nazdeek h dil ke part 5

Hi guys this is savera thank u for ur comments ur comments give energy to write hope u all like it and sorry for late update
So here the episode starts

Soumya was going to kitchen
Rudra –sumo where r u going?
Soumya –to the kitchen
Rudra- sumo tumhe hamesha khane k aalawa kuch or nhi sujta
Or waise bhi aaj toh party h wha kha lena jitna bhi
Soumaya- I know it bade baal wale bhaiya ne muje btaya tha
Rudra –oh then u also u r going to kitchen to eat
Soumya-u know I don’t want to talk to u
And she leaves
Rudra- sumo toh gussa ho gyi its ok then I will give her rudy wala punch and sumo hangover m khush ho jaegi
Rudra mixes wine in a coke bottle then he says this is for sumo
And does his logic wala step
Just then om comes and he keep the bottle on the dinning table so that he cant see the botlle
Om –rudra what u doing her call every one near the pool side
Rudra –ok om and he goes

He call every one shivika,om ,rudra soumya involved in small get together
Shivaay; what will have to do look guys I have lot of work tomorrow so guys job hi krna h jldi kro
Anika; aapki problem kya h sara din kaam kaam aapko kya lgta hum sare walle h hmare pass bhi kaam h par hum aap ki tarah sara din kaam ka rona nhi rote do u get that?
Shivaay; tumhari toh baaat hi alag h ek baat bolo das bhane tumhare pass hote h
Anika ;mane konse bhane mare nhi btaye muje
Shivaay;tum to….
Rudra ;bas kro bhaiya bhabhi
Om;bas kro yr hum yha party kr rhe or u both just need one word to fight
Shivika together wo m toh…..
Omru ;bas guys we don’t need any any explaination
Soumya ; bade baal waale bhaiya lets start the party
Rudra ;sumo for the first time tym u said the right thing
Soumya; just ignore him and don’t say anything
Rudra feel like is baar toh sumo sach m naaraj h kuch krna pdega isko manane ke liye

He went from there and get fruit punch for all of them
And says guys there is our fruit punch which we r going to enjoy just then shivaay says rudra just like last time if it has alcohol then I will not leave u
Om; ha rudra shivaaay is right I will also not leave u
Rudra;chillax guys last time toh chubby ne alcohol add kiya tha
But this time the punch is made by the great rudy so when rudy is here not to fear
Or is baar kisi ki o my mata bhi nhi hogi
All of them drink fruit punch
And says lets play a game
Rudra suggest to play rapid fire
Shivaay ab ye konsa game h look I don’t know how to play so I don’t play
Anika; so finally the great shivaay singh obreio know some thing which he doesnot know how to play
Shivaay ;jaise ki tumhe toh sab kuch aata h
Omru ;guys plz
Shivaay ;u tell me how to play then I and anika will play the game
Rudra tell the rule of game
Shivaay to anika get ready phle tum start krogi ya m
Anika ;m
Shivaay ask then
Anika ask the word to shivaaay

Badal – shivaay reply barish,dost- mere bhai,shivaay- the great wall ,pyaar-tu…. And he stop ok then u have done with now its my turn
Shivaay ask word from anika
Khana-aaloo puri,barish-mausom,duniya-sahil,gussa-aap,pyaar-ruha….. and she stops and she says rudra and soumya now its ur turn
[Guys I want to tell u anika’s ex boyfriend name is ruhaan and best friend rohan and ishu]
Shivaay thinks what the meaning of ruha…
Anika lost in her self and thinks something
Rudra soumya play the the game and now soumya is no more angry to rudra
They all dance on nashe si chad gyi
Anika excuse herself and start to leave shivaay hold her hand ask where r u going she says to the room
Shivaay says party is going on she says tomorrow I have work so I m going to room shivaay says wait I m also coming with u
Shivaay says to all of them guys says party is over now go to ur room and sleep
Rudra but bhaiya…
Shivaay ;rudra ho gyi na party ab toh or waise bhi muje neend aa rhi h
Rudra ok bhaiya and leave to room

While going to room anika start coughing shivaay she her and pick up the bottle of coke from dinning table and offers her to drink
Anika ;take a sip and says iska taste ajeeb h
Shivaay ; in ur language stop noorjahan ke nakhre and drink it
Anika ;drink the whole bottle bottle and went to room
Anika is in hang over now
Anika;shivaay … shivay…. And roll her eyes
Shivaay ;anika why r u behaving like this she go near to him and hold her collar and says u r very cute
Shivaay ; smells her and says she is drunk it means there is something in the bottle of coke
Shivaay says to anika come u sleep on the bed I will sleep here now u r not in ur senses
Anika;chepde aap mere sath kya krne ki koshsis kr rhe h
Shivaay ;anika m sirf tumhe son eke lie bol rha hu
Anika start crying says nhi aap bhi uske tarah ho u also want to do something with me by showing ur love

Shivaay kiski tarah
Anika says ruhaan ,shivaay ask who he is now anika says my ex boyfriend
Shivaay get shocked and anika says u know I loved him more but what he do with me I m just time pass in his life .my two best friend always used to say me he is a bad guy but m toh apne hi dun m hi thi never listen to them and when he says to me that I m just tym pass and she starts crying louder and says I don’t have the courage to meet my eyes to my best friend and I just ran away from there and cry
Shivaay ask anika kya tum abhi bhi use pyar krti ho
Anika; point m ab bhi use pyaar…… and she sleeps
Shivaay says anika … anika… and just pick her up and keep her on the bed and covers her from blanket
Shivaay thinks kya anika ab bhi use pyar krti h …. Nhi she cant then he thinks agar wo pyaar bhi krti h toh muje bura ku lg rha h

Guys sorry for late update and plz comment
Thank u

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