Never believe ur eyes – Part 9

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Gathering all the information that i have collected so far i have come to the conclusion that they are childhood friends. Soon i got interested in their talk, of cource i wont get the lifetime opportunity to see bade papa being tease and getting to know his childhood life. He never have told us about his life before marriage. Whenever i saw him, he always had that grumpy face stick to his face but now it is different i can see a fully grin smile on his face.

“Tej, how many in total kids do you have?” He asked glaring at bade papa when bade mom (janvi) introduce him to prinku.

“Only 3… omkara, rudra and priyanka.. what about you?” Giving a smile to prinyanka and moving back to look at anand.

“hmmmm…”counting on his fingertips.
“4; 2 daughter and 2 sons.. i am always ahead of you…” he winked.

“Really!!.. last time when i saw was only Mannu and anu ” Badepapa had his jaw dropped.

“Yep!! They are all grown up.” He sighed.

“I want to see them. Its been so while. Mannu must be the same naughty kid.” Recalling the past.

“You allready saw mannu.” He said trying hard not to smile while scratching his back neck.

We gave a thought for a minute when i join the points whereas bade papa also did the same and we both together call out his name.

“Manik” me and bade papa screamed at shocked. I was silently laughing at his nickname. Who knows the arrogant and cruel person like him will have such name.

He just nodded his head.

Now this is going to be interesting. I was all excited to see his face.

If his father is my bade papa’s friend then why does he behave like a enemy when we come infront of him.
We just talk for few moment and i realished that Anand had no idea why he was doing so. He also invited us to his house day after tomorrow for dinner. I am excited as i want to see his first expression on seeing us.

●●●Anika●●● (yes you read it right)

I rushed outside down the stairs when i heard malikha entering with baba. I really didnt feel like sending him anywhere but he was stubborn to meet his childhood friend. Sometimes its hurts to know he knows them more then he knows his own blood. I dont know where he has been nor i want to know. All i want to know whether he is alright. After waiting for so long, I really cant wait any longer. Its been 18 years since bai and i have been waiting for him. We both have gone through a lot of mess to bring him back. How long has he been with us….. only few days but all the while he was either sleeping due to the effects of medicine or being crying around the fact that we are all grown up and not able to believe us when we said it been 18 years.

I left the thought when i saw them entering from the entrance. I saw both of them coming but there is a clear change when they came back. Baba had his smile spread all over his face.

Baba came up to me pulling my cheeks and smiling though his eyes. Oh!! How much i miss seeing his smile. Not us atleast someone gave his smile back. My heart achs thinking about our life without him. doesnt he knows how much we suffer without him? Doesnt he care about us like before how he used to?doesnt he realise that bai missed him so much?…. A lonely tears escape from my eyes. I soon remove it before he sees it.

“Where is mannu..? … tell him that we are having guest in our house… and wear some proper clothes…” moving toward his room humming his old time favourite song.
I miss it. I still remember how he used to hummed it whenever he was happy.

I was well excited and i found malikha behaving weird all this while but when i asked her the matter she simple declined it saying nothing.

i know this is crazy to peeped into someones room who is hell tired but when we are sibling all is allowed. All the time he got the time to trouble me but now it is my turn. I took the jar ready and took army of mine to attack our prey who was been sleeping peacefully while ruining our sleep. Slowly slowly tip top.. we reached to unlock the knob of the door. I took one jar from ranveers hand and empty the whole thing on bai’s head and next was followed by ishu and ranveer. With a sudden thud he woke up. Trying to get what just happen while we 3 naughty kids are laughing like there is no world after this.

I had to hold my stomach as i had the countinous feeling of being tickle. Ishu had her hand on my shoulder and ranveer also had his hand on his stomach.. we both are same in behaviour…….. bad kids.

“Got cha” ranveer rolling on the bed but immediately regret when a small “ahh” came from his mouth. Stilll there is pain on his body which he decided to hide from us but i choose not to confront him because i know he isnt gonna say me. Fine if you want to be that TOUGH guy.

“Do you guys have anyother work to do at morning?” Bai rubbed his eyes trying to clear his view.

“It wasnt us who made this rule” i said in taunting tone after all he was the one who made it and made our simple life into hell.
WHO DOES THIS TO WAKE SOMEONE UP IN MORNING? I hate getting up in the morning.

“Hmm, did you all have your breakfast?” He asked in serious tone.

We all nodded.

“And what about baba? Did….. he …. have ?” He stammer at the last question and i could see pain filled in his eye when he utter those words. I know why he was late for morning. After so long time he had his peacefull sleep that was snatched from him after the news of baba’s coma. Mom passed away at the deliver of ishu. After that baba had been careless and heart broken. He used to come home really late. But ecerything was ruin when Suddenly we got the news of his car accident and how he went to coma. Bai always had the tension of baba He loves him more then anyone. No one can describe his feeling in words , how can someone? Everything was snatched from us in one year.

I nodded.

The lost smile on his face which was missing for so long was back.

we left the room and were fooling around talking about ishu dance’s rehearsal while passing from baba’s room. We decided to peep through the hole. After the argument of who would see first. I was selected to do the honour. At first a bit hesited pass to spy on baba but i just wanted to make sure he was not doing something foolish. I am really scared of losing him again.

I placed my eye on the level of the key hole when suddenly the door flew open and there is my baba standing on his door step giving a suspicious look he had. Most worst thing was that i was still in the same position but when he looked at me he gave a loud laugh causing us to smile and feel guilty at our deeds.

After giving a lame reason for that situation saying i had a back pain.
His laughter filled all the space left in the room, after so long time he had his heartly laugh. Tears were forming in my eyes when i saw him. Memerioes after memories were making its way but i stopped it before it made me hard to control it.

Working as a doctor is a tough job. I always had the dream to be a use for my country and i am glad i am helping my country but it is definitely tough for a girl and a bussiness girl.
Whenever i had time, i help bai by taking some of his work. While he takes the hard ones and i take the easiest ones to finish.
He has a lot of work burden on his shoulder and on top of that our responsibility bothers him. It is really tough to handle all these responsibility all by yourself or living like an orphan was worst when you know you are not.

Pressing the break on the car i found my way to the entrance of my favourite cafe. I usually make my own coffee but i had no mood to make and this place is the best place where it serve my perfect coffee..
As soon i open the entrance door, i was hit by a person rushing out of the place. I took hold of its wrist forcing him to stop at its place. I knew by his body language that he was not a good person and seeing him struggling to let him go, i was sure that he is trying to run away after doing something horrible.
Soon i felt a hand on my shoulder, i turned to look at the owner but i was shock to see HER. A small bit of happiness grew in my heart seeing her again. She look up to my hazed eye and i look at her. For a min or two we were deep at each others eye but soon she broke it by looking away making me feel awkard.

“Thank you” she utter to me and turn her glaze to the person whose hand is still in my hold.

“You!!!!! Wait i have called the police. Just wait and they will be in a sec.” She said while he plead to let him go.

A couple a siren was heard when police enters and grab his hand from mine and i stood there figuring out what was going on. Later the police shake his hand with me and left from there dragginng that guy before handling a purse to anika which i guess was her. I looked at the car and then taking off my eyes from it when it was far away.
I caught her smiling at me when i asked about all this issue but she suggest to sit and talk so we took a the best seat by the side of window. She order a cup of cuppicino but to my surprise i wanted to have the same while all the time i always wanted to stick to my espressco.

i knew the reason behind this situation after joining the points but i decided to remain mum since i got a chance to listen to her and i didnt wanted to lose it.

She explained me how that person was following her till the cafe and soon he grab her purse while she took it out to pay her coffee………………………… i couldnt listen further as i was busy thinking how beautiful she is…..ohhh!! Stop it…. i didnt think anything…. offfooo erase the sentence. She is …… no no no … i shuted my eyes tightly.

We spend a few minute talking about rudra, ranveer and prinku. I thanked her for helping prinku to overcome her fear and to become strong.

She just smile. My heart, i touched my heart to stop it which didnt go unnoticed by her as she panic and repeatedly asking if there was any problem. She came close to me keeping her hand on my hand which is placed on my heart. A chill started at the top of my head and began to trickle down.

“Its ok… its ok… i am a doctor…you can say me if there is a problem. Dont panic,” she said looking into my eyes.

“Oh, mmm… i dont know,” i whispered. I panic when i got to know she was a doctor what if she got to know that something happens when i see her.

“what, then whats wrong” she was concerned.

” i think i had allergy so it might cause someting to reacted.” I gave her reason.

” you must go to hospital. What are you doing here?” She spoke as a flash of anger was visible in her eyes.

“Nooo… it is not needed” really it wasnt because i know this wasnt that issue but something else.

“Ok fine.. take my card if you need something call me…… i said take.” Her eyes was full redin anger out of fear getting eaten by her i took it. Well she looks cuter when she is angry.

She stood up to leave but she got hit by the chair and was about to touch the ground but i caught her from hitting the ground in result we had a eye contact. We were disturb by a costumer cough who was standing behind us. We got seperated to let him go. i looked at her and i think i saw her blushing for few second before she caught me staring at her whatever it was she was adorable. She cleared her throat before she speak up.

” it was nice meeting you. Goodbye.” She moved her hand forward to shake with mine. I looked at it then back to her.

“I want to see you again so i wont say goodbye.” I utter out it to her which was suppose to be my thought. She looked shocked and was waiting for me to answer.

“I …. mean …. to … say… no… actually… the thing…. umm..” i couldnt find words to cover my sentence.

“Same here. I wish to see you again.” She said leaving me shocked and excitement in my heart.

I left from there making sure that i need to get to hospital as i was fully sure that something is wrong with my heart.


Can someone tell him that he is falling for her? Idiot … doesnt have that sense even being a great bussiness man..
How would be anika’s reaction seeing shivaaye at her house as a guest?

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