coma causing accident of his sister if his sister exists at all”-Jhanvi became mother eagle to protect her children and respect law in one stone.
“She blamed me of chori in my house and then tried to kill me”-All knew Pinky never lies,”Kutti Kameeni..kidnapped my son and replaced him with some one else”.
” Kidnapping Shivaay Singh Oberoi from his private a trained air hostage in numerous BMW and then keeping guarded in EMF house needs money”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi used his classic business brain,”the source of money gave me a doubt”.
“In Karvachouth night,I saw two evil..dare was Tia with her husband Dushyant ..the other was you.. breaking Prinku’s fast by making her drink water”.
“I trust my Annika over a lady who claimed to be the mother of my child “-Shivaay felt proud,”you are just a character less man who lies about girls and their dignity”.
“I am a girl…I have social anxiety disorder”-Prinku get energy to strangle Roman Reigns.. ,” not a dump..I never felt like that with you.. this child was downloaded from Google I think”.

“You think We will believe that some electrolyte can help Prinku recover from the side effect of drugs you gave her”- Shakti disclosed,”I called doctor then only to check Prinku…”.
“How dare that cheppada 2rs ka china man act like my husband Shivaay.. imperfectly”- Annika shouted,”I didn’t felt any ghanti ..then his strange behaviour with all and water…and then the morning dream of plane crashing spread the doubtful raita in my heart..”.
“He looks like me except for his kanji eyes and was with you… the devil..who know Oberoi from a long time enough to plan against us..if this Maahi have any relation with us…”-Shivaay gave voice to his inner feeling looking at Annika,”I have send his blood sample to a doctor for DNA test”.
Both ACP and Kameeni blackmailed him in this plan for taking the Oberoi property.
” I have a doubt in you both.. first the kidnapping part.. then the implantation of Maahi to fulfill all the dowry ..”- Shivaay saw Khanna coming with a hurt head ..blood dripping from the back of his head with a highly weak Soumya,”Khanna..come and sit here”.

“Khanna called me as soon as he find Soumya”- Rudra,the hubby smiled,”It was your mistake to put Khanna at the same place where Soumya was..the basement area”.
“Shivaay Singh Oberoi is not a fool to appoint Khanna as the security head of OM”- Om smiled,”he is multi talented”.
“I want to slap you hard on yoir both cheek”- Prinku gave the right punishment ,”My hands will be dirty”.
“Khanna..dettol”- Rudra cracked the joke,” My Sumo need that now for the wounds not Prinku to wash hand”.
” I too need that now”- Khanna lost his voice in weakness,”Some one please help me”.
“The only sister of Oberoi brothers.. the princess of this house..can never get married to an ACP even if she is pregnant”- Tej roared,”We were just trying to expose you in front of Media.. thank you for the help of calling them from our side for your own insult”.
“Police…”- Dadi also joined,” They are here”
“kidnapping,blackmailing,dowry demand,mental torture, dhamki of murder.. and use of law in personal matter”- He list of charges went on…”
Real police dragged the villains out of Ranveer’s sasural to both Kameeni and Ranveer’s sasural..jail..
“Thank you Annika “- Pinky held the soft hands of her daughter in law,”For every thing”.
“We are family aunty”- The Mother Teresa answered.
” Bhabhi is Jhalli ki Raani”-Rudra thought he is very good at history.
“Jhansi… not Jhalli”- Shakti hit his head.
“DIL BOLE OBEROI”- This time Prinku also joined along with an injured Soumya.

“Forcing and black mailing you for marriage was not that bad”-Shivaay teased,” I am getting numerous benefits from that single deal”.
“You saved not only me from Gayathri murder case, today also all family”He Hugged her close to him,”Finally the problem get solved”.
“Shivaay I thought it as my family”- Annika accept the truth,”after marriage and before also”.
Shivaay smiled .. as he won the fort…all the forts in Rajasthan.
“Falling in love with you was the biggest truth I couldn’t accept then…
Forcing you for marriage was my worst crime to the girl I love…
But marrying.. trusting and loving you is the best decision I took in my life”
“I thought appointing Khannji come in this list too”-Annika slapped his chest lightly,”You are changing preferences”.
“I wonder people says they fell in love… “- Shivaay had a doubt on the hypothesis of love,”I am raising in love with you..every day ..minute and passing second”.
“Rudra was worried for Soumya..”-Annika felt happy,”thank you for bringing back Soumya”.
“No marriage in our house is happening with out problem.. I tries three times.. but failed..Rudra and Soumya .. now Prinku too”-,Shivaay sighed,”I have a doubt on the marital status of Om now”.
“Dadi ki bhi kara dete hain..”-Annika whispered near his red ear,” Shaadi”.
“The most elderly, experienced Ishqbaaz of Oberoi family and young active at heart”- Annika felt her voice lost as some air only came out from her mouth.
“This was a priceless gift from me that no one can snatch like the bangle I gave you”-Shivaay kissed her another cheek ,”the bonus”.

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    LOVED IT. Waiting for other such updates.

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