Neera (Neelu+Raman) ki YHM (Episode 4)


Episode starts with Suraj holding Ishita. Ishita gets shy and goes inside the flat. She comes inside the Kitchen and boils the Milk. She thinks about suraj holding her and dreams of him.She was busy in thinking about her darling suraj (for whom she was putting line). The milk boils and she was unaware of it. The milk spills. Simmi comes der and turns off gas. She shouts Ishita and scolds her. Ishita comes out of the dream. She sees and start to cry. Mrs Bhalla also comes and pulls her hair and smash egg on her head. Mrs Bhall ask her to leave frm there.

At Ramans office.
Neelu was working in Ramans cabin and Raman ask peon Bala to bring coffee for them. Peon brings coffee and bimistakely falls on Neelu. Raman shouts on peon Bala and scolds him. Bala says sorry and leaves. Raman ask Neelu to go and change. She says she doesn’t have dress. So Raman says he will arrange it anyhow. He buys a dress from online. After some times she gets the dress and goes to change. Neelu comes in her mini frock and he gets mamerized seeing her(just imagine). She comes near him and he says she is looking gorgeous. She feels shy. She goes to work. And he smile seeing her.

At home everyone had gone for movie. Simmi comes in her modern dress. She ask Ishita to give lemon water for her. She adds turmeric in it thinking it will be healthy. But arrogant Simmi shouts on her for her stupidity. Everyone come home. Ishita was angry on Mrs Bhalla and thinks to take revange. She puts soap water on the floor to make her fall. But she sees cockroach and shouts. Everyone come there and everyone falls even she falls.. And get scoldings from everyone. Again she cries….

Precap:At night Raman thinks about Neelu and smiles.. Yeh hai mohabbatein plays.

Credit to :Rithushree

NOTE: This Rithushree is different than the one who comments everyday.

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  2. Who is neelu and why is ishita the servant and i dont get ur ff is it not about ishita and raman

  3. Stop this! unable to imagine also

  4. In precap the song is
    “Yeh hai himaqatein ( foolishness) ” plays ???

  5. Sumthing different.. especially suraj ishitha…

  6. I think u r really angry on Ishita. Nice one

  7. Nyc one


  8. I believe that you should only make a fan fiction abt Raman and Ishita since its there love Story not Raman and Neelu.

  9. pls change neelu back to the servent an ishita back to ramans wife and stop forcing others to make this lovely tv series the most dragging tv series if u have any hatred towards yeh hai mohobbatein deal it ur self . also pls stop this story and if u kno wat is happening next in YHM the true story pls post the story
    i am very sorry if i hurt ur feeling .

  10. hahahah goshh
    can’t stop laughing hahahh
    & whoever is the writer of this ff, you’re awesomee, I loveee youuuu :* hehehhh

  11. hahahahahahahhaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
    awesome….its really funny………
    when is the next write soon yaar..
    Truly nice

  12. HAHAHAHA this is so funny I love it!!!!!! Im soooo happy that you have made a comedy, its different for a change unlike the usual nonsense! Please please update fast!

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