nazdeek h dil ke part 26

Hiiiiiii guys this is savera again with a new episode ,thanks to u all who has commented ,keep supporting me like this and sorry for late update…………
Here the episode starts
Shivaay leaves to airport to pick up tia by making jaleous anika

In oberio mansion
Anika-what did he think of himself how can he go to pickup my sautan….
Rudra- don’t worry bhabhi everything will be fine….

Anika-nothing will happen right to me in this birth and why is shivaay showing that much ego why cant he accept that he affect by me
Ishu- not only jiju is showing ego u r also showing that much ego see atleast one should bends first to confess the feeling if u both show ego then in this birth u both cant confess ur feeling
Om-ya bhabhi ishu is right ego can snactch many thing from u ,so I think u should confess ur feeling first
Anika-why r u all saying this to me u should give this adice to ur bhaiya don’t know what he thinks of himself ,why cant he confess his feeling first ,and om u also propose ishu na ,and I want to feel the feeling when billu ji first propose me,and for ur kind information I have challenged the great shivaay singh oberio and if I confess the first then I loose the challenge.

So no chance to confess first ,saying this she leave she leaves the room
Ishu-these both people r world’s idot people and u know inki setting krate krate hum pagl ho jayege
Rudra-om ishu di is right and I don’t want to become mad in this young age
Om-shut up rudra
Soumya-bade baal waale bhaiya we have to do something else this jaleousing will go on life long

Soumya-we have to plan something
Rudra-u always used to think u r very intelligent u tell some plan
Soumya –I m intelligent by birth
Rudra-so tell some plan
Ishu-ok we will think something
Ishkara-and guys now u both don’t start plz….
Shivaay comes with tia to oberio mansion…..
And all of them comes downstair and anika also

Tia-hey rudra how r u?
Rudra –thinks from which side the sun arise that lady baba is asking me how I am?
And says till now I m first class and aage ka pta nhi
Shivaay-tia I think u r tired u should rest he said all this by keeping his hand on her face
Anika stares them in anger
Tia-yaa shivaay baby I m very tired
Anika- tia tell ur shivaay baby he will make u drink juice if u r tired
Shivaay get shocked becoz he didn’t expected that anika would say this so he says ya u r right why not I will make juice by my princess tia…. He says this looking at anika…..
But anika smiles to him

He ask the waiter to bring the juice ,waiter comes with a juice shivaay take a class and give the glass to tia
Anika- shivaay I think u should make tia drink the juice by ur own hand shivaay shockingly see at anika and says yaa….. sure
Shivaay make tia drink juice by his hand

Ishu-says to om whats going on niku ‘s mind,
Om-don’t know she didn’t tell anything
Tia drinks the juice and after 5 minutes tia says excuse me I need to go washroom
And she goes holding her stomach
Anika smiles and says thinks jamalghota start its work she is speaking very much shivaay baby now u tia cheepde only sit in washroom………..
All leaves from there
In tia room she is just doing in and out of washroom due to loose motion…….
Shivaay comes to her room and tia r u ok,tia says don’t know after drinking juice I got loose motion

Shivaay says how can this possible
Tia –excuse me shivaay baby I need to go washroom badly and she runs in the washroom holding her stomach
In anika room
All paltan come there
Ishu –whats going on downstairs u r saying so much and from when u go on tia side.
Anika-shivaay is with tia becoz he wants to make me jaleous and I wanted to show him that I m not jaleous
Om-bhabhi u and shivaay r impossible

Anika- u all think that I m caring tia actually I added jamalgotta in her drink now at least today she will not shivaay baby to my shivaay
All in shock what……………. U added jamalgotta in lady baba juice.
Rudra-that means universe don’t want tia to come out of washroom today
On listening this all started laughing
Rudra-says bhabhi u r great ,
Ishu-niku what a plan ha u didn’t tell us

Suddenly shivaay comes as he listen all this and shouted anika how can u to do just only to win a challenge u added jamalgotta in tia ‘s juice
Om-shivaay relax
Shivaay-om how r u supporting her in her stupidity
Anika-whats a big deal I only added jamalgotta and why r u affecting that much if this I do with tia
Shivaay-ya I m affecting why u do this to tia
Anika-ya…. Bda pyaar aa rha uspe

Shivaay-u know its my waste of tym to talk to u
Shivaay takes medicine and leaves from there,and omru go behind shivaay
Anika started crying and ishu and soumya started consoling her. Anika says I means nothing to shivaay then why always thinks that I affect by her
Ishu-its nothing like that niku he loves u ,he is angry becoz of u tia is not well that ok now stop crying
Shivaay-goes to tia he gives her medicine and ask her to take rest and leaves from there
Omru go to him and says shivaay we need to talk
Shivaay-no omru this tym u r wrng becoz u supported anika in her stupidity
Rudra-no bhaiya u r wrong sorry bhaiya u all think that I m a kid but u r behaving like kid ,we all know u loves bhabhi and bhabhi also loves u then what the big deal in confessing that u love bhabhi

Om-leave it rudra he will never understand this he is a big business man who cracks big deal and the great shivaay singh oberio is fearing to crack his love deal.
Om-shivaay just listen to ur heart else in ego u will loose the most precious thing of ur life saying this omru leaves from there
Anika-says to ishu now I don’t want to prove anything that he affect by me or not ,and I will complete my 6 months here and then leaves from his life for forever and starting crying more.
Ishu-shut up u will not do this see one day jiju will confess his feeling ,and I m very sure about this
Shivaay thinks of omru words

Precap-confesssion tym,

Sorry guys for any mistake and plz……comment……………..
Thank u

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  1. Anika ne Tia ki omm kr di….. Waiting for the next update please post ASAP…

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    Amazing update can’t wait for the confession

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    Loved it

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    nice update dear…

  15. I love shivaay he is an amazing actor In fact after watching dil bole oberoi I love rudra and omkara also they r an amazing actor too anika is too funny and cute by the way can anybody tell me that who is ishu and niku don’t u guys think that these names and characters are not in ishqbaaz or dil bole oberoi? I just want that rudra and soumya should be together coz we all can see love in there eyes and yeah I want shivaay anika and omkara and gauri to be together too I love them so much and the show too. I just want the show director that for God sake don’t ever replace the characters whenever I watch any kind of drama in starplus every time some one has to be replaced I just can’t handle it anymore anyways I love the show

    1. Savera

      Arwa thank you so much for comment I have not replaced any character actually Niku is Anika her Nick name which is called by her friends ishu is for ishana hope u clear and thank u

  16. Awesome update…

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