Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — amol singh ahuja

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name: amol singh ahuja

nicknames: medhak, kutta, shaitaan, amol papa, mr secret and ek number ka hippy

age: 17

description: he is not related to the oberois but he will have an important role in the story. he will be important to rikara.

anyway he has amazing looks and an amazing voice. he is currently writing and recording a song all by himself, ban ja tu meri rani but is struggling to find a female singer. meanwhile he has sorted out everything out: verses and lyrics.

he is in love with music. been playing drums and guitar since he was only 4. hates his dad a lot due to his dad’s mistakes and he lives with his mother and little sisters. he also hates his father’s second wife. he is like a father to his little sisters and helps his mother a lot.

whilst getting top results in school, he also does a part time job in a restaurant to help his mother and sisters. because his real passion is music, he always does singing in the restaurant entertaining the people but won’t sing ban ja tu meri rani yet! he is the most popular person in school but keeps his life a secret. in school, quite a secret due to his life hence some call him mr secret.




amol’s sisters:

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vidya, age: 8: older than omri’s daughter Mariam by five months. a very sweet girl. does not know what happened.

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meera, age: 14: the middle child. very sweet and stylish.

amol’s mother:

banhi: amol, meera and vidya’s mother. works as a teacher in a state school. tries her best to support her family.


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