Neera (Neelu+Raman) ki YHM (Episode 7)


Episode 7

Episide starts with raman and neelu lost in forest. Neelu was scared n Raman was super scared but pretend to be not. Sun was hiding and moon was coming out of the clouds. Raman says he is going to find something to eat. They were sitting in ground when he was about to go she holds his hand and says come soon she cant stay alone. He nods. He goes(scared). He sees monkey with dozens of banana. He was tired and thinks to grab those bananas. Monkey was seeing him. He diverts its attention by throwing a stick on other side. He snatches it from monkey. Monkey gives him a tight slap lol. He was shocked. He shouts at monkey that he is a toppest CEO how dare it to slap him. Monkey becomes furious and chases him. Raman get scared and run for his dear life. He comes to the place where he had left neelu but doesnt find her by that time monkey had gone. He shouts for neelu on not finding her. He sees her coming from far and runs towards her and hugs her. ( tune mari entriyaan re dil me baji ghantiyaan ting ting plays… How romantic). She resiprocate for his hug. The air was finding its way to pass between them. They break the hug by listening to the thunder. They feel embarassed. Raman says its going to rain we have find our way. He gives her bananas and she eats it like monkey. Raman looks at her innocent face( awww).

Scene shifts to bhalla house. Everyone were planning for movie at dining table. This was heard by those two EVIL sisters. Vandu becomes curious on listening to it. She becomes happy and ask ishita even we will go? She was about to reply when mrs bhalla says them that before we come from movie the dinner must be ready. Vandu makes faces and says loudly without any hesitance that even she wants to come. Simmi says no way. But she insists. Romi allows her to come and convinces everyone. She blushes on seeing his support. After sometime they go for movie. Ishita was alone at home. Suraj sees whole family going outsides and thinks to meet ishita and impress her. He think how to impress her and gets some ideas and goes somewhere.

Scene shifts to jungle. Neelu was eating banana and its start raining. They get drenched in rain( iss dard de dil ki sifarish ab karde koi yaha plyss). They look into each others eyes. And will have an eyelock. They comes closer more closer. Raman holds her waist his lips were about to touch but they comes in senses because of thunder. They comes under the tree for shelter after sometime the rain stops. They moves from there and sees a small hut. They goes inside it. Raman lights the wodden fire. She was feeling cold and she forwards her hand to the flame. Raman understands that she is feeling cold he takes off his shirt and makes her wear it. He sits close to her. They see each other with concern. They were lost in each other and unknowingly
they have a liplock it end for 5 mins. They get departed and feel awkward. They says sorry to each other at the same time. He turns and goes. Neelu sits smilingly and blushes ( jalte diye song plays…).

At theatre simmi meets with her love. Vandu does mischief in theatre.

Can anyone guess who is simmis love????

Credit to: Rithushree ( A N S H I and Amruta)

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  1. I love Ishita and Raman and yeh hai mohabbatein but I seriously hate your fanfiction Neelu with Raman ewww how awkward can you get for the sake of the serial change it to Ishita and Raman nellu and Suraj or simply stop I hate your fanfiction it makes me feel awkward you simply must stop with nellu Raman love story I don’t like it that AHT story Ishita and Raman love story posted by him or her is better I read it everyday I am sorry if I hurt your feelings but I don’t like this

    1. If u u dont lile than dont read who r u to say for us

    2. Look at your name…such a respectful name, go seek knowledge of your deen instead of wasting time here, live upto your name brother please.

  2. Jyotika patel

    Its total comedy…..

    1. I’m also agree

  3. THNX for those who r supporting us. And for rest we just dont CARE…

  4. Superb yaar. I can’t control my laugh. Bt that lip scene it’s awkward. Bt plz stop this or change the characters.

  5. Guys, it’s good! If you don’t like the characters then switch them around when you’re reading it. But otherwise it’s really really good! And I think Simmi’s love is either Mihir, Bala or Ashok.

    1. Ya I agree with you

  6. This fan fic is totally awesome! Ignore all the stupid haterz! Well done ! Best comedy ever! I really wanna read ishita doing stupid things again lol its sooo funny!

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