I NEED U-Few shots on Kaira by Dramalover (shot 9)

Hi guys this is Harsha aka dramalover. I am sorry for not updating for the last few days. I have classes on a daily basis except on Wednesday. I know that I am giving excuses but yeah I am really very sorry for not posting. So here is the next shot.
He still LIKES Me.
That realisation surprised me and gave me a shiver of pleasure. Karthik Goenka still likes me. I wanted to dance like crazy. Wait a minute. Naira control yourself. You shouldn’t act like this. I reminded myself. But the fact that I was the one at fault ruined my moment of excitement. Why did it happen? Why should He propose to me on that day, the day that changed my whole life Couldn’t He have done it some other? How I wish to go back and set things right!

The next day I woke up looking like a panda. Yup, I couldn’t sleep a wink because of that Karthik. I somehow managed to get ready for class. The thought of seeing Karthik made me nervous as the KISS replayed on my mind. Will it get awkward? It’s not that we haven’t kissed before, yeah actually He was my first kiss. When I look back, I had shared most of my firsts with him ( don’t think to deep , it’s mostly the rebellious teenage pranks like bunking class, sneaking off from the hostel dorm etc) . He has seen the worst in me. But the stupid me decided to steer clear of him. Then I remembered my friends. I have to come clean in front of them. That too ,soon. Keeping all these things bundled up inside me is killing me.
This Karthik has somehow managed to mess up my life with his mere presence. Arghhh! Seriously?!!
What was I expecting? Uhhh! Karthik did not even come today. My resolution went to waste. Why didn’t he come? Was it because of me? When did the Karthik I knew turned to be a coward? Maybe some emergency had come up ( my for once, wise consciousness spoke up) . I really hope he’s alright.
I know I have written rubbish, but please spare me. I promise a confrontation between Kaira soon. Don’t forget to comment.

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    Wow nice shot Naira seems so confused loved the chapter eagerly waiting for next and kaira confrontation for sure

    1. Dramalover

      thank u for commenting dear, will post the next one soon

  2. Kriti249

    Awesome….looking forward to kaira’s confrontation

    1. Dramalover

      thank uuuu dear

  3. Vedanshidwivedi

    Amazing waiting for next

  4. Vinni05

    Amazing one
    Waiting for next

    1. Dramalover

      thank uu:)))

  5. Kanfi

    It was ammazingg dear,,,,keep it up…

    1. Dramalover

      thank u kanfi dear

  6. Fenil

    Nice shot
    kiss effects still on Naira wow….

    1. Dramalover

      haah , kaise ho tum fenu? thanks for commenting

  7. Soumya85

    It was amazing harsha sorry for not commenting on some I was having fever…loved it yar

    1. Dramalover

      arrey srry kis liye, tum teekh haina? thanks for commenting, get well soon:)))

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