I need u in my life..(one shot)

Hi frnds..I have thought of writing one shot on how abhi convinces pragya and sarla maa and brings back his secretary nikhita back in his life.this will be continuation of yesterday’s episode..

Abhi comes to palghar searches pragya everywhere.pragya got to know abut this and wanted to meet abhi but binded by promise given to her mom..now pragya is in dilemma whether she wants hear her innervoice or just ignore it..she shares her dilemma with the god in the temple..here abhi still searching for pragya.suddenly abhi felt something weird..he’s not controlling himself of going into the temple..he goes into the temple where pragya is standing and praying to the god ..abhi is standing just behind her..air blows..both of them feels something weird..abhi prays to god that i have never come to u for anything..today don’t know why I have come here to u..I think u brought me here..if u,then make me to meet nikhita..pragya turns back..she’s in a pleasant shock where abhi didn’t see her as his eyes were closed praying god..pragya is stood freezed seeing him..but comes back to conscious and controlled herself and tried to go away from there.she leaves quickly where abhi turns and calls nikhita..he found no one..pragya comes back to her house and got emotional and thinks i’m happy that u have come here for me and sad that I can’t able to meet u..suddenly she heard a sound of calling bell..she wipes her tears and opens the door.it’s abhi.she became spellbound..abhi and pragya both are sharing an eyelock moment..

Song plays..
Ae dil hai mushkil..
Tum safar mera..ki tu hi meri manzil..
Tere bina guzara…yeah dil hai mushkil..
Tu mera khuda ..tu hi dua mein shamil..
Tere bina guzara..yeh dil hai mushkil…
Abhi gets in and moves towards pragya and pragya moves backwards..both their eyes r still locked..(still song is playing)..

After some time both their eyes gets unlocked..abhi tells and here u r..I was searching for u from morning…why u left me alone and came here?listen nikhita I know I was wrong..I shouldn’t have let u go police station..pragya thinks now I have to talk to him rudely so that he will leave from here..that will be good for him and me…pragya says u cud have done something that time..but u didn’t do anything simply u were standing and listening to all those accusation that was put on me..abhi says I know..I regret for whatever I did..I promise that I will never repeat it again..I need u back in my life..I can’t imagine my life without u..I became habituated to u..I have understood ur importance in my life..pragya melts down by his words but didn’t express it..abhi says I think this is…..pragya asks u think what?….abhi says I think…air blows..song plays..

Saiyaara mein saiyaara..
Saiyaara tu saiyaara..sitaaron me jahaan mein milenge an yaara…(lyrics)
Suddenly sarla maa comes there.she burst out by seeing abhi there..abhi says i have come here to apologize to u all and get back nikhita…sarla maa says we don’t need ur sorry or ur job..go away from here..abhi goes to sarla maa and try to convince her..he comes near pragya and kneels down and says I have never thought that I would get attached to someone like this that I can’t able to see my life without u..I need u for guiding me and supporting me..I can’t express the feeling..if u r near me I feel everything complete..if u go away from me… I feel everything incomplete as same as I felt 1 months before when you weren’t there in my life…i think this is…friendship…sarla maa comes nears abhi and touches his head..he turns and gets up.sarla maa said we will come back for u..abhi gets happy and emotional and hugs sarla maa..pragya gets happy too..sarla maa hugs pragya too..pragya thinks thanq bhagwaan ji for making everything set..today he expressed his feelings even though he has given it a name of frndship..soon he vl realize that I was his hidden love for me…

The end…

Frnds if u like it..plzz do comment and support me..

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