I need you only you..A raglak era (Part-2)

Oh my god guys does anyone guess I got naerly 25comments without counting mine I beg the silent readers should comment us here as your comments motivate us to write more..

At college,when laksh tries open the cabin of rags to get out..She suddenly shout at him”better you call me Ragini Krishnan laksh”..He smiled a little without knowing by
She lost in thoughts..
1year before
Ragini stands in the bus stop waiting for her friend suddenly people shouted and runs from there because there is a riot for arresting a political leader she stand numb when a hoon tried to attack her she just closed her eyes in fear like a lost puppy.

When she doesn’t feel any pain open her eyes a little to see a man beating the goon brutally…He asks her if she is fine and went from there..She says laksh wait and runs behind him but he stops her and ask her to get out from there..
A very next sunday

She find her brother Surya laughing with a girl she is none other than Uttara(played by Helly) yeah Uttara and Surya are in relationship when they happened know what is love..

Ragini loves laksh like anything unknown by the fact that he is in love with her like hell..

Laksh pov:
On the day of riot I felt like dying when I happened to see my life ragu is in danger..She is my strength,she is weaknesses,she is my everything when she says laksh by her sweet voice I felt like this is the moment he is waiting for a long..He avoid her because he know if he stay there for a while beside her.he will definitely lose his control he send her with his friend.

For laksh the most important person in the life is
1.surya 2.Mr.mohan
Yeah when he lost his father in very young age that too because of politics ,his mom is very conservative and didn’t get out their house after dp expired..The only support for him is Surya.

Whenever parents meeting happened in the school mr.mohan attend the meeting for laksh and Mrs.mohan for Surya..In his every success and failure Surya and mr.mohan always with him.may be that is the reason he get attracted towards Ragini…He loves her from the age14 but Ragini doesn’t know that..

At present her thoughts get vanished when bell rang..

At party hall(laksh team) he is the party leader instruct the students to get information about some issue..
When reached surya’s house Mr&Mrs.Mohan welcome him whole heartedly..This is his daily routine to meet them at evening as he knows they miss Surya a lot…After some talks they call Ragini down to have dinner together..She came down wearing white shirt Balck skirt sits opposite to laksh and didn’t pay any attention to lucky..Lucky rather than eating food is concentrated on eating Ragini..Mr&Mrs.Mohan left the place asking Ragini to close the door..They bid good night to them as they know their children are best friends from years..

She asked him to go as she wants to close the door said she is sleepy..Laksh pulled her on him and ask her sorry she tried to getup but our laksh busy in romancing her wife..He hugged her tightly inhaling her fragrance which is the reason for him to live after Surya left him..She came to know he is emotional now thinking about Surya so she tried to change his mood..She kissed his cheeks and lips..I know Laksh it is difficult for you to get out of bhai’s thought..Just forget it and leave the politics..And revenge..Lakshya who is busy in feeling ragus kiss get angry and push her aside started to leave turn to her”I love you like hell” you are my life and Surya is my soul…

Sorry guys IAM really bad in romance this is a emotional Love story of two broken souls hope you understand if you want me to stop this ff I will.. Your decision is final

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  2. Awesome epi…plzz don’t stop writing…it’s interesting…

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    Nice keep going

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    Plz dr never say dat u”ll stop dis story…coz m jst lovng it;!!!!!!I cn understand laksh pov….chappy ws outstandngggg…totallly roclng …superbbb superbbbb…keep smilng n stay blessed sweeety?????

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      Thanks fairy dear I won’t stop

  5. It’s very interesting to read.. we want more episodes.. your words are awesome.. I impressed a lot that ” lucky rather than eating food is concentrated on eating Ragini” and ” I love you as a hell”..

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  6. Awesome yaar. I like this love????

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    awesome the raglak scenes were awesome
    and off course the consept is understood and loved
    pls don’t stop this ff pretty pls

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    It’s awesome dear…i lovd it…something different yaar…

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  9. Amazing dear…Its superb…plss don’t stop.. Go ahead..!!!

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    fab and why id ragini being pushy about politics xx loved it

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    ur so bad do u know anybody told that but am straight forward.. this is really very beautiful ff but last u say that if like tell me r can I stop how rude ur.. i just love this but hate u for short short update.. lolll just simply kidding love u dear keep going on.. dnt feel that no comment r less response but whole heartedly saying it’s awesome by seeing this I feel I have great story plan for this Up to complete dnt dare to think of stop .. how straight am threatening na.. sorry but to be frank I didn’t say any wrong , think of u watever I feel.. this is am..

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  19. It’s really superb. Please continue

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    amazing dear…..loved it….raglak scenes r supper……waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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    Lovely chappie dear..keep going..all r adoring it

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  23. It’s interesting dear and plz continue. Loved Raglak scenes

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