Neera (Neelu+Raman) ki YHM (Episode 8)


Hey evryone!!! We are bck after a long time…Finally Exms r over… so back with our fabulous fiction… so here is the link for the previous one…

Episode 8

So lets start !!
Raman comes near Neelu. Her clothes were wet due to rain. He notices this. He find something her to to wear. He finds a 3/4 nighty which was extra large. He hands over to Neelu and ask her to change this nighty. Neelu smiles shyly. She takes the nighty nd their hand touches. They share an eyelock. Neelu closes her eyes. Sukoon mila song plays…Raman goes outside so dat she can change. After a while he comes and looks at her attractive figure(lol). She is looking super hot in that extra large dress. Raman sees her beautiful legs bcz the nighty was 3\4. Raman gets hypotynized. She smile seeing her effect on him. Yhm playsss(lol).

Scene shifts to film theatre where Bhalla family have entered . Vandu is wearing black jeans with green top which has the picture of frog( that she stuff she is wearing is stolen by her experienced sister from the neighbors balcony lol). Romi collects the tickets and he also brings popcorn and he ask them to occupy their seats he will attend them after a call. Vandu sees a big mob in Romis hand and think to have one for herself. She sees IPHONE 6S in an old mans hand and smirks. There was so crowd in the theatre bcz the movie was Ragini mms2, She thinks it the best tym to do her work. She purposely collide with the old man and stealthily steals his Iphone 6s. ( We r promoting Iphone 6s,go for it). She feels happy seeing her seat beside Romi. She goes and sit near him. Anyhow she have stolen the phone but she dosent knw to operate it. But to show off she takes out the mob and touches the screen . Romi was confused frm whre she got such costly mob that even he doesnt have. He was abt to ask but the Movie starts. A horror scene comes amd she holds Romis shoulder in fear. Romi gets very beautiful feeling on her touch thats wat she wanted.There share a super romantic eyelock. Tu isak mera tu plays… and for the nxt hrror scene she screams very badly. A person who sat behind their row shouts which crow is shouting like mad. Romi gets mesmerized by her melodious voice(lol)??. Mrs Bhalla ask her to shut her mouth. For the next hot scene she sees Romi lovingly nd her hand is still on his shoulder in tight grip. Romi smiles seeing her. Now It is Interval . Vandu see chocolate dirt on her so called mob. So she thinks to clean it. She goes to washroom and keeps her mob under water tap. A woman cmes frm toilet nd calls her idiot. Since Vandu doent knw eng she says Thank u thank u. Vandu goes out of the washroom. Interval ends . Vandu goes back to her seat. Romi offers popcorn to her. vandu grabs it and eats like she havent eaten for years. Romi again gets mermerizied. After smtym Movie ends. Aftr the movie they come out of the threater. Mrs Bhalla praises the movie and hold Mr Bhallas hand(I think there r upto smthng). Simmi says she forgot her purse in the theatre and goes inside. While returning, she collides with a Handsme guy, nd yes it is our bala, The PEON Bala. Her beauty was blocked by hairstand. Both share an eyelock. Hua hai aaj pehli baar plays. Both says Sorry to each oder at a tym. She blushes. Their sweet silence was broken by a crow, Vandu. Vandu ask her to cme fast. Simmi in her mind says her idiot came in the wrong tym. While Simmi goes, she turns and sniles at Bala. He smiles at her too. Bhalla family leaves to thier house. Vandu ask Romi she want to eat ice cream. Mrs Bhalla tells her Bhukkad. They stop near the ice cream parlour.

Bhalla House
Ishita is seen catching stick in the balcony. She was stealing cloth frm neighbours balcony. She aims at a dress but unfortunately it gets struck in the lungi. She pulls it towards her. She get angry and throws on the floor. She aims again nd get leggins of skin colour. She agains to steal smthng but the neighour comes out. So gets scared and closes the balcony door. She wears leggings. Someone knocks the door. She opens the door and feels extremely happy seeing Sooraj on the other side carrying veggies. But she doesnt express it. But Sooraj could see every changes in her face. She welcomes him in and takes the bag.He get shocked seeing Ishitha without pant. He eyes her legs. Then realises that it is skin coloured leggings. He smiles and thinks that she is looking very beautiful in that dress. Ishitha asks him why he is smiling alone. Sooraj says nothing. She says she will prepare juice for him. She goes to kitchen. He goes near balcony and finds a lungi. He anyhow manages to hide it in his shirt. He goes to check his cutie pie. She climbs the stool and was about to fall and as usual Sooraj holds her by her waist. They share an eyelock. Pehla nasha song playss. Suddenly!!! Bhallas enter since the door was open. They gets surprised and shocked seeing their position.

Precap: No precap. Plzzz gives ua views

Credit to: Neha

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  1. Very funny episodes.. .. Really like it.. .


  3. It is awesome comedy i just love it plz post the next episode asap.

  4. Nyc waiting for the nxt epi

  5. Its ishra ki yhm
    Why neera Ki yhm
    its soo .**

    1. Safu i think … this diya and shama r same persons… hahaha….

      Coming to ff… neha…. u have some humour sense…. its really nice… bht many f here couldbt see karan with that neelu.. if u dont like ishitha.. u can pair him with some other actress…. but anyways its ur ff…

      1. Yaaa reena di (arshi) u r correct
        Plz update ur ff

      2. Just change the corrector neelu to ishita and vice- versa… And read.. .. U will feel food…

    2. Hahahaha arshi I think she is neha one who write it is also commenting

  6. Neha….if u dont feel bad can I tell u something. Its really boring to read neelu and Raman’s romance.Ishita is the best.And u hav a very extraordinary humour sense to be frank…..

    .but The fact tht its Neera hurts Ishra fans including me.I would appreciate ur writing skils.Plz….make it Ishra…..its an umble request

    1. humble* sry

    2. I agree with u
      Ishra is best
      Not neelu

      1. I too agree ishra is the one an only best pair.

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