Neera (Neelu+Raman) ki YHM (Episode 6)


Hii guysss….i am countinuing ma ff after many days…sorry for making u wait…hope u ill enjoy this episode..

Recap: Ishtita eats icecream.Raman new project
Episode 6
Its Ramans meeting today. Neelu comes in modern dress. Raman gets mesmerized seeing her. Ashok ask Raman to close his mouth. Raman come to his senses. Neelu gretes them and shows the presentation. Every1 clap for her saying her presentation is too good. Raman gets the new project. Raman n Ashok thanks Neelu. Neelu says it was my work. Raman smiles seeing her. Yhm plays…

At Bhalla house.
Ishita brings her elder dark sister Vandu. Vandu greets the Bhallas. Romi gets mesmerized seeing her. Vandu comes and slips. Romi hold her. Tum hi ho plays….(ohh so romantic).

At Raman Office.
Ashok informs Raman that he have to go to mumbai for his new project with Neelu today. Raman complies as he wanted to go with Neelu.

At Bhalla house.
Vandu and Ishita is working in kitchen. Vandu ask who is he pointing her fingers towards Romi. Ishita say Buddhis(Mrs Bhalla) second beta. Vandu says he is soo handsome. Ishita teases her. Vandu blushes. Raman comes n says that he have to go to Mumbai today for his new project. Mrs Bhalla ask him to take care. Raman ask Ishita to pack his bags. Raman notices Vandu and ask hu is she? Mrs Bhalla says Ishitas elder sister. Raman says oh she is soo thin.

Neelus house.
Neelu says this is her first project nd ask them to wish her all the best. Her parents wishes and blesses her.

Its evening.
Neelu and Raman are going to airport. They are in highway. Ramans car breaks. Raman come out of his car and sees tyre puncher. Raman say uffo oh isiko b abhi hona tha. He goes to take his phone and finds its switch off. Neelu ask wat happened. Raman says her about ttre puncher and ask her phone. She says she dont have phone. Raman fumes and says dont u have mobile and leaves in anger to forest. Neelu.goes back of him. They go inside the forest and forgets the way. Raman scolds Neelu. Neelu says wat did i do? They hear wild animals voice. Neelu gets scared and tightly hugs him. Raman also.hugs her back. Neelu breaks the hug and says sorry. I get scared of animals. Raman calms her.
To be continued.

Precap:Neera in forest. Suraj and ishitas romance.

Credit to: Rithushree

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  18. I like it. It’s something different. Please don’t listening to those who tell you to stop, if they dint like it just tell them to stop reading it. It’s weird but interesting and I like it.

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