I NEED U-Few shots on Kaira by Dramalover (shot 10)

Hey guys this is Harsha aka dramalover. I was experiencing a writer’s block. Sorry for the delay. I have also posted an intro of my new ff on RagLak, do check it out. So here is the next shot.
The rest of the day passed in a blur. Without Karthik being there, the day passed in my earlier orderly fashion. Well… almost,except the fact that I was constantly thinking about him.
Today we reached back earlier than the normal time as we had a function to attend . Yup, you heard that right. Did I mention about my cousin Manav? Yes I did,right? Well it was basically a formal party celebrating their collaboration with some other company. Manav had invited us (me n my besties) so as to keep him company (he was not a big fan of formal events?) and moreover I was their only extended relative currently in the city.

I got ready in a red double checkered dress which hugged my torso then flared till a little below my knees. The sleeves reached till my elbow and the dress had a simple neckline. I paired it with diamond studs and metallic silver stilettoes. I let my hair down and let it flow till my lower back. I put some makeup on,just enough to highlight my eyes and make it remain natural. I grabbed a clutch and went to meet my friends downstairs. My friends were shocked as they had rarely seen me dress up.
Naira’s dress.

The party was held at a well-known hotel in the city. My cousin Manav came up to welcome us. “Woah, where is my ‘cupcake? And who are you?” Ah, seriously! Manav really sucked at pulling my leg. I wanted to roll my eyes. I was going to retrot him when I heard a familiar musical laugh. No it couldn’t be…. I turned around and saw the last person I expected to see…..
I know this is a short chappy. I promise that there will be a confrontation between Kaira soon and will post the next chapter by Wednesday. Don’t forget to comment…

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  1. Vedanshidwivedi

    Its short and a sweet

  2. Vinni05

    Simply superb
    Waiting for next

  3. Shivaya khanna

    Wow nice shot pls post the next one asap

  4. Fenil

    Simply cute.
    Waiting fot next

  5. Dramalover

    thank u all, i am a little busy so forgive me for not replying seperately, ur comments are very valuable to me, will try to post the next one by next week, :)))

  6. Kriti249

    This was cute yet short
    Post nxt one ASAP

  7. Sethidisha002

    ya very short

  8. Kanfi

    Hey harsha….
    It was ammazing bt very short,…
    Post next part soon

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