Neera (Neelu+Raman) ki YHM (Episode 1)


Episode No 1
Its a sunny day.Mrs Bhalla asking Raman to wake up. He ask his mum to allow to sleep for 10 more mins. Mrs Bhalla put water on him and he shouts and says he is getting late for office. He goes to washroom. At dinning hall, Mrs Bhalla serve breakfast to evry one. Raman comes in his suit and have his breakfast. He ask Mrs Bhalla about his socks. Mrs Bhalla shouts on Ishita(servant). She comes in torn salwaar. Raman insults and ask her to clean his shoes frm her dupatta. She cleans very well as she is gud at cleaning others shoe. He leaves for office. The scene shift to another house. A girl is show making up herself. Her eyes are shown applying eye liner very beautifully. She applies lipstick.She wears her earings nd a necklace written N on it. She is wearing a modern dress. Her Mom calls her Neelu, come fast breakfast is ready. She replies saying ok Mom showing her face(omg!he is so pretty). She comes to dining table and greet her parents and bro. Her mom ask to eat parathas but she refuses saying that she is on diet. She takes an apple and says she is getting late for her interview. Her mom blesses her.
She leaves in her scooty for interview. On the way her scooty gets hit by a car.

Precap: Raman comes out of his car and start aruging with her for hitting his car. Even she shouts on damging her Scooty. Takrar hai pyaar plays….

Hope you enjoyed the new pair in YHM !!!

Credit to :Rithushree

NOTE: This Rithushree is different than the one who comments everyday.

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  1. It sounded very funny when you wrote Ishita as a servant.
    I was confused when I read the title but my confusions are clear.
    If you are going to continue writing please change Shagun in the place of Sarika or Simmi and Sarika or Simmi at the place of Shagun.

  2. What the heck is this !!!!
    Pls stop this it’s not a nice story
    I’m sorry if I hurt ur feelings ?????

  3. Hahaha it shows the anger a typical yhm (before few months) diehard fan might B going through with the current track and the future leap going to take place …. It’s a nice way to show ur hatred towards the show currently……
    U could have even changed Raman and ashok…..

  4. Not gud..ishita as a servant

  5. While I was reading I remembered that in Nach Baliyaa season 7, in one epi Raman’s wives came I mean Divyanka ,anita as well Raman’s real wife so Neelu the fourth one.!!!
    I bursted into laughter when I remembered this.

  6. If u wish u cn continue bt i think nobody will like 2 see ishita as a servant and again with torn dresses. So funny. I know u r a big fan of YHM so plz don’t do like this. I think if divyanka read this she will be hurt. And i don’t think u will like 2 c her hurt. Sorry if my words hurt u. Bt its impossible 4 any1 2 replace ishita in raman’s life.

    1. its not hurting me but making me very angry . i never imagined such ff ‘s could also be written.

  7. Oh please dnt make ishu as a servnt. I fel bad.

  8. Ohh… Dis too crazy….. Ishita is everyone’s favorite n ur making her servant her… So I think no one likes the story in this way… I too can’t imagine ishita in torn clothes….

  9. Ohhhhhh please stop this nonsense stories

  10. Wat this nonsense rithu have u lost ur mind.don’t this i warning you dear

    1. ya its a big huge nonsense but not written by me.

  11. I mean don’t do this it hurt me lot ok;->:[email protected]

  12. why the update ‘s credit has been given to rithushree when i have not even written it. not even thought of it .who gave the credit to rithushree . idiot.pagal. mental..

    1. U didnt ryte den hu wrote

      1. who knows which idiot wrote this and gave credit in my name .

  13. excuse me why are you guys acusing me of writing all this rubbish ff when i did not write it. instead all these wont cone in my mind .who hell has written this and given the credit to me that for this kind of story where i never imagined ishu as a servant.

  14. now all of you guus stop acusing me of writing this ff .its an utter comedy and worst ff ever .

    1. mistake it is not guus it is guys.

  15. still the next part of the ff has to be updated .lets see who will give the credit on who’s name .though they havn’t written it .

  16. If u dint wrote den hu rote….really u alot..

    1. if it has hurt you then it does not mean that i hurted you .when i said that i did not write then i did not write .tomorrow somebody writes such ff story and at the end gives credit to you then if everyone starts accusing you then how do you feel.

  17. Who has make this stupid fanfiction
    Ishita as servent suck……and its so funny neelu as female lead when i read this i suddenly think of the neelu which is a maid in yhm
    U have interchange the characters of ishu nd neelu its so bad
    Fanfiction is nice but change the characters name i cant even inmagine ishita as servant nd neelu as lead

  18. Ha ha ha so funny…..

  19. Whats this??????????????????

  20. What is this nonsense ?????? I think it is written by the fan of any other serial not by ritushree
    But I don’t know why he/she use ritu’s name

    1. Right siddhi…..ritu can’t do this……

  21. Ohhhh ok rithu I thought u wrote
    I am sorry dr….

  22. what’s this…….it’s not done.why will we imagine ishita as servant???????????
    is ishita a vamp or something like that????she is educated enough and has a personality…
    why have u used ishita’s name as servant??whats ur problem??????

  23. Well guys I think someone who don’t like yhm must have written to hurt the fans so forget let us see how days his drama continuous ……..I hope I am correct or else just ignore my comment……
    And the one who have written this stop ur silly joke and hurting fans how can u do that ???

  24. Serously ritu it was……..very funny…how ishta will act as a servant???????

  25. Please don’t write this type of fan friction ishita as a servant we can’t imagine such type of fan friction this hurt me a lot i am a big fan of divyanka tripathi

  26. yes., I think this is a work of YHM HATER !
    Oh please,whoever you are, just SHUT UP and GET LOST!

  27. @real rithusree,I m feeling sorry for u.seems like that who has written the cheap story is ur u r being accused….
    I don’t understand why people’s mind work on such dirty things….misusing an actresses name…..even that publishes misusing another person’s name….really shameful..

  28. Nice starting

  29. It’s just damn gorgeous and good.
    Don’t worry about others
    You just keep writing and make us laugh
    But please Isse IshRa heeeee banaana

  30. Wats dis nonsense

  31. Please check note is there rithushree is diff then who comments.. Pls don’t disturb ritushree…. ?

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