I need you only you..A raglak era (Part-5)

ey guys sorry for being late… Thanks for all your support and comments let get into the story

Laksh is in party hall he smiles at himself that Ragini gonna be with him for a week… Suddenly 10tata sumos stopped outside the party hall a man about 50 years neared him followed by his daughter Kavitha (Nikita Sharma)

Seeing him laksh blood boiled as he knows he is the ruling party leader so called chief minister who is the one behind his Surya’s death standing near him(as the man doesn’t know laksh because Surya never showed laksh to their enemies to make him safe they all know him by lucky only Surya called him as lucky he always work behind the party issue as Surya request him)he clenched his fist on seeing him…

He told laksh as he wished to make him as his son in law as his princess love him..Kavitha continued as”I have seen you on my college at first at Ragini mam’s class I fall for you at the first I met with your eyes” I followed you everywhere she added..Laksh with frowned eyes asked her so you never followed me when I am with my baccha(he stammer )and then continue I mean Ragini .. Kavitha says no…As you and she are Tom and Jerry right…I won’t like fighting…Laksh with smirks says in mind better you never followed otherwise you will get heart attack..”I love you laksh”she added

Laksh think it is the best time for taking his revenge he get into FB

ABC party hall Kavitha’s father is the leader of their party he instructed the police”put encounter case on Surya and address him as a terrorist and kill him”
He added”it is the only way for me to win the election by putting the blame on opposite party ”

As per the recent survey Surya will definitely got win as he had a lot of people support his secretary says”Surya is physically and mentally strong someone behind him make him strong and like a pillar of support we search a lot but can’t find who is that (it was laksh)”

A friend from the police department inform Surya about his encounter plan as it is a confirmed one can’t do anything Surya shattered a little as he saw his lakrag utt are happy about Uttara pregnancy..Laksh asked him what through his eyes he nodded in nothing…He sits and planned to do the things before he got died…..Next morning he announced secretly as laksh is next leader…Laksh feels his impatient and asked him to share everything..Surya says you have to do whatever I told you to do hero it is a promise on me… Laksh stunned and nodded…Surya prepare every documents regard election as laksh know everything more than him..He realised and went back to his home he neared his mom and hugged her tightly he asked her to prepare his favourite food…He ate it with her hand a.d leaves..Mom smiles and says pagal…He neared his dad who is sleeping he touched his foot and cry without making noise…You are the best appa I love you….

He sees Uttara sewing sweater for her child.. She sees Sutya and says I am tired Surya I am going to sleep…Surya hugged her tightly inhaling her fragrance for the last time kissed her as it is his last time… Uttara never seen him in su h a state watch him confusing…He bends and kissed her tummy says I will be back as your son…She looked at him confused….But didn’t say anything but”I love you”….Surya again kissed her and said I love you….

He goes to Ragini and says I love you princess you are best thing happened to me after my hero….Ragu confused and said I know super hero…..He handle her a diary and ask her to give it to aadhi when he is back… She nooded..
He asks her to get ready for the pub as today is her and Lucky’s wedding she utter shocked ..When tried to speak something you will not ask me any questions meri Kasam….
He informs lu my the same all are confused by his behaviour but never argues as he is stubborn…

At pub:
All party friends close friends are there uttu brings Ragini she wore a red churidar laksh in black shirt and black Jean…
Surya started singing…
“Life la wife vandhuta tight ah than irukanum”(song from movie 3 my fav)
Every one enjoys raglak gets married in the centre of the pub everyone smiles….And happy…
Lucky feel something weird and watch Surya keenly….

A/N I know it’s boring but life is nothing without friendship I love my friend Lakshmi she is my pillar of support just like Surya for lucky…

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  1. Rasha

    It’s so super but very very short update

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks Radha for being a first commenter

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    nice xx

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  4. Awesome…..

  5. Poonam

    awesome its heart touching surya is really brave

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks yaar Poonam yeah Surya is brave

  6. Hey…scrivener…..
    Its yours,Only yours,…..
    thers nothing in me
    I knew you had it in you…
    Just unleash what you have
    And thanks for this friendly episode

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks da machan you are my Surya

  7. Superb..

  8. Loved it

  9. Darshini

    It’s amazing sweety…am feeling really bad for Surya dear…it’s an emotional one…
    Waiting for your next update…post soon dear…
    By the way r u from TamilNadu??

    1. Follybraverl

      Hey thanks sweetie yeah I am a tamilian ..Will post soon

      1. Darshini

        Same pinch ?

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      Thanks lovely

  11. Two Thumbs up for you dear…
    Its true, problem with best friends is they wont let other to know their sorrows., once we realize them they wont be near us.
    Its really emotional…….
    You remaind me of my ‘Surya’……….
    I too wants to be someones surya….
    Way to go dear,??????
    I forgot to say one thing!!!!!!
    This laksur is awesome
    Keep this always up……
    Remember can’t wait long for next…….

    1. Follybraverl

      Yaar crony am overwhelmed by seeing your comment thank you…Will post soon dear again thanks

  12. Asw

    Nice keep going

  13. Too gud… Heart touching scenes…..

  14. nice dear

  15. Asra

    fabulous dear….feeling bad for surya….it’s heart touching update dear….waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….
    u know tamil….

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks asra dear yeah I am a tamilian

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  19. Mintu

    Superb dear….laksh nd suriya friendship is lovely..!!!! Suriya character is superb…raglak marg song from 3 flim is nice…!!!!! R u from Tamilnadu??

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks Mintu yaeh I am a tamilian

    2. Mintu

      Mee too dear

  20. Awesome episode as usual. Eagerly waiting for next episode

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      Hey thanks ammu

  21. Superb dear

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      Thanks rehhna

  22. hi my dear Follybraverl,emotional epi dear,each and every line make sense of me,it is very emotional and heart touching epi . I am losing my sense dear it make me to got a painful shower in my eyes,No one cant replace surya  he proved his best being a son to his parents and super hero to his sibling and lovable one to his wife and atlast he is the real meaning of friend in laksh’s dictionary.I was really melt when hearing surya’s last word to his wife I will be back as your son (really heart touching one).At last he did his duty correctly upto his last breath and sense.There is no substitute for surya in lucky’s world.I didnt expect that this way raglak marriage was happen,I dont know how laksh  could leave that blo*dy hell(the opp party leader)to retain in world.
    Really dear this epi was worth ,I am speechless.
    Waiting for your next ud update soon dear

    (really dear surya  parents are great their first son was a eminent politician and second one was in army great !!!)

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks yaar awesome comment I can feel how much you loved it will post soon

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