Neera (Neelu+Raman) ki YHM (Episode 3)


Episode 3
Episode starts with Neelu getting inside the cabin and gets shocked to see Raman as her boss. She recalls the arguement with Raman. Even he gets shocked and angry seeing the girl. He calls peon BALA and ask him to kick the girl outside. Neelu says sorry for her behavior. But Raman doesn’t listen to her. Ashok ask Raman whats the matter. Raman says this stupid girl hit my car and upon that she was shouting me. She again says sorry and pleads him. She says that her bro(Mihir) is jobless and her father(Vishwa) have retired and mother(Madhu) is housewife (Neelu says this in sweet kiddish voice). Raman get melted seeing her tears but doesn’t show his emotions and asks her to show her qualification certificates. She gets happy. With excitement she comes near table and doesn’t see the pen fallen. She keeps her leg on it and slips. Meanwhile Raman holds her and they have an eyelock.Yeh Hai Mohabbatein plays…..

At Bhallas house.
Ishita is cleaning the toilet and thinks not to hurt anyone. She comes out to keep toiletbrush and in meantime Mr Bhalla enter the toilet. Ishita returns and locks the toilet outside. After finishing his work in toilet Mr Bhalla goes to open the door but find it locked. He ask somebody to open the door. Nobody opens the door as evry1 were busy. He shouts loudly. When Mrs Bhalla was passing by that way she gets shocked to hear Mr Bhalla’s voice. She runs and open the door and hugs him tightly. Everyone gather there ask how he got locked inside. Mr Bhalla says someone locked it from outside. They say none of them had came here. Everyone see Ishita’s face. Before they could shout Ishita starts crying…… They all leave. After sometimes Ishita goes outside to buy veggies. When she was returning she slips because of high heeled sandals ( which she had stolen from Rinki). She was about to fall but watchman (Sooraj) holds her. Yeh hai mohabbatein plays.. (how romantic?!!!)

Precap: Neelu comes in mini frock to office. Raman gets mesmarized seeing her. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein plays…..

Credit to :Rithushree

NOTE: This Rithushree is different than the one who comments everyday.

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  1. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    All the best dear and thanks a lot for this lovely update

  2. Hi baby actually i loved it yaar… come on guys we have to try different one na…. best of luck dear…

  3. Nice story… Bt I don’t even think abt ishitha & suraj (SuShitha) and Raman & neelu (NeeRa) Bt plz pair up servent ishitha and Raman boss. It will Be a nice than this

  4. hahaha, really really awesome..better than stupid track and its funny…all the best

  5. I am sry.but this is a shit.

  6. Thank u guysss for ua support..i ill try my best to entertain u…..

  7. Asli wale se jyada interesting h
    Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh plzzzz stop dis Non sense y r u spoilin da characters n m sorry fo being rude but m juz being frank

    1. If you don’t like them do t comment, we should see YHM in a different lime light.

  9. Such a nonsense duh! Is the person writing this crap mentally stable lol

  10. Hahahha this made my day!! Funny right!! Im aware of the fact that this fanfic is insulting the characters. But this is really funny. I got a stomachache with laughing ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Yr plz stop it nd start from a fresh story line plz make the pair ishra
    Aur ishu character acha karo like a modern nd rich girl ……. Good by heart but egoistic
    Plz its a humble request from u
    Have u any problem with ishu………..why u r making ishu character worst nd ishu is a servant yr seriously ……stop it…….in re serial also ishu always cry nd in this also
    It is seriously worst sry if u r hurt but u can write a better story then this
    Make the new story on ishra plz plz plz

  12. Really funny…..
    No tension in reading this….
    Neelu and Raman yeah Hai mohabattein plays- funny
    Sooraj and ishita yhm plays….

    Really funny….
    Keep it up

  13. U r doing an awesome job… keep it up!

  14. I’m loving it ๐Ÿ˜€ kudos to the writer (y)

  15. today my day was as usual useless. people who call themselves as friends and r foes . or people who call themselves prof are more of cheaters asking us to write their papers and publish them. but after reading it made my day. i almost rolled on the floor laughing. u r vry funny. u write better than serial writers. keep it up

  16. This is just like IPKKND with a little difference…. The ar0rogant boss and the sweet girl… And why would that maid walk around in the Bhalla house wearing sandles she stole from that house? :/

  17. This fan fiction is so bad ….how can u make ishita maid and neelu heroine…
    Lol … ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

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