Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — naksh rudra singh oberoi

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name: naksh Rudra singh oberoi

nicknames: choti dumbbell oberoi and duggu

age: 6

description: he is the youngest child of rumya. very sweet and is just like rudy; vibrant, childish, full of life, a show-off, takes life very easy and doesn’t feel the need to think much. rather think of good stuff than bad stuff. very immature. loves his siblings to the core and will do anything to protect them. loves protein shakes and is a gym freak. always goes to a children gym. the baby hence everyone always is protective of him. very layered like shivay but in dumbness: stupidity, idiot, childness, crybaby, scared baby, troll baby and a laugh riot. like Ayaan, loves taking part in everything. like somu, very sweet. like anika, a chatterbox, will talk non stop.

because of somu also loving hrithik roshan, she lovingly gave him the nickname duggu which when in a very bad mood, will only attend to someone when he is called duggu.

like sanjay, loves football. always plays it with sanjay, sees every match and is a big fan of David Beckham. his room is full of pictures of beckham. always supports the English team. goes to football training everyday.

always loves to tease and annoy his sisters along with sanjay. like rudy, thinks of every prank.

because he loves sanjay a lot, he will always be super man for him.


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