Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — naira rudra singh oberoi

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name: naira Rudra singh oberoi

nicknames: dancing queen, sherni, sweety, huggy bear and choti somu

age: 12

descriptions: can be untamed, fierce and modern upbeat girl who isn’t scared of anything. like somu, beautiful, helpful, bubbly cute and you can hug her in any situation. one hug from her and you can feel happy all of a sudden. also you can pull her cheeks and she won’t bite. she is very confident like her mother. nothing like her father. also she will share anything with you like her mother and loves food. can be emotional time to time.

whilst like her mother, she is a bit like gauri and ishana: loves dancing and is a big devotee. however she is a devotee of ganga maa. like om, truth is the key to life. like anika, can get the truth easily.

she isn’t shy at all and she is terrific dancer like gauri and ishana. she dances everyday. she does south indian dancing, traditional dancing, classical dancing, modern dancing, hip hop dancing and Bollywood. like ishana, highly influenced by Bollywood dancing.

she attends a dance club on Mondays and Fridays which she enjoys a lot. every week she always writes letters to her dancing idol Aishwarya Rai Bachchan hoping for a reply one day.

whilst dance is her life, she loves fashion a lot. she shops with anya a lot. also rides her bike everyday.

she is very close to anika and somu. siblings wise very close to anya and ruhi.

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