nazdeek h dil ke part 25

Hiiiiiiii guys this is savera again with a new episode thank u all for supporting my this ff and the other one ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti ,thank u guys it means a lot to me,keep supporting me like this only by ur valuable comments so plz comment……………..plz

Here the episode starts

Shivaay leaves from the kitchen and all laugh seeing him
Shivaay in his room thinking how can she behave with ruhaan like he is everything for her , I did a lot things for her but she never praise me like this and hits his hand on wall in anger
Just then anika comes to room and ask shivaay what r u doing ? I think u r upset,right shivaay smiles winkly
Shivaay- if I m upset then why it bothers u ,u go to ur ruhaan… not he is not ruhaan .. he is ur loving ruh… right go to him ask him weather he needs u or if u want eat something else then go to ur ruh… ask him to make ……
Anika-smiles and says shivaay u r effecting [aapko farak padh rha h]
Shivaay-n…no I m not affecting who said I m affecting by this 2 rs ruhaan
Anika-wow shivaay u r using my language ur eyes saying that u r affecting ,ur way of talking is telling me that u r affecting ,why don’t u admit that u r affecting .
Shivaay pull her closer to him and keep his hand on her waist there share a eyelock oh jaana plays
Shivaay says when I m saying u that I m not affecting that means I m not affecting u get that

Anika-smiles says when u r affecting then u can say this by maintain distance to me why r keeping me closer to u, why u always want to do a tv serial moment ….
Listening this shivaay leaves her from his grip
Shivaay about to leave then anika shout from back shivaay I will prove that u r affecting
Shivaay- turns back and says anika its ur misunderstanding u r not able to do it becoz shivaay singh oberio never loose challenge
Anika- ya I know u never loose challenge but this tym u have to loose becoz u r challenging mrs anika shivaay singh oberio and she also don’t have habbit to loose the challenge
So mr shivaay singh oberio get ready to loose the challenge I will prove that u r affecting my presence matters to u my absence matters to u ,and u will admit this by ur own,saying this she leaves the room
And shivaay gets shocked listening her warning and thinks ye toh aise warning warning dekar gyi h jaise meri aatma iske ander ghus gyi ho shivaay singh oberio ka version 2…
[she is giving me warning like this ki my soul enter to her body and she become shivaay singh oberio version 2]
what will I do if she makes me admit that I bothers for her then ,then thinks no its not that much easy to make shivaay singh oberio confessing some thing ,what u think anika only u can play the jaleous game ,even I m also that much smart handsome,girls r mad at me and do his signature step and says now let who will confess first that who is affecting

Anika go to rudra room where already all the paltan present iskara ,rumya,ruhaan
And she started walking here and there in tension
Rudra- bhabhi why r u moving here and there
Anika-becoz m pagl hu [I m mad]
Rudra-u r not mad bhabhi bs aapka demaag khrab h
Anika and om shouted shut up rudra
Om- anika bhabhi tell us what happen u should be happy whing happened in the morning then why r u tensed
Anika-starts her nautanki dever ji haye m lut gayi barbaad ho gyi I have given ur brother challenge that I will make him to admit me that he affects by me,u know I said all this in anger don’t know from where that much josh come in me and I give him challenge how will I do it
Om-u r taking tension only for this u r forgetting that we all r working together on this mission
Anika- u don’t know him he is tadibaaz,bagadbilla the gat shivaay singh oberio making him confessing anything is very difficult u know om god become more easily happy then him
Ishru- u don’t wory bhabhi becoz when we r here not to fear lets focus on mission ‘TUJHE FARAK PADTA HAI BILLU’ and does acting
And all laugh

Shivaay comes to there room and ask whats going on guys seems very happy
Rudra- nothing bhaiya we r working on a mission
Soumya- actually bde bhaiya he is playing vedio game with me and he always out before reaching the mission
Rudra-o hlo sumo I m very intelligent playing vedio game I never loose
Iskara-rudy?and singals him to handle the situation else they all will kill him
Rudra-h..ha bhaiya u know sumo is very intelligent in playing vedio game ,she always make me loose and start her nautanki of crying and hug shivaay and says bhaiya will u plz teach me playing game
Shivaay- stop crying I will teach u just then his phone rings a smile come over her face
Everyone gets shocked that whose call bring a smile over shivaay face
Shivaay picks up the calls and says hey tia how r u? do u land to Mumbai?
Now all r hell shocked

Tia on call-ya… shivaay baby I m just land to Mumbai and coming to oberio mansion
Shivaay-thank god tia u come india u know how much I missing u
Anika feels jaleous and thinks this cheepde toh………….
Om and ishu signals her to be relaxed
Tia- shivaay baby I m coming to oberio mansion
Shivaay- tia no need to come oberio mansion
All feel relaxed on listening this
Tia-what shivaay baby
Shivaay-I mean tia no need to come alone becoz I m coming to picking u ,u just wait 10 min I will there
Tia-haww…. Shivaay baby how sweet
Shivaay- tia m very excited to meet u just coming my sweetu…….
And cuts the call and says to all of them especially to anika that I m going to pick tia and leaves from there
Now anika is in very much anger and shivaay is going to pick up that cheepde u all see the way he is talking to tia what is saying to cheepde that she is sweetu ,u know my chappal chandni is more then her cheepde ,I think he has some defect in his kanji aakhe.

Precap- all working on mission “TUJHE FARAK PADTA H BILLU”

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    Superb awsomee

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    Its really superb dude….. Plz update next one asap

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    Let’s see who wins!

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  16. Who is ishru ? ???

    1. Savera

      Ishana and rudra

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    nice episode dear…

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    its superb yaar,I have been following this from the begnning but couldn’t comment sorry yaar

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