Never believe ur eyes – Part 2

Hello i am embarreshed… actually i posted the 2nd ff a long time ago .but due to my stupidity i forgot to press sumit article .. sorry ??
I did so effort ???

Shivaaye: hey u kid answer me i am asking u something?(a bit louder) ( the boy got scared but before he could say anything )

Shivaaye: are u deaf?

Water all around shivaaye..shivaaye was burning in anger now he looked forward to kill the person who dared to throw water on .. (oh sorry on his ego) but as he tyred around he saw an simplest example of beauty infront of him.

Shivaaye pov
How beautiful she is!! and cute aswell. (But he let those devil ego come in between them)
She .. she threw water on me.. HOW DARE SHE??

Shivaaye: how dare u do that nonsense?

Girl(anika): how dare u enter my house?

sivaaye: i am shivaaye singh oberoie. The one who dont need permission of anyone.. the one whom everyone gets scared of..
(anika intrupted)

Girl(anika): but i am not … now please leave before my temper go high and if does go then u will
(Shivaaye interupted)
Shivaaye: then what?? (He comes closer to anika) what will you do?

Anika push him slightly.

girl(anika): this time i only threw only a glass of water on you but next time *be aware* i will throw backet full of water.

Shivaaye:(smirk) poor lady!! I only throught tk buy this house but NOW I WILL MAKE SURE TO TAKE OVER THIS PROPERTY..

anika turn against him and goes toward the kid leading him to the room. When all of sudden anika turn around looking right into his eye.

Girl(anika): see right back of you is a door which is used for entrance and as well as exit so you can leave as We both are not interested in talking to you.

Shivaaye: you dont know who you have challenged.. wait and watch i will take a *perfect revenge from you that you wont ever forget.

(shivaaye left the house and anika countinuewith her chores)


anika was still busy with her household chores when she notices fire from her garden she realished what it was and she quickly pick a nearby blanket . She was tried her best , she look around when she notice a egoistic person with a smile standing while fidgeting his phone around.

Shivaaye: why are you wasting time on saving this half burned MOTORCYCLE, its better if you say sorry to me

(Tears were struck in her eyes which were ready to fall on the ground which shivaaye notice but…)

Shivaaye: sorry..

Anika raisee her head in surprised

Shivaaye:( realished what he utter).. you must say…(rejoining them he said) sorry you must say..
(Backed in his SSO style)this time i only burned a motorcycle but next time it might be your house.. i dont might loosing one property of mine.

(Shivaaye rushed away from there from he could melt seeing a pearl dropping )

(After shivaaye left, anika received a call)

Anika: hello
Person: why do you sound so weird? ( after a couple sec)
Dont say me you lost the bike?

Anika: no i didnt lost it.. (disappointed)
Person : thank god!! Di now we both are saved or else for a min i thougt we are gone..

(Anika cut the phone)


(Shivaaye roll down on his bed.. deep in tought like always he rewind his memory to recall the day.. he closed his eye to witness shining face and he tried to look clearly he saw it was the same girl who threw water on him ( anika) he webt to flashback.

Shivaaye came out her house and the first thing he found was the motorcycle and a evil smile coverd his face.. he put the fuel and he took the lighter . He could see anika inside the house..
Her hair was messing with her and her messy bun add a extreme beauty in her look he was mesmerized by her …he couldnt take his eye off from her but all of a sudden the lighter slip from his hand and fell in the motrocycle and then….)

A sudden smile came in his face but it didnt for long when something strik him

Who was that kid? Could it be her kid? Beauty doesnt matter to me. She is so disgusting,cheap etc..

hello hello hi i am writing 2nd ff si plz comment like or dilike is your choice but comment is important

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  1. Niriha

    Awesome…can’t wait for next part update soon

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      You are the first one to comment so a special thanks..
      Thank you very much

    2. Qwerty123

      Dont expect a lot from me i might end up writing after 2year???

  2. Nice one…..Can u plz send the link of part 1

  3. Moonlight_luver

    nice one dear…looking forward for another kidkithod one…

    1. Qwerty123

      Thanks moonlight

      Try to make it kidkithod

  4. A good one dear and indeed interesting. Post the next part soon!

  5. Sagithya



    So her motorcycle was burnt unintentionally?
    Love the whole chapter
    Shivaay thinking is so cheap, he is raising questions in her character without knowing her, very judgemental,
    Love the fearless annika
    Update soon ?

    Dear Qwerty
    ShivIka Conv? shivay mesmerize in anika beauty? shivay remember about anika and scooter fire incident? it’s very interesting part??????
    Take care and stay safe?

    1. Qwerty123

      Thanks dude
      U also take care

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    It is nice update soon

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    Awesome update

  10. awesome and interesting one..pls post next ASAP..

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    Its an amazing update pls update the next one i am sure its really good. All the best for your next update

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      Thanks … i think now u must wait for 2years so dont expect a lot from me????

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