Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — ruhanika rudra singh oberoi

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name: ruhanika Rudra singh oberoi

nicknames: ruhi (mostly used), pihu, English ki bacchi and pinky pie.

age: 9

description: she is always called ruhi. like rudy, vibrant, childish and is full of life, she takes life very easily. when a serious situation, she will make it funny and everyone will forget how bad the problem is. like somu, she is sooooo cute and her cheeks are chubby that you can pull them anytime and she won’t mind. very confident especially in English. in school, English is her favourite subject and she does extra study on it everyday.  most of her conversations will always in fluent English. like shivay, loves cooking and does the famous hair flick. like om, she is someone which people get impress by and people adore her the minute they meet her also she hates lies. like Ayaan, taking part only matters.

she is a big fan of salman khan who she adores a lot. she is also a big fan of England and wants to settle in the country one day. she wants to become a radio reporter. when it comes to any school event, she will be the reporter and she also runs the school radio giving everyone the news and gossips. loves soft toys and is very popular in school. very very lively and energetic.

very close to her mother, father, shivay, aarti and aastha.

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