Never ever in my life….(KKB) Part 1

An unexpected guest in his house.

He was walking along the beach with the sounds of waves making him have a turmoil of the events that happened in his past.

He was an ordinary music lover but to the world he is an extraordinary music creator, The rockstar of the nation.

Every foot step he walked on the sands of the beach, he felt peace but somewhere in his heart he couldn’t believe that he had come so far making his parent’s dream fulfilled but they are not here anymore.

Aaliya: Bhai!!! Come faster. It’s gonna rain soon!

She said looking at the dark clouds forming in the sky and the lightning that can be seen.
Abhi: Ya Aaliya! I am coming…
He said in a dragging tone as he walked backed half-heartedly as now he will be back to his world of glitz and glamour.

As he was walking towards his car, he saw a girl running towards him.

Abhi: Not again! How do they know I am here at this hour.

It was very dark at night and he couldn’t see her clearly.

Abhi jerked as he ran past her towards the beach.

Abhi, Is she going to swim now?

The girl for a moment turned and look back at him and she began to walk towards the depths of water.

Abhi: Oh shit! Is she going to commit suicide?

He ran towards her and managed to grip her by force and made her out of the waters.
Abhi: Are u mad? Why did u do like this?
Girl: Just leave me! I want to leave this world! I don’t deserve to be here!

He held his grip tighter and shouted: You don’t deserve to tell whether u have to be here or not.

Struggling in his grip, she was crying bitterly until she felt it was very hard to control herself from hugging him. As her tears wetted his shirt, the tears of the sky wetted both of them.

He was taken aback by her hug but he stroke her back to calm herself down.

After a while, she calmed down and break away from the hug.

She was trying to move away when she slipped and he caught her in his arms before she had a fall.

Looking at his eyes she felt seeing him before but couldn’t think where and when. With that she fainted and her vision was black out.

At the Mehra mansion,
Aaliya: Bhai! How could u bring some girl at this time?
Abhi: Aaliya…she fainted yaar and how could I just leave her there?
Aaliya: You could have admitted her in hospital! Why didn’t u never listen to me?
Abhi: Aaliya…why did u never realize this? If I admit her then there will be headline news tomorrow saying Abhi the rockstar had admitted his girlfriend in the night to hide her pregnancy!
Aaliya: Oh ya…there have been rumours of your unknown girlfriend recently too.
Abhi: Exactly! I don’t even have one but media have been making a news of it!
Aliya: Hmm…why do u sound as if you want to have one?

Abhi chuckled and said: Me? Girlfriend? I have no time for that!

Aaliya: Really Bhai? Then what is the saree in your wardrobe doing?

Abhi looked away as Aaliya patted his shoulder: Did I say anything wrong?

He looked back with his moist eyes.

Aaliya: Bhai…why are u having tears?

Abhi: It’s our Ma’s saree….
Aaliya: I’m sorry Bhai…
Abhi: Why sorry for this? I kept it in remembrance of her.
Aaliya leaned on his shoulder: Why Bhai? Why we lost our parents?

Abhi: We never lost them. They are in our hearts gaining love and respect from us at every moment in our lives.

Aaliya stayed there like that when they heard the screams of the girl.

They rushed to the room where she was and Aaliya attended to her by hugging her.

Aaliya: She dreamt something badly….
She said looking at Abhi who standing looking at them.

Girl was sobbing with her eyes closed and he thought, Why is she looking so devastated?

Aaliya: Let me stay with her tonight.

Abhi nodded his head and left the room as the girl opened her eyes and saw him leaving the room.

Aaliya: What’s your name?
Girl: Pragya…
Aaliya: Pragya? I have heard this name before….

Pragya trembled and seeing that Aaliya went to take a blanket for her.

Pragya looked around the room with an unknown fear engulfing her.

Abhi was in his room being restless thinking about the girl. Abhi thought how is it so easy to decide for her to end her life? Does she have that much of worries in her life? No matter what is it, ending your life is not a solution to it. He thought that and slept.

The next morning,

He waked up and went straight to the room where Aaliya and Pragya were.

He knocked the door but there was no response so he tried to open the door. It was not locked and hoped that he was not disturbing them.

What he saw made him surprised.

Pragya was lying against the headboard as Aaliya was sleeping on her lap.

Abhi’s lips curved into a smile thinking of his mother who always let Aaliya to sleep on her lap.

He gently closed the door not making any sounds and was smiling more thinking of Pragya’s face in sleep as she looked more like a cute baby.

Pragya opened her eyes hearing the door’s closing sound and looked at Aaliya on her lap.

Pragya looked at the photo of Abhi’s parents on the side table and smiled with her eyes showing an unbearable pain looking at them.

Pragya told to herself, I am an unexpected guest in his house now but it is not like that for me.

To be continued if u all liked it…..

Ok friends this is a random idea that I had. If u all like then I think I can update in weekends (I hope so….)

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  1. Awesome di!!can’t wait…. If u can update daily both the ff’s pls proceed… n ‘boss I love you’ it’s my favourite ff first update that n then this…………hope u don’t think I’m ordering u…. its just my opinion….. sorry if it’s wrong….

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    Will pour all the love to this magical creation of yours, sweetie. Take care. love you :*

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