I need you only you..A raglak era (Part-4)

Hey guys thank you so much for your comments I inform you before that this ff contains 8parts…
Venue:Mohan Mansion
Uttya ka engagement
Uttara:red lehenga
Surya:blue sherwani
Lucky:black sherwani
Ragini: yellow simple saree

Everyone there in full of Masti and dance…Ragini expected laksh will stare her today only her..But our lucky boy is busy with Kavya(raguttu ka best friend)this irked Ragini very much..Her stomach started smoking lightly when they are laughing..It burst out into valcano when she see them dancing sensually on stage…
Laksh pov:
When happened to see ragu descending from stair with uttu my eyes are glued with her to control my emotions I avoid her terribly..Kavya she is best friend of ragu and called me as bhai…She is so good..Ragini come infront of me many times but I don’t know whether it is a normal one or she is doing it with a motive..But one thing I should say she is not less than a angel from heaven..I love you bacha..

At dance floor:

Dances for gerua song
Kavlak :
Dances for humma humma
Everyone comes on dance floor and dances for shava shava….Ragu dragged laksh out of the hall held him infront of her and hold his collar his him on his lips he shocked and reciprocate it…She pushed him and asked him to go to Kavya..He understand she is jealous of Kavya but don’t know why..He asked really so shall I go with Kavya…She says go with chocked voice…He moved a bit she said”I love you laksh I love you like anything in the world I can’t live without you”

“I am not hot and beautiful like Kavya but I am sure that nobody love you like me do” “please don’t stay away from me”she fell on knees with a thud…He is hell shocked and happy too..But he moved from there quitely without uttering a word..
After the party everyone leaves the venue surlak on terrace sitting discuss about party issue..Surya notice laksh being upset he asked him what happened hero ?? Looking upset…Laksh hugged him and said”I want to share my whole life with your sister please give her hand to me….Surya”

Surya pushed him and glared him said”how rude you are??”my sister proposed you..You proposed me…instead of her..Laksh shocked and realise what Surya said and ask him so you heared our conversation how shameless you are…Surya smiles and says “I can’t find a good boy for my princess than you.. you are her bf and the one who ready to sacrifice your love for my sake” I am so happy for you..Go and tell my princess that you love her..Laksh kissed him on cheeks and hugged him and turned to go.. Surya held him and says “you are not a gay right”laksh punch him and Surya winced in pain”want to know anything”Surya with big eyes said noooooo….

Ragini room:
She is lying on bed…Holding group photo of uttusurraglak and crying…..Lucky see her crying he want to kill himself for making her cry..He neared her she sees him and getsup from the bed and says”I know you don’t love me but no need for your pity just go”he smiles and says “finish???”

You know Ragini you are not a hot girl Ragini shocked you are not beautiful he added she meets his eyes with full of tear in her eyes…Laksh continued but you are cute not hot you are an angel not beautiful….You are my smile you are my cry..I want you to be my first love first kiss and I want you to be mother of my children and grandmother for my grandchildren….She shocked and see him with you are unbelievable expression…Laksh holds her and pulls her she shocked “I love you bacha from the day I know the meaning of love”and says “I am the one who loves you before you fall for me ok and yeah you are looking too much in this saree”

Ragini pinched him on his arms he shouts and ragini says”whoops am not dreaming I love you laksh”he smiles and says”love you bacha””we love you both”they heard a voice laksh got separate from raginii it is uttya laksh sighs in a relief..Ragu shocks as she doesn’t know Surya know about them Surya neared her and says”hero tell her that my friend says his love to me beforee her”Ragini cries and hugged Surya”sorry super hero I don’t know how I fell in love with this khadoos ” ..Surya says”because he adores everyone in your life like me papa aadhi Mumma that’s why”she smiles and nodded..Uttu holds laksh ears “you said this to Surya not me””you also said your love to Ragini not me remember it”said laksh she leaves him and hugged him….So we are together like this wowwwww said Ragini in excitement…They all share a group hug…
After a month uttya got married…Happy family…..

Precap:laksh to stay away from raginii but why???FB:raglak secret marriage and Surya got shoted..

Guys I am sorry I can’t give you the intense romance as it is not a my cup of tea..It is a love and friendship story..I need all your support if anyone have greiviance please tell me..

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    it was so lovely part everything perfect with happy happy smiley

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  6. Its lovely and beautiful here,both love and friendship.????.
    And Raglak proposing each other is literally Awesome,and lovely.
    Go ahead buddie you are rocking??????????????

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    Amazing dear…ragini jealousy is superb… Ragini nd laksh proposal r awesome ..!!!!

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    Lovd RagLak proposal…aww cute…
    Surya nd laksh’s convo was too good hehe…

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  12. Awesome episode and loved Raglak scenes

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  20. Hi my dear Follybraverl your ud was chooo nice.eager to read further epi.And the center part is the propoasl of lucky, which was a piece of cake to me.yeah ofcourse surya is laksh soul they are real,true friends.But why damn surya got    assassinate,pls reveal the fb dear eagerly waiting for ur next ud

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      Thanks Ami pal it is something else than happy on reading it loved it

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  23. Dear Follybraverl, you are saying that it is not your cup of tea ,I dont know how sweet it is but your tea gives me the taste of friendship and love together.
    Fabulous love proposal by raglak???.
    Trust and loyality of laksur friendship is…..no words can describe it.
    Im waiting for next….
    Keep going????

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      Hey yaar whoever you are this comment is like boost for me I would love to write for readers like you thankyou so much yaar will post soon

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