nazdeek h dil ke part 24

Hii guys this is savera again with a new episode ,first of all I want to say sorry as I have not post the episode from 1 week I think,actually I have exams and the exam r still going on but I thought to write it ,but I m really sorry and plz comment ………
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Here the episode starts
Ishana to om now it time to add some more ghee in this jaleous
Ishu-guys I m very much hungry ,lets make something in the kitchen,
Om- ishu u died I think u died due to starvation in ur last birth that why u always hungry
Ishu- om shut up……
Om- gets silent
Rudra- waah o u become joru ka gulaam before marriage
Ishu- yaa…..
Ishu- niku plz make something for me to eat
Shivaay- ishu if ur know niku make food then u will never ask her to make food
Anika-what do u mean?
Rudra-bhaiya is very clever in bhabhi’s language very chat…
Anika- chantomai..
Rudra-ya chantomai. Om u didn’t see bhaiya when bhabhi made paneer butter masala he ate the whole bowl and does let any one to eat it…..
Shivaay thinks u don’t know my brother if u eat that day paneer butter masala then u feel mich-michi seeing paneer
Rudra- bhaiya where r u lost?

Anika- shivaay u think I cant make good food ok I agree for that
Shivaay-for the f irst tym u agree on something without argument ,good to see it
Anika- ya I always agree but u don’t becoz u always in ur own tadi but today u know what ruhaan is here that’s why I don’t want to argument ,u know what shivaay ,ruhaan makes worlds best aaloo puri so today he will make aaloo puri for me
Anika-ruhaan will u make aaloo puri for me plz…
Ruhaan- ya sure ani anything for u he will not make anything if u want to eat aaloo puri then I will make it….for u
Anika- why shivaay if ruhaan agrees to make aaloo puri then whats the problem,and today I want to eat aaloo puri made by him becoz since a long tym I didn’t eat it and today I will eat
And says ruh…. U have any problem with it
Ruhaan- no.. ani.. I don’t have any problem but its my pleasure to make aaloo puri for u
Shivaay- whats ruh.. anika ,he has a full name ruhaan and it’s a nice name then whats the need to call him ruh.. and ruh.. doesn’t sound very intresting
Om- but shivaay I think ruh is much more confortable then ruhaan like u all say to me om instead of omkara with love
Shivaay- om teri baat alag h
Rudra- bhaiya om is rite

Anika- I will call him ruh… if some one has any problem then its not my problem
Shivaay thinks she never call me like this I mean she can call me shiv.. instead of shivaay but never she thinks of ruhaan and what.. it ruh.. I m wishing like to beat him
Anika- shivaay why r u jaleousing I also used to call u billu ji but u don’t like it ,see ruhaan he has no problem with calling him ruh….
Shivaay- ya u can me billu ji when I asked u stop saying this u itself stop saying me billu ji..
Anika-really billu ji..
Shivaay-ya se…see I don’t have any problem
Ruhaan- start laughing says its very funny name billu ji…
Shivaay- what funny in my name when some one call it with love its seems very beautiful billu ji sounds very gud then ruh… u know whats the meaning of ruh… it means aatma ,
Omru,ishu all of them enjoying the scene
Rudra to om
Om or ye aatma bhaiya ki life m aagyi batakti –bhatakti
Omru start laughing
Shivaay –why r u laghing ?

Omru says nothing bhaiya and puts their hand on their mouth
Anika-by the way billu ji I love ghosts I mean the ghost movies..
Shivaay-o really but u know what a ghost can never surround shivaay
Ishu-guys leave it I m hungry
Anika- ruh … come to kitchen na and make worlds best aaloo puri
They all go to kitchen
Ruhaan starts making aaloo puri…
On the other hand shivaay also start making aaloo puri
Ishu-jiju why r making aaloo puri when ruhaan is making
Shivaay-wo ishu I don’t like food which made by some one else I like food made by me or my brother
Rudra-or bhabhi.. rite bhaiya
Shivaay looks anika and nodes yes
While making aaloo puri he give angry wala look to ruhaan
Rudra to om
Om see bhaiya’s kanji eyes cheekh cheekh kar kh rhi rhi h ki wo ruhaan ko puri ki jagh khud ruhaan ko is kholte tel m talna chahte h

[om see bhaiya blue eyes screaming loudly that he want to put ruhaan instead of puri in this boiled oil]
Om smiles and says even I also feel the same and give hifi
So aaloo puri is prepared by both shivaay and ruhaan
Ruhaan take a bite of puri and go to anika to make her eat by his own hand
Anika- open her mouth to eat it but shivaay comes in between and eat it
Shivaay-ruhaan its not much better I think u should take training from me to make food and take a bite of puri which was made by him ,and makes anika to eat it by his hand
Anika- loved the aaloo puri but says billu ji its not that much good
Shivaay- really …………
Anika- ya isse achi toh m hi bna leti hu
Shivaay holds her by putting his hand on her waist and says slowly but it is not looking in ur eyes but ur eyes r saying that I make the world’s best aaloo puri
Anika-so u know reading my eyes then u tell or what else u can read in my eyes
U know what I can read ur kanji eyes that u r jaleous seeing me and ruhaan,aapko farak padhta h

Rudra- start coughing and says bhaiya there r lots of room in the oberio mansion u can go in room for romance don’t start in public
Shivaay- leave anika and feels embaraced and go from there
And anika smiles and all start laughing give hifi to each other
Rudra- I think next tym we should call firebrigade for bhaiya
Om-ya u r right shivaay is very much jaleous
Anika-but never agree to it
Omru- but this tym he has to admit that ki use farak padta h
Sorry guys for not posting the episode becoz my exams are going on ,but plz guys comment on the episode weather it is positive or negative but plz comment

Thank u

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