All You Need Is A Little Will Power OS


Swasan OS

All You Need Is A Little Will Power.

Hey Guys:) PLS READ THIS. IT HAS A SOCIAL MESSAGE. Ok so this is a Swasan os. I know many of u r RAGLAK FANS and would not want to read it BUT PLS READ IT AS IT HAS A SOCIAL MESSAGE IN IT. U CAN IMAGINE ANY COUPLE HERE BUT I HAVE WRITTEN IT FOR SWASAN. It’s like Aashiqui 2. Like Sanky is a drunkard like Aditya Roy Kapoor like in Aashiqui 2 and Swara is like Shraddha Kapoor in Aashiqui 2. But story, how they meet and all is a little different. And Raglak don’t really have a role here but they’re already married and same roles as in serial.

And this is also for Tvisha’s OS comp. Enjoy:)



Swara Gadoddia: sweet, bubbly girl who loves singing.

Sanskar Maheshwari: handsome dude, addicted to alcohol, rockstar.




A beautiful girl was sleeping peacefully in her room. Her sister came running to her room.

Sister: SHONAAAAAA!!!!!

Swara woke up and started screaming cutely.

Swara: Ragini Di! Kya yaar! Sone de Na yaar! Lemme sleep! U go and trouble Lucky jiju.

Ragini: Arrey wake up. Today we’re going for that concert. Lucky’s cousin’s concert.

Swara woke up suddenly and started fangirling.

Swara: OMG! I forgot. Arrey yaar it’s Sanskar Maheshwari’s concert! Ahhhhhhhh!

Ragini laughed. Swara got up and quickly got ready.

Swara came running and hugged Laksh tightly and pulled away.

Swara: HI JIJUUUUUUU!!!!!!

Laksh laughed: Arrey Saali ji calm down. Chill out.

Shomi comes there: Arrey Shona! Come and have ur breakfast. Everytime u do this. I tell u to have ur breakfast first and then talk to ur jiju but no u don’t let Laksh also have breakfast and neither do u. U-

Swara: Arrey Meri mother India stop! I’m coming. U know Na jiju is my best friend. So I will greet my BFF first or have my breakfast?

Shomi: stop back answering and have ur bf. Otherwise no concert. And u will not get to see ur fav singer Sanskar Maheshwari also.

Swara shocked: WHAAAT? NO! Mom I’m coming. CHALO.

They started going.

Laksh whispered: Chill. I’ll make u meet Sanky. He’s my cousin.

Swara: I know jiju. But mom will not let me come for concert. And then I’ll be sad.

Laksh laughed. They say and finished breakfast. Soon they got up and left.

-in car-

Swara was excited: YAYY! I’ll show off to my friends now that I’m related to Sanskar Maheshwari.

Raglak smile seeing her excitement.

Ragini: What will u tell them Shona?

Swara: Di I’ll tell them that he’s my Jiju’s cousin bro.

Ragini: And when u meet him what is the first thing you’ll do?

Swara: I will give him a bear hug.

Laksh: Lemme tell u, he doesn’t socialise that much outside his concerts.

Swara curious: Y?

Laksh hesitated. Ragini signalled him to tell her.

Swara: Jiju tell Na! Is he an introvert?

Laksh: NO! I mean yes. I mean- look Swara, this is not something everyone knows. So don’t go around blabbering about it.

Swara: Chill. I won’t.

Laksh: Uh- actually Sanskar is- well- well he has an addiction. Addiction to-

Swara: To what?

Laksh softly: Alcohol.


Ragini: Ssssh! Don’t scream u idiot.

Swara: Sorry.

Laksh: Pls don’t go around telling everyone this.

They reached Swara’s college.

Laksh: Here we reached ur college. We’ll come in the afternoon after colz is over. U be ready. And don’t tell anyone about this.

Swara: Ok jiju. Bye. Bye Di:) love u both:)

She ran out cheerfully.


Swara went wid Raglak. They stayed in their house for a while and got ready and went in the night for the concert. There was a huuuuuge crowd. Swaraglak went and stood in front. They were waiting. Suddenly they heard a voice.

Voice: Hey ppl! And the wait is over. Sanskar Maheshwari is here!!!!

All hooted. A handsome guy walked on stage and held the Mike.

Sanskar: Mike testing. Hey guys:) it’s Sanky here. I’m singing diff film songs. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Coz we’re gonna have a blastttt!

Everyone hooted. Sanskar started singing. There were dancers gearing up behind him. It was gonna be a blast. (Guys read between the song. There r lines to show his rockstar nature).

Sanskar: Kal subah sochenge jo aaj raat kiya,
Kal subah gin lenge saari galatiyan.
Tu mera abhi, ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi…

Kal subah chale jayenge hai ghar jahaan.
Kal subah bole jo bhi bolega jahaan.
Tu mera abhi, ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi…



Sau tarah ke rog le loon.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.
Sau tarah ke rog le lu.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.

Tu kahe toh jaan de doon.
Kehne mein harz kya hai.
Sau tarah ke rog le loon.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.


Song change

Meri laundry ka ek bill
Ek aadhi padhi novel
na na na na na
na na na na na

Ek ladki ka phone number
Mere kaam ka ek paper
na na na na na
na na na na na

He waves playfully at group of guys and girls and bends and hi fives a group of fans who were waving their hands. He smiles at Ragini. Ragini waves. He waves back as he knows she’s Laksh’s wife.

Mere taash se heart ka king
Mera ek chandi ka ring
pichhle saath dinon mein maine khoya
kabhi khud bhi hasaa main aur kabhi khud pe roya

na na na na na
na na na na na
na na na na na
na na na na na (it’s from movie Rock On)

Song change

Rule saare break karo
Jo kabhi na kiya wo karo
Party karne ka mood bane toh
Weekend ka na wait karo (x2)

Arey common ye sabke vichar humein chahiye
Hufte mein chaar shanivaar hone chahiye
Hufte mein chaar shaniwaar hone chahiye


Shanivaar bole to Saturday
Wo bhi chaar chaar

Kabhi aisa bhi ho suraj chhuti pe ho
Ghadi ke kaante mutthi mein hon
In the lambi Limo full-on masti bhi ho
Saath mein hot beauty bhi ho
Are speaker ka volume hazaar hona chahiye

Hufte mein char shanivar hone chahiye
Hufte mein char shanivar hone chahiye

Song Change

Arre Re Arre Ye Kya Hua Maine Na Ye Jaana
Arre Re Arre Ban Jaaye Na Kahin Koi Afsaana

Arre Re Arre Kuchh Ho Gaya Koi Na Pehchaana
Arre Re Arre Banta Hai To Ban Jaaye Afsaana

Haath Mera Thaam Lo Saath Jab Tak Ho
Baat Kuchh Hoti Rahe Baat Jab Tak Ho
Saamne Baithe Rahe Tum Raat Jab Tak Ho
Arre Re Arre Ye Kya Hua Maine Na Ye Jaana


Naam Kya Hai Kya Kahein Dil Ke Mausam Ko
Aag Jaise Lag Gayi Aaj Shabnam Ko
Aise Lagta Hai Kisine Chhoo Liya Humko
Arre Re Arre Ye Kya Hua Maine Na Ye Jaana
Arre Re Arre Ban Jaaye Na Kahin Koi Afsaana

Arre Re Arre Kuchh Ho Gaya Koi Na Pehchaana
Arre Re Arre Banta Hai To Ban Jaaye Afsaana

Song Change (he has a habit of ending it wid soft songs to calm people down) This is the part he invites some chosen fans on the stage. It’s his choice as to who he calls on stage so all people start making themselves presentable hoping that Sanskar will choose them. Swara looses hope that he’ll even look at her. Coz he has been seeing Raglak all the while but not her.

O ho…

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun


Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re


Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

O ho…

Tere kareeb jo hone laga hoon
To toote saare bharam re

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

O ho…

Soon the concert got over. Everyone tried to talk to him, as he went to his green room. RAGLAK held Swara back. After everyone were gone, Laksh took them both to the green room. He knocked.

Sanskar: Come in!

Laksh came in wid the two of them behind. Sanskar smiled.

Sanskar: Lucky! Kaisa hai? (Hugs Laksh)

Laksh hugs back: I’m fine. Tu?

Sanskar pulls away and laughs: Want some? (Points to his beer bottle)

Laksh nods his head in a no and indicates to Swaragini. Sanskar smiles and hugs Ragini first. He pulls away.

Sanskar: Hey Bhabhi:)

Ragini: Hi Sanskar (mockingly) Devar ji!

Sanskar laughs and looks at Swara and immediately likes her. Sort of like mesmerised.

Sanskar: And hi:)

Swara nervous to meet her star: H-h-hi-um

Laksh: Sorry don’t mind. She’s just nervous to meet her star Sanskar Maheshwari.

Sanskar laughed again and went to her and hugged her. Swara was shocked so she didn’t react. He felt a current pass through him but he ignored it and pulled away.

Sanskar: Aww… Yea Lucky has told me all about u. He specially asked me if I could do something in the concert so u won’t be upset as he hates seeing his wife and Saali upset.

Swara surprised: Oh! Is that y u- u chose me first to come on stage and then lifted me and then danced with me?

Sanskar: Yes:) so u happy?

Swara smiled: VERY VERY HAPPY!:) (ran and hugged Laksh) thanks jiju:) (pulls away)

Raglaksan laugh at her cuteness.

Sanskar offered another beer bottle to Laksh.

Sanskar: Le. Today u can’t say no.

Laksh pushed it away: No no.

Sanskar: But y?

Laksh: because I have Ragini and Swara with me today. I have to drive Swara back home and then go back wid Ragu. If I drink then I won’t be able to drive properly and then if something happens then neither papa nor ur papa nor Shekhar uncle nor Dadaji spare me alive.

Sanskar: Arrey par EK bottle se kya Hoga?

Laksh: No Sanky. (Firmly) I won’t. I have both of them as my responsibility. And u know how quickly alcohol affects me. (Sadly) ur used to it. I don’t like ur addiction but I can’t help it.

Sanskar: Arrey par my driver can drop u.

Laksh: Not today yaar. If I go and drop Swara in a drunken state then Shekhar uncle will make sure his daughter divorces me and then skin me alive. But if I manage to survive that and take Ragu back home like that then Papa and Chacha will kill me. And I don’t like alcohol. So no Sanky.

Sanskar: okk! Fine. As u wish bade bhaiya 🙂 I’m coming tmrw Na I’ll make sure u drink ATLEAST one sip.

Laksh: haha try all u want. What’s the time?

Sanskar taking a beer sip: um- 10:30pm. Y?

Laksh: OH SHIT!

Ragini: What happened? Laksh?

Laksh: Hey Bhagwan! I have to drop Swara by 10:45pm and submit the files to papa by 10:45pm! How will I do both? Oh god oh god!

Swara: Jiju chill. I’ll take an auto back home-


Ragini: Haan Swara. We can’t let u go on ur own-

Swara: par Di I’ll manage. Relax I’ll go by auto. Baba won’t know-

Sanskar stopped drinking: Wait. Lucky u go home wid Ragz.


Sanskar: I’ll drop her.

All stared.

Sanskar: I know what ur thinking Lucky. I’m not drunk yet. I’ve only had two sips and that’s not very effective. I’ll drop Swara home u go do ur work. I’ll come home tmrw.

Ragini: Really Sanky? You’ll drop her safely Na?

Sanskar: Haan baba Haan! I will. U both go.

Raglak thanked him and apologised to Swara. Swara didn’t mind as she wud be wid her star. Her celeb crush. Raglak left. Sanskar went and wore his jacket and then got his bike keys out and came to Swara.

Sanskar smiled: Chalo madam. We don’t want ur papa killing Lucky.

Swara smiled: Arrey no. Jiju was exaggerating. Come let’s go.

Sanskar took her hand and went. He got his bike oh and put his helmet. Swara was standing and waiting for him, feeling cold. She forgot to get jacket and she was in sleeveless. Sanskar noticed this and removed his jacket and made her wear it. She sat on the bike behind him and didn’t know whether to hold him or not. Sanskar sensed this.

Sanskar: I’m not gonna eat u up if u hold me. U can hold me however u want. (Smiles at her)

Swara smiles: Thanks:) I don’t like holding behind actually. It makes me feel unsafe. I feel like I’m not secured enough. Even when I go wid Di on the bike I have a habit of hugging her and sitting.

Sanskar: oh. Then do it.

Swara: Do what?

Sanskar: U can hug me and sit on the bike. I won’t mind.

Swara: Sach?

Sanskar: Haan baba. I will feel happy that I made someone feel secure. U do it.

Swara smiled and hugged him and rested her head on his back while he drove off. In 15mins he reached her home. Laksh had told him the address. She had fallen asleep. He tried waking her up but she didn’t. So he got off and picked her up in his arms in bridal style and carried her in. He knocked the door. Shomi opened it and was surprised. Shekhar, Dadi and Dadaji came and were shocked.

Sanskar saw their expressions and guessed their thoughts.

Sanskar: Arrey no no. It’s nothing like that. I haven’t done anything wid her. I’m Sanskar Maheshwari. U all must be knowing me already but I’m also Laksh’s cousin. Actually Laksh had to urgently go for some work but he was hesitant about letting her go alone so I offered to drop her. And we came on bike. She was feeling cold so I gave her my jacket and she fell asleep on the bike. I tried waking her up but she didn’t. So I had to carry her. Hope u don’t mind.

Shekhar smiled: No beta. U helped my daughter y will I mind? Come:)

He showed the way to Swara’s room. Sanskar gently lay her down on the bed and pu a blanket on her. He smiled seeing her snuggle into the jacket. He looked around her room. They were filled with all celeb photos. But most of her room had his photos. With all sorts of captions like “Meri Rockstar”, “I love u” and “Prince Charming”. Basically all things fans do for their stars. She had a wall filled with his journey as a rockstar till now. All his newspaper articles were stuck. One side were all baby pics and his childhood pics which were obviously given by his mom and bro. She had printed edits stuck them. She made sketches on Him and wrote poems. Her whole room was filled with her fan art on Sanky. He was surprised to see her fan love for him. Shekhar saw him seeing it.

Shekhar laughed: Sorry beta. She’s a huuuuuge fan of u. Pata nahi Kya karti rehti hai har din par tumhare baare mein kuch. She even listens to all ur songs and practices singing like u and all. I hope u don’t mind seeing all this.

Sanskar laughed: Arrey no no. Uncle don’t say that. It’s just I’ve never seen myself through a fan’s POV. So it’s kinda overwhelming. But it’s cute also. Meri maa se mere baby photos bhi le li isne?

Shekhar: Oh Haan! U shud have seen that day. Both Sujata ji and Swara were busy admiring u.

Sanskar smiled: Accha uncle I’ll go now. It’s late Na. See u later uncle. I’ll be in Laksh’s house itself.

Shekhar smiled: See u beta. Thank u for bringing her. Bye:)

Sanskar: Bye uncle:)

-next day-


Sanskar stepped in the compound wid his bags. His mom had kept a Pooja for his return and called everyone. Everyone including Swara’s family were there. Sanskar smiled slightly and started going inside. His mom saw him and excitedly started calling for him.

Sujata: Sanskar! Sanskar!

At the same time…

Shekhar: Oh god! I forgot to get my phone from the car.

Swara: Baba I’ll get it for u.

She started running without seeing Sanskar. Sanskar had also started running as his mom had called him. Both ran and ran and…


Both collided. Swara fell back and due to fear of falling she grabbed the nearest thing, Sanskar’s collar. Due to that, Sanskar fell on her. His first instinct was to cover his arms around her so she won’t get hurt. They fell on the ground.

Swasan: OWWUCHHHH!!!

Swasan looked at eo and got lost in eo’s eyes. They had a passionate eyelock.

Ragini came and caused them to break it.

Ragini: Shona! Tu- r u ok? Come on. Get up.

Swasan broke the eyelock and Sanskar rolled and stood up. He swiftly lifted Swara up and helped her stand.

Swara: Haan Di. I’m fine. Thanks to him (looks at Sanky) mujhe kuch nahi hua hai:)

Ragini: Aur Sanskar, Aap?

Sanskar: I’m fine Bhabhi. Bas thodi scratches aayi hai.

Ragini: Chalo, come in. We’ll bandage ur wounds.

Sanskar nodded. All went in. Sujata flung herself on Sanky.

Sanskar hugging: mom! Lemme breathe for a sec.

Sujata pulled away: Y didn’t u come last nite after dropping Swara? Laksh told me. Y?

Sanskar looked at Laksh and glared. But both knew why he didn’t come. He was busy drinking.

Sanskar laughed to cover the topic: Arererere! Mom upset hogayi. (Sujata glares) ok! Fine I was busy last nite. I told Lucky I’ll come today. Sorry mom. I had to talk to my manager about some work.

Sujata: What work is more imp than ur family?

Sanskar: Woh mom, actually we need a new female singer for our band performance as our female lead backed out due to family problems. So I had discuss some stuff about that.

AP: Yeh sab chodo. Sujata he’s here Na now? Leave it he won’t leave u again. Now all come in. Food is waiting.

They went.


Swara was staying wid Ragu for a week as she needed looking after as she was pregnant now. (For real) (will not elaborate). Swara made sure Ragu was fine and started going towards the guest room when she passed by Sanskar’s room. She looked in. It was empty. She saw a guitar and got excited. She loved singing and playing the guitar. She went in and took it and started playing it. And singing.

Swara: Ye raatein ab nahi dhadakti

Din bhi saans nahi lete

Ab toh aa jaao mere soneya

Baatein reh gayi zaroori

Mere labon pe adhoori Aake

sun jaao mere soneya

Tere bin. nahi laage jiyaa

Tere bin. ab to aaja piyaa

Tere bin. nahi laage jiyaa

Tere bin…tere bin

tere na na…

Sanskar walked in with a beer bottle. He looked half drunk. He was shocked to see Swara there. But he smiled, adoring her innocence.

Swara: Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi hai
Baarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein nahi hai
Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi hai
Baarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein nahi hai

Sookhe sookhe jazbaat,
khali khali mere haathon ki
laqeerein bulaave soneya

Tere bin. nahi lage jiya
Tere bin. ab to aaja piya
Tere bin. nahi laage jiya
tere bin…

Sanskar was shocked to hear a voice as melodious as hers. Immediately he knew she was the right person for the female lead.

Swara: Ho Chaand bhi wahin hai,

wahin hai sitaare

Tere baad pheeke pheeke

lagte hain saare

Chaand bhi wahin hai,

wahin hai sitaare

Tere baad pheeke pheeke

lagte hain saare Aaja leke tu savere kar ja
door yeh andhere
Teri doori tadpaave soneya

Tere bin. naahi laage jiyaa

Tere bin. ab to aaja piyaa
Tere bin. nahi laage jiyaa
Tere Bin. Tere Bin!

Sanskar started clapping. Swara looked back shocked.

Swara: Woh I’m sorry. Mein- I didn’t ask and come. I’m sor-

Sanskar walked to her in a half drunk state. She smelled alcohol and immediately wrinkled her nose. She hated that smell.

Sanskar whispered: Sorry Kyun? U sang so well and even helped me.

Swara: Helped?

Sanskar held her hand and led her to the sofa. He made her sit and knelt down and looked up at her. She was feeling nervous.

Sanskar softly and gently: Itna Accha gaati Ho Tum.

Swara blushed: not more than u.

Sanskar laughed in a drunk way: Arrey baba u sing wayyyyy better than me.

Swara: No ways.

Sanskar: Yes. Have u heard urself? U sound so good. Ur voice is so melodious. Just like a Koel.

Swara: No- really? Koel?

Sanskar: I’d say better than a Koel. Yes really. And I think u shud be the female lead I was talking about.

Swara thought first and then panicked.

Swara: Na baba Na! I won’t.

Sanskar: But y?

Swara: I won’t! (Adamantly)

Sanskar: What can I do to convince u?

Swara: Um… Answer my questions. How many ever I ask.

Sanskar: Ok baba. I’ll answer. U ask.

Swara: Hmm… Good boy. Pehle, r v friends?

Sanskar smiled: Yes:)

Swara smiled: ok. Why didn’t u wake me up yesterday?

Sanskar: Coz u were sleeping so peacefully. I didn’t want to disturb u. And anyways u looked cute while sleeping.

Swara blushed: uh- so u saw my room?

Sanskar sarcastically: Ur room? That shud have been my room, considering that every single thing in that room is something to do wid me. Even my baby photos!

Swara softly: sorry. But I had to. U know to prove to my friends that- that I’m related to u…

Sanskar smiled: Tum pagal Ho.

Swara softly: tumhare liye…

Sanskar raised his eyebrows: I heard that! (Swara blushed) next question?

Swara thought for a while and decided to ask a serious question.

Swara: Sanskar, what happened to u? Y did u become a- a- an alcoholic?

Sanskar immediately became serious. He bore his eyes into hers and looked serious. She got scared.

Sanskar: Kisne bataya tumhe? (Swara didn’t answer) WHO TOLD U THIS!??

Swara scared: J-jiju.

Sanskar: THAT IDIOT! (He roared)

Swara got scared and crouched in one corner. Sanskar saw her scared and realised he wasn’t being nice. He calmed down and bent in front
Of her and held his hand out.

Sanskar: Chalo!

Swara shook her head in a no.

Sanskar gently but firmly: Swara, come out. I won’t do anything to u. Here hold my hand and come out.

Swara hesitated but did as was told. He helped her calm down.

Sanskar: Swara… I know Lucky has told u. It’s ok. Calm down.

Swara: th- then answer me… Y-

Sanskar: y am I like this? Ha! Someone’s concerned about me. Oh wait. U also wanna make fun of me now.

Swara softly: No. I-I wanna help.

Sanskar looked genuinely surprised and touched. He reached out and touched her face. He held her fringe and started playing around with it. She remained still but his touch was having an effect on her.

Sanskar: 4 years back, I had just become a rockstar. I was happy. I had lots of friends. And there was this girl. Her name was Kavitha. She-

Swara softly: u loved her?

Sanskar: No- I mean yes- well no and yes. I loved her as my sister. My best friend. Not as a lover. I never looked at her as anything else apart from my sister and she always considered me as a brother. We were so close to each other. We were the inseparable pair of best friends. We shared everything with each other. And- and she loved someone. She loved my best friend, Rahul. Even he loved her. They wanted to marry but their families were against it as they hated love marriages. (Takes a sip of his beer) so the 3 of us made a plan, that Rahul and Kavitha will meet me in my green room after my first concert and from there we will take a train and go away from Mumbai. And- (his voice cracked)

Swara: And?

Sanskar gulps down some beer: And we did it. We reached the nearest temple after that and they got married. We checked in a hotel and spent fifteen days there and then- then her- both their families came there angrily. We guessed they’d found out. We were at the railway station, waiting for our train to Bangalore but their families came. It- (tears slipped down his cheeks) became a bloodshed. Rahul and I
were badly beaten. Kavitha was being beaten too. Kavitha’s dad took his revolver out and shot Rahul. He- (closed his eyes tightly) he died. Uncle tried to shoot me too as I had helped them elope. But-

Swara: But what?

Sanskar: But Kavitha couldn’t live without her husband and she couldn’t see her brother die. So as uncle shot- she ran and pushed me and – (takes a sip of beer) took the bullet. In the heart. She- she died right there. They were all arrested but- but I wasn’t gonna get my
sister or my best friend back. And if it were not for me, they’d be alive now. It’s all my fault! Ever since then, I’ve been like this. I blame myself every day for their death. If I hadn’t helped them elope then-

Swara: But they got their wish. They died together. They were

Sanskar: Yes but I shouldn’t have let this happen. I shud have pushed them into the train and fought myself! It’s all my fault.

Swara: And so to forget the pain u drink.

Sanskar whispered creepily: No. I drink to give myself more pain. The pain Kavi and Rahul had gone through was because of me. So to give myself more pain, I drink.

Swara was scared by now but for some reason it wasn’t Sanskar she was afraid of.

Sanskar: Now you’ve gotten ur answer. So go now!

Swara quietly started leaving but turned back.

Swara: Sanskar?

Sanskar: Now what?

Swara: I’ll take ur offer. I’ll sing with u and ur band as female lead. I promise.

Sanskar just nodded. She went. As soon as she went, he sat down
and tears started flowing. He continued drinking. He drank and drank and drank and gave himself more and more pain. He soon fell asleep.

And on the other hand, Swara was crying in her room as she had realised something.

Swara crying: I love him. I love Sanskar!

-next day-

Swara was talking with Raglak.

Ragini: So he admitted it to u…

Swara: yea.

Laksh: y r u crying then?

Swara hesitated. Should she tell them? Well she should.

Swara: Woh- actually jiju, I- I-

Ragini: u?

Swara blushed: Di I- I love him.

Ragini: Haan baba Woh Pata hai par-

Swara: NO DI! Not as a fan. I really really love Sanskar. Fan wala love nahi. Love as in- how u love jiju like that.

Raglak stared shocked. Then Laksh burst out laughing.

Laksh: Oh god! So finally someone who loves Sanky for who he is. Wow! Swara ur perfect for him. He even admits things to u.

Swara: It’s not a joke jiju.

Ragini hugged Swara: I’m so happy for u!

Swara hugging back: But will he love me?

Swaragini pulled away.

Ragini: Yea I’m sure he does. Otherwise y wud he admit it to u? His biggest secret, even Chachi doesn’t know. Only both of us knew Coz Laksh told me. He had only told Laksh. Now he told u also.

Swara smiled. Sanskar came.

Sanskar in a hurry: SWARA CHALO!

Swara: Kaha?

Sanskar: Arrey u said Na you’ll be the female lead. For that sir needs to approve so Chalo!

Swara: Oh rite. Come.

They went.

-music studio-

Swara talked wid sir and even gave her audition. She was approved.
All were happy. They practiced a lot and Swara made friends wid other band members. They had a band concert coming up.


All were happy for Swara. Her family was proud of her. The day of concert came and full family was coming. Swara was ready but extremely nervous. She had locked herself up in the washroom. Sanskar came looking for her. He realised where she was. He went and knocked.

Swara: Who’s there?

Sanskar: it’s me. Come on. Show’s gonna start.

Swara: Arrey no no! I’m not coming. U go.

Sanskar surprised: y? Ur not ready?

Swara: I am. But-

Sanskar: But what?

Swara softly: But I’m nervous Sanskar.

Sanskar’s expressions softened. He gently knocked again.

Sanskar gently: Swara. Come out baba. Nothing is gonna happen. I’ll be there with u. U come.

Swara: no no no!

Sanskar had no other way but to barge inside the washroom. He shoved against it and the lock came open. He walked inside. Swara was shocked.

Swara: Sanskar! U- u broke the door!

Sanskar: Haan I did.

Swara: what if I was doing something personal over here huh?

Sanskar: u weren’t. U had locked urself up here due to nervousness.

Swara pushed him away: pls go! I won’t come.

Sanskar pinned her to the wall. She was shocked. She tried escaping but his strong arms held her against the cool wall. She shivered Coz she was wearing a backless gown and it had touched the cold walls.

Swara: Pls. Lemme go. U go for concert.

Sanskar: I’m not going anywhere without u.

Swara with tears: plssss!

Sanskar cups her face: Arrey baba calm down. It happens to everyone. Even I was nervous for the first time.

Swara panicking: So what? GOOOO!

Sanskar tried to calm her down. She didn’t calm down. So he pulled her into a hug. Swara was surprised but she didn’t move. He slowly lifted his head and made her rest her head on his chest. Her arms
went around his waist. He wrapped one hand around her shoulder and other on her head. He started caressing her hair to calm her down. She calmed down.

Sanskar softly: I’ll go but with u.

Swara: Pls?

Sanskar: what can I do to convince u?

Swara still hugging: Admit ur biggest secret.

Sanskar smiled: I did. Yesterday. (Hugged her tighter)

Swara stubborn: second biggest secret?

Sanskar pulled away: y r u obsessed wid knowing my secrets?

Swara: Pls?

Sanskar sighed: do u really wanna know? U may not like it.

Swara: I want to know.

Sanskar: Fine.

He slowly cups her face and tucks a strand of hair behind her ears. He moves his hands and encircles her waist and pulls her closer to him. Her heart is beating fast. She closes her eyes, not knowing what will happen next.

Sanskar whispered: I Love Someone.

Swara looked upset: who is it?

Sanskar smiled: She’s very beautiful. And innocent. U really wanna know who it is?

Swara nodded wid her eyes closed. He slowly led her to the mirror and made her face it. He rested his head on her shoulder.

Sanskar: open ur eyes.

She hesitantly did and saw their reflection. He pointed to her reflection in the mirror.

Sanskar: That’s the girl I was talking about.

Swara was shocked. She turned around and stared wide eyed.

Sanskar: I- I love u. I wanted to tell u in the morning itself as I had overheard ur convo wid Lucky and Bhabhi. I was so excited to know u also love me. I thought I’d surprise u after the concert. But ur so adamant, I had to tell u here itself. I LOVE U SWARA! Will u be mine?

Swara stared teary eyed. She hugged Sanskar tightly. He hugged back wid the same passion.

Swara: I love u too Sanskar. I love u so much. Yes. I will be urs and u will be mine:)

Sanskar smiled and kissed her forehead: Pls come now. I’m there wid u Na?

Swara smiled and entwined her hands wid his.

Swara: I know. I’m coming now. Ur wid me.

Both went.


Swasan were ready wid the two other members. Swasan on mikes.

Sanskar: YO GUYS! And we’re back. We’re the flames and the FLAMES R BACK WID A NEW CONCERT. As usual we have Zorro on the guitar, Rocky on the drums, Tiger on the keyboards, and me, Sanky on Mike1. We have a new instalment. A new female singer. On Mike2, Swara Gadoddia!!!!!

All hooted. The family was looking so proud.

Sanskar: So let’s get the show started.

The music started. Sanskar looked at Swara. The words started coming out with lots of love. [READ BETWEEN THE LINES!]

Sanskar: Hua hai aaj Pehli baar
Jo aise muskuraya hu
Tumhe dekha toh jaana yeh
Ke Kyun duniya mein aaya hu…

Everyone cheered. Swara also looked at him wid equal passion.

Swara melodiously: Hua hai aaj Pehli baar
Jo Aise muskuraya hu
Tumhe dekha toh jaana yeh
Ke Kyun duniya mein aaya hu…

Sanskar: Yeh Jaan lekar ke Jaan Meri
Tumhe jeene mein aaya hu
Mein tumse ishq karne Ki
Ijazzat Rab se laaya hu…

Music continues playing. Everyone r singing along.

Swara: Zameen se aasman tak Hum
dhoondh aaya Jahan saara
Bana paya nahi ab tak
Khuda tumse koi Pyaara…

Sanskar: Zameen se aasman tak Hum
dhoondh aaya Jahan saara
Bana paya nahi ab tak
Khuda tumse koi Pyaara…

Swara: Bato mein Teri hain badmaashiyaan
Sab bewajah Ki hai taareefiyan…

Sanskar looked at everyone and prompted the, to sing wid him.

Sanskar wid crowd: mein likh du aasman par ye
Ke padh lega jahan saara
Hua Na Hoga ab koi
Yahan hum do sa Dobara
Main duniya Bhar Ki tareefein
Tere sajde mein laaya hu
Mein tumse ishq karne Ki ijazzat Rab se laaya hu…

Swara: Tu Hai Jo Robaroo Mere
Bada Mehfooz Rehta Hu
Tere Milne Ka Shukrana
Khuda Se Roz Karta Hu…

Sanskar: Tu Hai Jo Robaroo Mere
Bada Mehfooz Rehta Hu
Tere Milne Ka Shukrana
Khuda Se Roz Karta Hu…

Swara: Humko Pata Hai yeh naadaniyan hain
Aawara Dil Ki hai aawariyan

Sanskar smiled at her: yeh dil pagal Bana baitha
Isse ab Tu hi samjha de
Dikhe tujhme Meri duniya
Meri duniya tu ban jaa re

Now Swasan together started singing: hoon khushkismat jo kismat se
Tumhe aise main paaya hu
Mein tumse ishq karne Ki
Ijazzat Rab se laaya hu…

Music slowly ended. Everyone started cheering. Sanskar quickly gave a flying kiss to Swara b4 looking at the audience. She blushed.

-after concert-

@green room

Swara was waiting for Sanskar in his green room. He came out of the washroom, fully fresh. He smiled at her.

Sanskar: Waise, u wanna see ur green room?

Swara: I don’t want a green room.

Sanskar: Y?

Swara smiled: Coz… This is my green room. Hai Na?

Sanskar hesitated for a second but then smiled.

Sanskar: Ofcourse:) u won’t have a problem wid all my drinks here ?

Swara hesitated. Will she have a problem? Ofcourse she will. But she was willing to do anything to be with her Sanskar.

Swara: No no. I won’t have a problem:)

Sanskar grinned.

Sanskar didn’t bother offering her some beer as he knew she hated it. He plopped down on the sofa and started opening his bottle when Swara came and took it away and kept it as far as possible. He looked up at her curiously. She plopped herself down on his lap and put her hands around his neck.

Swara: Pls don’t drink today? (Almost begs) pls?

Sanskar heard the desperation in her voice. Gosh! Did she love him that much?

Sanskar put his hands around her waist.

Sanskar: Ok! But only today!

Swara smiled happily. At Least this was a start. He had agreed to not drinking today. She removed her shoes and put her leg on the sofa and curled up as a ball on Sanskar. She rested her head on his chest. He smiled at her cuteness.

Sanskar: Waise, u sitting on my lap?

Swara in the same position: We’re together rite? So I’m allowed to do it…

Sanskar smiled and wrapped his arms protectively around her. He kissed her forehead. He started playing with her hair. She smiled and hugged him tighter. He started telling her random stories from his college life so she won’t get bored. She loved hearing him. Slowly she fell asleep. Right over there. She was very tired. Sanskar looked at her.

Sanskar: H-how did I fall for u? I had told myself I’d never fall in love. But- I love u Swara. I love u so much. And I promise, I’ll not let anything happen to u. But I can’t stop drinking either. It’s become a habit now. I know I have a reason to be happy now but- but I can’t stop my addiction.

Soon he dosed of there. Raglak came to check if they were there or not. They saw them in that position and were shocked first but then they smiled.

Ragini: Lagta hai, both confessed.

Laksh: Hmm… I’m happy:) finally Sanky will stop drinking. 🙂

He wrapped his arms around Ragini and both went.


-next day-

Sanskar woke up and rubbed his eyes. He blinked thrice to adjust the light and looked around. Oh crap! He must have fallen asleep here itself! He felt something move on him. He looked down to see Swara curled up in a ball on his lap and sleeping cutely with her head on his chest and hands around his waist. He remembered what had happened between them yesterday and smiled. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her cheek. She smiled in her sleep.

Sanskar gently shook her: Swara (softly) utho Swara.

Swara groaned in her sleep: Ragini Di lemme sleep!

Sanskar: I’m not Ragini. Pls wake up.

Swara shifted slightly and continued sleeping.

Sanskar: Swara-

Swara: My right eye needs sleep.

Sanskar surprised: uh ok.

After five mins he shook her again.

Sanskar: ok ur right eye has gotten sleep. Now wake up.

Swara shifted slightly again.

Swara: now my left eye needs sleep.

He smiled at her childishness.

After five mins he tried waking her up again.

Sanskar: Swara, utho baba. See v need 2 go home also. All nite we’ve been in the green room.

Swara immediately opened her eyes and was surprised seeing herself wid Sanskar. She thought Ragini was trying to wake her up. But she remembered what happened between them yesterday and blushed.

Swara still not getting up: But I wanna sleep!

He slipped one hand under her knee and anther to hold her back and swiftly lifted her in bridal style.

Swara held onto his neck: Sanskar!!! Pls! I wanna sleep! Let me down. I’ll sleep.

Sanskar started taking her to his bike.

Sanskar: If I don’t get u back Home right now, I’ll be killed by my dad, my bade papa, ur dad and ur dadu. So keep quiet and come.

Swara: Ok but let me down! I can walk on my own.

Sanskar grinned: I know u can. I just want to hold u like this.

Swara blushed and hid her face in his chest. He smiled and finally reached the bike. He set her down. He quickly got his bike stuff ready. He sat on it and Swara sat behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and lay down on his back while he drove in full speed to her house.

@Gadoddia House

Swara got off.

Swara: Sanskar, u don’t have to come. Baba won’t shout at u. Chill.

Sanskar: But I have to come.

Swara: Kyun?

Sanskar: Kyunki u were my responsibility last night rite? I mean yesterday, ur dad had specifically told me that u need to be safe and that I’m in charge. (Swara nodded) u didn’t come all night so ur family will be worried. I have to come and explain Na that we didn’t do anything wrong.

Swara: ur gonna tell my dad about our relati- (blushes) about us?

Sanskar: If u want me to. 😉

Swara: No! Not yet. Pls don’t.

Sanskar smiled and pulled her cheeks: ok ok fine. I won’t. Now stop putting on those cute faces and come lets go inside. Otherwise I’ll loose my control and do a lot of things (winks naughtily)

Swara blushed and hit his chest. He smiles and holds her shoulders and starts pushing her forwards. She laughs and both go in.


Everyone are peacefully having breakfast when both entered. They looked up and smiled.

Shekhar: Arrey both of u. Come come.

Swara stared surprised. She expected her dad to shout at her for not coming all night.

Swara: Baba Woh I’m sorry I didn’t come last night.

Sanskar: Ya. I’m also sorry. U said she’s my responsibility and-

Shekhar: U took care of her Na? Thanks a lot:) come have Breakfast.

Swasan were surprised.

Swara: Baba-?

Shomi: Arrey beta don’t stress out. Chill. Laksh came and told us that u were extremely sleepy so u slept there itself in ur green room. And Sanskar stayed back so that u won’t be alone there and he took care of u. So don’t worry. Come have ur breakfast. Both of u come.

Swasan were happily surprised. Laksh had done all their explaining. Swara made a mental note to give her jiju a big big big bear hug when she met next time and a biiiiiig chocolate Coz he loved chocolates.

Swara: Oh! Jiju told u?

Shomi: Haan Haan. Now come:)

Swara smiled: Maa I’ll freshen up and come.

Saying that she waved bye at Sanskar and ran inside.

Shekhar: Aao beta. U come and eat.

Sanskar scratched the back of his neck: uh uncle I’ll come another day. Even I didn’t go home all night so mom might be worried. I’ll go and calm her down first.

They laughed.

Shekhar: Ok beta:) come sometime in the day.

Sanskar: Ya uncle sure:) now Swara and I have also become friends so I’ll probably come to meet her or something.

Shomi: Haan beta come:) Anyways she’s always at home, lazily doing nothing. (Teasingly). So u can come anytime:)

Sanskar laughed and nodded and went.

-in nite-

Sanskar was getting bored. He had just explained everything to Raglak and come to his room. So he started messaging Swara.

Sanskar: Hi:)

Swara replied immediately: Hey:)

Sanskar: Sup?

Swara: Uh nothing. Bored. U?

Sanskar smiled: Same:) I just told Lucky and Bhabhi about us. And then came to my room.

Swara: Oh! U told them?

Sanskar: Ya:)

Swara: How did they react?

Sanskar: Lucky said he knew about it. When he saw us sleeping together last night.

Swara: Ohhh! No wonder jiju covered up for us. Now next time I meet him, I’ll definitely give him a big big big huuuuuge bear hug and a big chocolate.

Sanskar laughed: Ok y chocolate?

Swara replied: Coz jiju loves chocolate.

Sanskar: Oh ya! I forgot!

Swara smiled seeing his messages. She thought to tease him.

Swara: Chi chi chi Sanskar! How can u forget ur own brother’s fav? Chi chi. Shame shame!

Sanskar understood it was her natak and smiled.

Sanskar: Accha? Ur teasing me also now? Wait I’ll come to ur house and tease u a lot.

Swara: How will u tease me huh?

Sanskar thought: Ok. Since ur blushing so much, I might just come and kiss u in front of ur parents.

Swara blushed. She lay down on the bed on her stomach.

Sanskar: Now don’t blush too much or I’ll really loose my self control.

Swara: Shut up. Stop teasing me. Shameless. What if my parents see my phone?

Sanskar: then tell them. Baccho ko jhut nahi bolna chaahiye Swara.

Swara laughed: Keep quiet. Now ur teaching me moral values also! And I’m not a baccha! I’m a big strong girl!

Sanskar lay back down on his pillow.

Sanskar: Woh toh u r. But ur still my baccha Na?

Swara: How am I ur baccha huh?

Sanskar: Arrey baba it’s a sign of affection. I don’t literally mean ur my baccha.

Swara: Oh. Ok. Well anyways leave this. I gtg. Ttyl.

Sanskar: Oh hello! I want my “love u”.

Swara blushed. She hesitated but decided to type it anyways.

Swara: I love you:) Good nite:)

Sanskar: I love you too:) Good nite:)


Swara was quietly humming to herself.

Swara: jeene laga hu, pehle se zyada, pehle se zyada tumpe marne laga hu…

Obviously she was thinking of our hero Sanky!

[Guys pls forgive me, I’m horrible at writing romantic scenes].

She was hanging clothes in the balcony. And humming this song. Suddenly two hands came and closed her eyes. Swara immediately got on defensive mood and tried to pull the hands away. The moment she touched the hand, she knew it was none other than… HER SANSKAR! (Wow I’m awesome at stating the obvious?)

Swara: Sanskar?

Sanskar moved his hands and back hugged her.

Sanskar: Correct. Wow Miss Gadoddia. Not bad. Pehle din hi u recognised my touch…

Swara blushed and started hanging clothes. Sanskar continued hugging her.

Swara: What r u doing here?

Sanskar: U don’t seem pleased to see me.

Swara hurriedly: I AM! But suddenly-

Sanskar: Woh kya hai Ki I realised that I’ve proposed but not taken u out on a date. So I thought we could go for a long drive that is if u agree.

Swara smiled: Haan we can. But lemme finish this and ask papa.

Sanskar: okie 🙂

He kissed her cheek and pulled away. He started helping her in her work so she’d finish fast and both cud go.

(Aww how chweet Na?)

After that Swara went and asked Shekhar if she cud go with her FRIEND Sanskar. (Notice how I wrote friend:p) (Note: Family doesn’t know about Swasan) Shekhar agreed. They went.

They had lots of fun in their long drive. Swara rested her head against his shoulders all the way while. It was fun for them. Swara suddenly spotted a pani puri stall. Her mouth started watering.

Swara: Sanskar! Stop the car.

Sanskar stopped: Y?

She pointed to the pani puri stall.

Swara: Look. Pani Puri. Sanskar I looooooovvvvvvvvvvve pani puri. Pls can v have some?

Sanskar looked at it: Par Swara, it’s roadside food. It’s unhealthy. You’ll fall ill.

Swara: Arrey Sanskar! Pls Na!? I love pani puri. Esp road ones. They’re the tastiest. It’s not like I have them everyday. And u also see how much fun it is. Pls Sanskar? Pls pls pls pls plssss!

She makes a puppy face. He gives in to that face and agrees. Obvio our prince can’t resist his princess. They came to the stall.

Swara: Bhaiyya two plates:)

Bhaiyya: Sweet or Spicy?

Swara looked at Sanskar.

Sanskar: Spicy.

Swara: both spicy:)

They both stood there. Their plates came. Swara had the pani puri and started squealing with excitement. The water was running down her chin but she didn’t care. She was enjoying herself fully. Sanskar was mesmerised seeing her like this. He had his first pani puri and wiped his mouth. He looked at Swara, who was enjoying her pani puri like its the only thing she’ll ever get in her whole life. He reached out and wiped her lips which had pani overflowing and some of he puri crumbles. She smiles like a kid. They continued eating. And feeding eo. [ab Meri mu mein bhi paani aa raha hai:p]

After doing it, they returned to his bike. As he got on, she leaned towards him and kissed his cheek lightly. He looked surprised.

Swara shyly: Thank you:)

Sanskar: Dosti Aur Pyaar Mein No Sorry No Thank You.

Swara: Jo bhi Ho. I love u:)

Sanskar: I love u 2:). But u gave me such a small kiss!

She understood and kissed him on the cheek again, for a little longer.

Swara: Satisfied?

Sanskar thought to tease her: No:( (pouts)

She smiles as she understands that it’s his teasing. She goes and kisses near his lip to tease him back. (Not on his lip. :p)

Sanskar looks shocked. Then he smiles as she gets on his bike and wraps her arms around him and lays her head on his back. He smiles and starts driving.


Day by day Swasan’s pyaar for eo increased. Swara was starting to get more singing offers. Sanskar was happy for her. But she got busier by the day so she couldn’t spend much time with him. Sanskar had tried to stop drinking by now but he was starting to miss Swara now. Daily she wud come and meet him but now she was starting to get busy wid all the contracts she was getting. She tried refusing some but couldn’t refuse all of them. Sanskar was now pretty much free and bored without his Swara. And being the person he is, he went into slight depression when she wasn’t around. One day he came into his room smiling. Swara was going to meet him today. He jumped happily. He got a phone call. He saw it was Swara. He smiled. And received the call.

Sanskar: Hmm… So my Swara couldn’t wait for us to meet. So she called now?

Swara nervously: Sanskar… I need to tell you something.

Sanskar: Haan baba. Tell me?

Swara: I- actually Mukesh Sir just called. I have to go to studio.

Silence fell as Sanskar fought to control his tears. He had been waiting so much to meet her after a WHOOOOOLE WEEK of not seeing her. And now she had some new thing to do.

Sanskar: Oh.

Swara: Sanskar listen. I tried refusing. But he wouldn’t let me. He said its too imp. I tried a lot Sanskar. I really did. Pls believe-

Sanskar wiped his tears: Arererere! Now ur getting all worked up! Arrey I have no problem. Work is also imp. We’ll meet some other time. Chill. After ur studio work we can go for dinner or something.

Swara felt guilty now: Sanskar Woh- Today maa and baba want me to stay wid dem for dinner. They said they’re miss spending time wid me. And I agreed for dinner Coz I thought I’ll be wid u all day. I- I’ll tell Baba I won’t be wid dem today?

Sanskar hit his head. What was he thinking? It was Saturday. She needs to spend time wid her family.

Sanskar: Arrey baba relax. It’s ok. U don’t say anything to uncle, he’ll feel bad. We can meet tmrw. Calm down.

Swara: I’m sorry Sanskar-

Sanskar: It’s ok. Bye.

He cut the call. And cries. Swara also cries as she realises her Sanskar is changing. On the other side, Sanskar walks to his bar shelf for the first time in one month. He opened it and brought his drinks out. He didn’t bother putting it in the glass. He just gulped it down. Soon he got drunk, he threw a vase angrily on the floor and it broke and fell asleep on the floor.

-next morning-

Swara comes early in the morning to see him. She was shocked to see the state of them room. She saw Sanskar in the middle of the room drunk, and cried. She ran to him and pulled him on her lap.

Swara gently patted his cheek: Sanskar?

Sanskar wid a hangover: Huh?

Swara softly: Kya hua?

Sanskar still under effect of alcohol: nothing nothing. This is what I tell the world. It’s nothing. But- there r loooot of things.

Swara: Sanskar? What happened? U had stopped drinking Na?

Sanskar: Haan. But when my Swara doesn’t have time for me (drunk) how will I be happy?

Swara realised the pain he must have gone through. She had also missed him terribly all week and hated the studio work but she had to. She cried thinking how Sanskar must have felt. She hugged him tightly crying. He was still under alcohol effect. Swara made him lie down on the bed. She quickly ran down to kitchen and got nimbu pani and ran to his room. She made him have it. He recovered and saw Swara teary eyed. Immediately he got worried and cupped her face concerned.

Sanskar: Arrey baba kya hua?

Swara crying: U drank!

Sanskar realised and stared guilty. She hugged him tightly.

Swara: Sanskar, if u wanted me close to u then all u had to do was tell me. I would have left everything and come to u and spent all my time wid u. Even I wanted to do it but u weren’t letting me. I really missed u all week. But u-

Sanskar hugged back realising how much pain she went through.

Sanskar crying: I’m sorry. I’m super sorry. Woh-

She pulled away and smacked his chest: Now ur forgetting ur own rules!

Sanskar smiled through his tears. She cupped his face.

Swara: Sanskar, u don’t know how much I love u, do u? I don’t think u know. Coz if u did u wouldn’t drink. If anything had happened to u?! Do u realise how horrible I’d feel? Meri Jaan chali jaati!

Sanskar pulled her into his chest. She cried a lot. He held her in his arms, whispering words of comfort, rubbing his thumb on her back in circles to calm her down. Finally she calmed down.

Sanskar: I’m sorry Swara. Woh- it’s just I’m too addicted to alcohol. It’s hard to stop the habit.

Swara wid tears: Why don’t u just try?

Sanskar: It’s not that easy… Nasha main lag jaana Bahot aasan hai Swara. Par bahar nikal Na, it’s not that easy.

Swara: But it’s not impossible. Sanskar, all it takes is a bit of will power. I know abhi ke liye It sounds hard. Par trust me, jab Tum thoda sa try Karoge Na then tumhare liye Bahot easy Hoga.


Swara cupped his face frantically: Sanskar, mere taraf dekho! (He looks at her desperately) Sanskar, suno, mein tumhari madad karungi. Main Ho Na? Mein Sab tikh kar loongi. (Locks his eye with hers) TUM WEAK NAHI HO! Ur very strong Sanskar. Itne Saalo you’ve lived with pain, for something that wasn’t ur fault. And you’ve survived it all and still have it left in u to love ppl. U love ur family. U love ur fans, friends, me everyone. It’s not easy Sanskar. Going through what u went is not easy. It takes a lot of bravery to survive all of that. It also takes will power. I don’t know if u have ever thought of it in this way. But deep down in ur heart, u knew u had to be there for ur family and friends. So u mustered that will power to live for them. Yeh will power Nahi hai toh Aur kya hai Sanskar?

He looked at her surprised. She had figured out something about him which he also hadn’t known.

Swara continued: Sanskar, anjaane main Tumne Bahot bravery Aur courage Aur will power dikhaya hai. Now do the same thing knowingly. Sanskar Tumne pehle kiya hai. Aur ab bhi kar sakte Ho. I know Ki Tum kar sakte Ho. I have full trust in u.

Sanskar: Kyun? U- uss concert se pehle u didn’t know me. So this 100% trust?

Swara hugged him: Haan Sanskar. Uss concert se pehle u didn’t know me. But I did. Aur Waise bhi, I love you. Aur pyaar main toh trust Ki zaroorat hai Sanskar. (Takes a deep breath) Sanskar, Tum Karoge yeh.
Tumhare parivaar ke liye, tumhare bhai ke liye, mere liye, Aur Apne aap ke liye. Bahot seh Li Tumne dard. Yaad hai Tumne kaha tha Ki Tum college main Bahot khush the Aur Aise Phir se Rehna chaahate Ho? Hum Woh Sanskar Phir se laayenge Sanskar. Tumhe khush hone Ki Wajah Milegi Sanskar. Bas thodi si will power dikhalo. Sab kuch possible hai. And if ur BFF Rahul or ur sis Kavitha were alive today, they wouldn’t want to see u like this. So u will do it for them also.

Sanskar looked at her: Kya yeh sab itni aasan hai? Is it really that easy?

Swara pulled away and cupped his face: It’s not easy Sanskar. U lived through the pain. That was brave. But u getting addicted to alcohol, that wasn’t good. We will make everything alright. It’s not gonna be easy. But if u try, it won’t be hard. I promise.

Sanskar looked up at her hopefully: Sacchi?

Swara: Mucchi.

Sanskar hugged her tightly. She hugged back.

Sanskar whispered: Waise, will u be wid me today? Pls?

Swara: I’ll be wid u forever Sanskar. I’ll help u get out if this addiction. I’ll be wid u for my whole life.

Sanskar: Par Swara, I see these bottles everyday. How will I avoid them?

Swara thought for a while: Sanskar, I have an idea. But for that we need to do some things.

Sanskar: Like what?

Swara: Like convince our families about our relationship.


Swasan explained to their families about their relationship. Families were thrilled.

AP: Toh inn dono Ki Shaadi karwa Dete hai!

Swara: NAHI! I mean I love Sanskar a lot but we want to know eo more. Can v do a live in relationship for a while? Pls?

Sanskar knew she was saying it Coz she wanted him to succeed in their goal and then marry. So he supported her. Everyone agreed happily.

Next day, Swasan moved in together into Sanskar’s flat.

But Sanskar sneaked in one bottle so that if he became desperate for it then he could have it.


Swasan spent most of their time together or at work. Swara’s work was happening but she gave equal importance to her boyfriend. Sanskar also started going back to the studio and singing. Their love for EO increased. On weekdays, both would wake up, eat breakfast together, go to work together and come back home, spend time wid eo and sleep next to eo, cuddling and continue their routine everyday. Sanskar had started to learn to control his constant want for a drink. Swara never let him feel the need for a drink. One day their concert was coming and they had taken a day leave before the concert day so both can rest at home. They were watching TV and Swara was sitting on Sanskar’s lap and tousling his hair. She made sure he put Tom and Jerry. (Pls ur never too old to watch this show). He smiled at her childishness. He wrapped his arms around her.

Swara rested her hair against his chest and listened to his heart beat. She smiled.

Sanskar: Kya hua?

Swara: Nahi I was listening to ur heart beat. It sounds muuuuch healthier now.

Sanskar smiled and gently kissed her forehead.

Sanskar: It’s all because of u. U know, I still can’t get over my past. But I can definitely make my own future bright Na.

Swara: Haan. I love you so much Sanskar.

Sanskar entwined his fingers with hers.

Sanskar: I love u too. I love u too Shona??

Swara: U know I like it so much when u call me Shona. I mean everyone does but it feels special hearing u.

Sanskar: Accha? Well I’ll call u Shona from now for my whole life then.

Swara smiled and looked at him. They had a passionate eyelock. He leaned down to kiss her. She stopped him.

Swara: Maine kaha Na? I won’t kiss u until u get over ur addiction fully.

Sanskar groaned and made a puppy face.

Sanskar: Okkk!

Swara smiled. They continued to watch the show. Soon she fell asleep on his lap. He smiled and kissed her head and slept there.

-next day-

Concert happened. Everyone looooooooved it. Obvio they’ll love it. And then after party started. There all fans, music officials and all came. Sanskar made sure he introduced Swara to all he knew. Family also came. Then they called Swara on stage as she is a new singer. Sanskar smiled as she went.

Swara was asked how she feels to join music industry.

Swara: Well Bahot acchi lagti hai. It’s such a good opportunity for me. I love singing and I think this was an awesome thing that happened to me.

She was asked how she got to industry.

Swara smiled and looked at Sanskar: I was very lucky actually. My story of getting here is very unique to me. I am actually a huge fan of Rockstar Sanky. And he happens to be my Jiju’s cousin. So in his concert I met him and after that our families kept meeting. One day he heard me singing and said I need to join. I still can’t believe he thought I was good tho. But everybody says that. And now I’m here. I made friends wid Rockstar Sanky, I got into music industry and found my true love, Sanskar Maheshwari. (Everyone looked shocked) ya. I know it’s a news for u. For the world he can be a rockstar and even I used to look at him in that way. But now, for me, he’s my love, Sanskar.

Sanskar had tears in his eyes. He didn’t know she loved him so much. He gave her a flying kiss Coz he was to overwhelmed to say anything. She smiled and walked off the stage. Like this party continued. Sanskar kept observing Swara as she talked to music directors. He looooved everything about her. Her smile, her laugh, her eyes, everything. And he thought he was the luckiest person. He had the most beautiful person by his side. Not only from looks. But she is beautiful from the heart also. He heard some fans mention her name. He smiled and turned. He didn’t mean to hear their convo but he did.

Fan1: OMG yaar! Rockstar Sanky is taken by Swara. Now I need to settle for some idiot like Rohan.

A boy who was wid that girl fan: Oi. Be happy u don’t have him in ur life. You wud have really regretted it.

Girl: y?

Boy: U don’t know? Recently there was a news that said he is a drunkard. You wud have to handle him. He would have just used u and thrown u once he was satisfied. He’s not worth it. I’m sure he does that wid Swara.

Girl: how can u say that yaar? U don’t even know him personally. And judging by how Swara was talking about him and how he gave flying kiss, it shows they really love eo and he doesn’t use her and throw her like tissue. So shut up ok.

The girl and boy walked away. But their words stayed wid Sanskar. He was deeply affected. He knew he wouldn’t use Swara for his personal satisfaction. He loved her a looot. But their words on him being a drunkard affected him. He quietly walked away and ran back to their flat. Swara noticed it and excused herself and ran behind him. She ran behind him inside the flat and closed the door. He saw him desperately searching for something.

Swara: Sanskar… Kya HUA? Why did u come back?

Sanskar didn’t answer. He pulled a bottle out. Swara was shocked.

Swara: U still drink?

Sanskar crying: NO! I just got one bottle in case I get desperate. And today I am.

Swara: Sanskar-

She tried to stop him but he pushed her away. She hit her head to the door.

Swara: OUCH!

Sanskar had become fully pagal and didn’t realise what he did. She opened the bottle and drank it all up. He threw the bottle. It broke.


He came and grabbed Swara by her shoulders.


Swara was double shocked: What?

Sanskar made her stand. He wasn’t very gentle.

Sanskar scarily: HAAN! THAT IS THE bl**dy TRUTH!

Swara was crying: Sanskar, let them think whatever Na. U know it isn’t true. U r trying to give up alcohol.

Sanskar pulled her close to him. Her arm was hurting but she didn’t dare to say anything. His eyes were bloodshot red. She Obvio he was super angry.


Swara understood what he was saying and was scared. But she wasn’t scared of him. She was scared of his behaviour when he was drunk. She ran around the flat breaking everything. He looked for more alcohol. He couldn’t find it. He grabbed and pulled his hair frustrated.

Sanskar: AHHHH! NO ALCOHOL!!!!!!

Swara tried to stop him: Sanskar-

Sanskar: CHUP!

He advanced dangerously towards her. She stood still. She trusted him fully. She closed her eyes. He held her face tightly. She winced in pain.

Sanskar: Do I use u?

Swara: No.

Sanskar: Will I ever do anything without ur permission?

Swara: n-no.

Sanskar screamed: THEN Y R U SCARED?!

Swara got scared and hugged him tightly.

Swara crying: No Sanskar. I’m not scared of u. I trust u fully. I trust u even if u want to get close to me. I’m scared of this madness. I’m scared of loosing u because of this anger.

He stopped for a min. Tears flowed down.

Sanskar suddenly pushed her away. She fell against the wall and her back started bleeding. She cried out in pain.

Sanskar ran and grabbed the nearest wallet he could see. Which was hers. He took the wallet and ran out. She sank down on the floor, crying.

He ran to the nearest bar and ordered for a big bottle of alcohol. He paid money and started drinking. He opened her purse and saw his photo in it. He stared at it and then took the bottle and walked out drinking it.

-next day-

Swara had fallen asleep on the floor with tears on her face. Raglak came running to the flat worried and saw all this and were shocked. Ragini woke up Swara. She got up and they saw the wall and door smeared with her blood. They asked her what happened and she told them. They were shocked. Swara suddenly got a call. From police. They had Sanskar wid them. Raglak ran to the station.

Police: Swara ma’am, we found him in the middle of a galli. He was drunk and breaking stuff and creating a ruckus. We had to take him and lock him up.

Swara crying: Hey Bhagwan! Inspector, pls can I bail him out? It wasn’t his fault. We had fought. Pls.

Police: Ma’am we haven’t arrested him. So u can take him without a bail. We understand that problems must have happened. U pls take care of him and urself. Do u want us to nurse ur wounds?

Swara was about to say no but Raglak made sure she got it done. They took Sanskar back to MM. Everyone were shocked hearing what happened. Everyone got to know the truth behind his actions and were sad. Thankfully GF didn’t react badly. The sympathised with MF and Swara. Sanskar soon regained his consciousness. He immediately called for Swara.

Swara ran to him.

Sanskar weakly: Swara!

Swara went and cupped his face: Haan?

Sanskar: I’m having headache. I can’t remember anything from the party.

Swara and all told him. He was triple shocked.

Sanskar cupped her face: Oh god! I- I hurt u! SHIT! And I drank? No no no!!!!

Swara hugged him tightly: Sanskar Ssshhh! It’s ok. I understand. Those ppl said horrible things about u. Leave it. Next time u will show more will power ok?

Sanskar nodded but he wasn’t paying attention. Soon everyone left them alone. Swara made him lie down and sleep. She hugged him tightly and slept next to him. Next morning he woke up and saw his princess next to him. He smiled slightly and kissed her nose. She remembers what happened and his smile goes. He looks at her cutely clutching to him. Tears flow down his face.

Sanskar: Yeh Maine kya kar Di? Apni Jaan ko dard Di. I promised myself I will make sure Swara is happy. And she keeps telling me she’s super happy wid me. But how is she happy when I am the reason for her pain?

He suddenly made a decision and got up. He got ready. Swara woke up and saw him ready.

Swara: Sanskar?

Sanskar saw her and ran to her. He picked her up and placed her in his lap. He hugged her tightly.

Sanskar: I’m sorry Shona. I’m really sorry.

Swara hugged him back: It’s ok Sanskar. I’m just happy ur here wid me. I love u.

Sanskar: I love u too. (In head) but I can’t be wid u.

He pulled away.

Swara: Waise y r u dressed up as if ur going out?

Sanskar smiled: Arrey baba I thought I’ll go and be active. U said Na will power and all. So I have to do something. Hobbies will help me get out of addiction. So I’m going for gym now. Then music. Then I’ll go excercise and come pick u up from studio and then we will come home. I’m really gonna make an effort to make u happy.

Swara smiled brightly and excited she jumped on him and hugged him tightly. She kissed his cheek.


He smiled and kissed her forehead tightly. He pulled away and said bye and went. He was crying as he was taking a bad decision. He wanted to jump off the bridge with his car. And die so Swara would be happy widout him. He reached the bridge. He jumped out and stood at the edge and thought about his moments wid Swara. He cried knowing he will love her even after death.

Sanskar shouted: I LOVE U SWARA!

He ran back to his car and started driving fast towards the edge of bridge. He reached the end and…

Swara got a call from police. She received it.

Police: SWARA JI. PLS COME TO THE CITY BRIDGE NOW! Sanskar Sir’s car was found in the river.

Swara’s phone fell on the phone. She was shocked.


She ran and informed everyone. Everyone ran to the spot. There was a huge crowd. The car was pulled out wet. Sanskar was not found. Swara fell to the ground crying.

Police: I’m sorry ma’am. We couldn’t find him. His body must have been lost in the river.

Everyone were super shocked. Sujata started wailing. Swara just sat there like a lifeless body.


-back view from crowd-

A man was seen pushing his way through the crowd. He came in centre and saw Swara lying there. He shouted.


All turned. Man came running and held her in his arms.

Man: Swara kya hua?

All were shocked. Swara tho was double shocked.

Swara: San-Sanskar? (Haha u thought I’ll kill Sanskar?)

Yes it was Sanskar.

Sanskar worried: K-kya hua?

He cupped her face. Swara hugged him tightly.


Sanskar: Woh-

Police: Sanskar sir, ur car was in the river. We thought something happened.

Sanskar looked at all. Swara pulled away and looked at him questioningly.

Sanskar: My car was in the river? Oh I didn’t realise.

Laksh: Par hua kya tha?

Sanskar: Woh actually, I gave Swara so much pain so I wanted to finish myself so she will be happy. I came here and drove here at high speed.


He was reaching the end when Swara’s words kept repeating in his head.

“I’m just happy ur here wid me”. “All it takes is a little will power”. “U have to live for urself, me and everyone else u love”. “Kavitha and Rahul will want to see u happy”. And finally. “I LOVE U SANSKAR!”

He realised that he didn’t have the will power to live without Swara. He didn’t have the will power to die. So in the last moment he jumped out and his car fell in the river. He didn’t realise his car fell and he ran from the bridge.

-FB ends-

Everyone were relieved and crying. Swasan looked at eo. Swara hugged him tightly. Then pulled away. He made her stand up. He held his ears.

Sanskar: I’m sorry Maine Tumhe itna dard Diya. I’m sorry I thought I’ll leave u and go. I realised that I can have the will power to stop the addiction of alcohol. But no will power to not be wid u. Swara, najane kab yeh hua, but more than alcohol, I’m addicted to u. Tum Mere Nasha Ho ab. Tumhare Bina kuch tikh nahi hai. Tumhare Bina nahi Jee sakta Maine. And I will actually do the hobby idea. It’ll help me get away from alcohol. Till now I’ve given u pain. But now I wanna give u happiness. So-

He got down on his knee and pulled a ring out. Swara’s eyes widened.

Sanskar took a deep breath: I was stupid to think I can be without u. I was stupid to try and suicide. I have been stupid for my whole life. Par EK cheez hai ko bilkul sahi kiya Aur Woh hai tumse pyaar karna. Loving u was the best decision of my life. So… Swara Gaddodia, will u allow me to rectify my mistakes? Will u give me another chance? Will u love me for all ur life? Will u- will u give me the honour of being ur husband? Will u marry me Swara?

Swara stared shocked. Suddenly she jumped and hugged him.

Swara through tears: YES YES YES!!! I will!

They pulled away and he put the ring on her hand. She smiled and tousled his hair lovingly.

Swara: Don’t ever do that to me again tho!

Sanskar nodded. Everyone were happy for them. They decided to give them privacy. They all went.

Swasan looked at eo.

Background music: Hua hai aaj Pehli baar
Jo aise muskuraya hu
Tumhe dekha toh jaana yeh
Ke Kyun duniya mein aaya hu…

Yeh Jaan lekar ke Jaan Meri
Tumhe jeene mein aaya hu
Mein tumse ishq karne Ki
Ijazzat Rab se laaya hu…

Sanskar held her hands and pulled her close to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

Sanskar whispered: Now can I kiss u?

Swara closed her eyes and nodded. He smiled and bent down and slowly captured her lips. It was a sweet passionate one, filled with all the love they had for EO. As they kissed, Sanskar smiled, making Swara smile. He pressed her closer against him and they continued kissing. They truly loved eo…

Message: Everyone has some problem or the other. U can’t avoid it. But u can face it. Sanskar had a problem. He couldn’t avoid it. Situation forced him to change. He gave up many times. Even tho he knew he had everyone’s support and love. And it’s normal to feel like giving up. Everybody goes through problems and everyone, at some point in their lives feel like they wanna just sit back and not do anything to solve the problem. But that’s not how life works. U need to face the problem. U need to be brave enough. Problems will come any time. U can’t stop it. But u do get to decide when u want to send it. Sanskar couldn’t decide till the last moment. But in the last few minutes, he remembered all the good things he has and realised that it’s not worth finishing his life when has so much to be thankful for. Guys remember, that every problem has a solution. If u r facing some problem right now, don’t think it can’t be solved. Try and solve it. It won’t get solved if u don’t do anything about it. And also, NEVER EVER FINALISE ON A DECISION U MADE PURELY BASED ON UR IMPULSE. THEY R NORMALLY THE MOST STUPID DECISIONS. THINK BEFORE U ACT. Gusse main agar koi decision banayi toh koi faida nahi Hoga. Aur dukh Hoga sab ko.

The end


I hope u guys liked it. Love u guys.

Credit: Rain.

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      Aww thanks. Actually my friend held this comp on g+ and I um I won it:) and the friend who hosted this comp won in my edit comp:p.

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