I need you only you..A raglak era (Part-8)

I am really sorry for not posting these days …….Lil busy..
Recap:Raglak consummation
Next Morning it is new day for raglak as Ragini is going to do her PhD and lucky is going to nominate his name with his party members in all the district in the state…Ragini got ready to college for her lecture in red saree lucky back hugs her and says Mrs.lucky if you are this much beautiful how could I live in peace I am afraid if any boy in your college will kidnap you….
Ragini:ohhhh mr.laksh does anyone dare to touch the biggest rowdy of our city….
Lucky kiss her hard and says how many times I should told you that I am not a rowdy and added yeah you are right who will dare to flirt with my life…As you are completely mine from yesterday….Both physically and mentally…I love you…
Ragini sighs and reply I love you too rowdy..And runs from there..
Lucky smiles and shouts wish me life I am going to nominate today…
Ragini glared him and goes…
Lucky smiles like an idiot and got ready in blue shirt white pants(tugging) black shoes…

In election office:
Election Candidates are there all of them in white shirt and white dothi…..Some in kurta and pyjama…
There come our lucky with his gang in full formal election officials says among themselves something new going to happen for sure….
Lucky finish the work and comes out…
KKR comes there and says I am not participatei the election as my son in law does lucky smiles and says no you should then only you got to know how much people loves you….KKR agrees…
Kavitha comes there and kiss him in public Everyone widens their eyes there stands his whole family to support him and his eyes searches only for those eyes which meant to him everything….Ragini runs from there without saying anything…
Media people surrounds him and asks about Kavitha and she says I am his would be wife…Lucky smiles band says yes..
Mr.Mohan just goes from there with his wife….
Lucky tries to go but stopped by meDia people….
Here KKR comes and signs Kavitha like very good job….

When KKR happened to have survey in his college by his students in different district everyone says that laksh gonna win the election (he doesn’t know that lucky is just like Sanskar so he made a deal by making him as son in law and Kavitha too get lost by our lucky)
So he decided to reveal their engagement in media so then they also get spot light….
FB ends….

Here lucky made the way a d goes to Mohan Mansion he found that his whole family watch the news of kavlak going to tie the knot….Ragini felt like that her world is collapsed just in an hour….
Lucky made his way to Mohan
Ap slaps him hard
I don’t know you where blind about being fame wahh well done son you have brought whole Spotlight on you by saying that KKR daughter as your would be wife….
Lucky says what could I do ma I don’t have any way….I have to… Stops in the middle
Say it Lucky says ap he takes his hand put it in her head and says you should not disturb my brother’s family especially Ragini please let her go..She has her life…Says she fell in Mohans feet….And grabs Lucky’s hand and leaves from there…

Precap:leap of two months

Guys let me know what you want….And how you enjoyed
Let me know name the movie you think raglak would suit…
For me it is 3 a Tamil movie

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