I NEED U-Few shots on Kaira by Dramalover (shot 11)

Hi guys, its me Harsha aka dramalover.srry for making you guys wait, thank u for your comments , it makes me strive to do better. so here is the next chapter.
I saw the last person I expected to see….

there HE was looking as handsome as ever , should i say as hot as ever? wait , what was i saying? but you gotta admit he was hard to resist when he was looking as charming as hell, while wearing a tux. It made him… what to say??….more manly i guess. I was taken aback to see him there, that too in a suit.His hair was gelled to perfection. The white shirt clearly emphasized his muscular and. He had on a simple tie which was surprisingly the same shade as my dress. But, what was HE doing here?

“Naira, Dad is calling you.” Manav,my cousin informed me. And I went to meet Uncle , who was standing next to HIM. ” Naira,meet Mr Mahesh Goenka and his son. They are our partners in XYZ project. And Mr Goenka, meet my niece Naira, she is completing her degree on fashion designing at XYZ college.”My Uncle introduced us. Oh so that’s why HE is here. I politely smiled at them. HE seemed as surprised as I was , but it was suddenly replaced by a mask of indifference. HE forced a smile at me for the sake of others. The gesture somehow made my heart ache. “Oh, si you are in XYZ college? Karthik are you friends with Naira?” Mr Goenka directed the question at Him. I looked at him expectantly.( I myself had no idea about the the answer I was hoping him to say). HE seemed to be deliberating on something, then shrugged his shoulders and replied.”I guess I have seen her before, as we are majoring different streams.” His reply opened past wounds and I felt confused and angry at the same time. What? HE barely knew me. Did He kiss every girl HE barely knew? I wanted to scream at him. But I kept mum so as not to cause a ruckus.Manav suddenly came up and whispered something in Uncle’s ear. When Uncle nodded his head in approval Manav came beside me and tugged my hand indicating me to come with him. We excused ourselves. I was so caught up in my thoughts to see HIS eyes flicker over us in anger.


Manav took me to a room and i was surprised to find Adi and Eli there. What were they doing here? Manav made me sit on the bed and then joined Adi and Eli to stand before me. The three of them crossed their hands across their chests and stared at me . Why are they looking at me like that? “Spill it out Naira” the three of them commanded. When did they become so close?.. Wait, what??? ” Naira,How do you know know Karthik?” Adi spoke up. Whatt?? Did they guess my connection ?relationship… “Of course we knew there was something between you two. You have been acting weird since his arrival” Eli spoke probably guessing my train of thought (or was she reading my mind?) “When I saw the tiff between you guys back there, I knew I couldn’t let this go on..”Manav said. “We waited for you to come and say the truth yourself but we just couldn’t let you be like this”Adi spoke up supporting Manav’s view. I felt like i was going to cry.Not because I was sad, but because i was happy and blesses to friends like them.They truly cared about me . I gulped and made up my mind to come clean infront of them. Firstly because they were not going to leave until I do so , but mostly because I wanted unburden myself from this weight. I took a deep breath to calm myself. ” Do you remember the time I was sent to Allynwood high(imaginary) ? They nodded their heads and urged me to continue.

‘ Well… it all began there…………………..


so how is it this was the longest chapter i have written till now. I will try to post one chapter every week.don’t forget to comment
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