I NEED U-Few shots on Kaira by Dramalover (shot 2)

Hi guys,this is Harsha again.Thank u my TU frnds for supporting me.So here is the next shot.Hope u guys will like it.
*******************************************************************It was HIM.
Karthik Goenka.
My first LOVE.
My heart skipped a beat.Adulthood hit him hard ,he was no longer the cute guy ,whom I knew 3 years ago.He was dashing,cool and relaxed.Girls were already swooning over him.He was talking to a guy,whom I didn’t notice well,bcos all my attention was on him.His lips still curled over his teeth,revealing his cute dimple, when he smiled. Has his dimple started disappearing,its not so prominent as before..wait. Naira,What the heck were you doing? You were checking him out? Like seriously.And why was I thinking about him? I tore my gaze away from him,desperately trying to drown attention in Gayu’s blabber.Lucky,that they didn’t notice me staring at karthik or else I would not have heard the end of it and very lucky that HE didn’t see me .If yes , I wouldn’t know how to react.

Later that day
It was recess and I didn’t have an encounter with Karthik…..yet.Guess gods must have heard my prayerand I hope they will continue to hear it.uhhh,why was I still thinking about him?Do I still like him? But you rejected him remember?my stupid consciousness uneventfully reminded me.But yeah , I rejected him,eventhough I liked him.Haha stupid me, I guess. It pained me to think about. Everyone says young love is not lasting ,but here I am still remembering him even after 3 years.Truth be told love hurts more when you are young becos you are still looming on the innocence of childhood and moreover first love is truly hard to forget.Does he still remember?Probably yes , becos you rejected him badly infront of everyone uhh again my stupid consciousness (supposed to be the wise one uhh), yeah you must me his worst enemy ,it continued.Or he might have forgotten about you and must be in a new relationship my ignorant consciousness spoke up(the devilish one, who always support me when I do wrong) Before I could decide on it ,I hit something hard and
****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************so here is the next shot .Will post the next one if you guys like this one.Pls drop in your comments.


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    Really good one….an intelligent piece of work….Keep going my girl…I’m sorry m again late hu….but comment barabar krungi haa….waiting for the next one dear….

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