nazdeek h dil ke part 21

Hii guys this is savera with a new episode hope u all liked it and thanks for ur comments and a humble request to silent reader to comment plzz………
Here the episode starts
Ishkara gets up from the floor and feels embaraced ishkara didn’t even look at each other
Rudra- whats all this happening why my both brother are going ahead in romance without taking my advice first shivaay bhaiya and om u also
Om- w… wo actually her heels broken so….
Shivaay- its ok om I know u didn’t do it intensionally,sometime things happen unexpected
Anika- shivaay………… how can u say this? For u every thing is ok na..
Om-bhabhi …… shivaay didn’t mean this u r taking things wrong
Ishu- wo its late night I think I should leave now
Om- I will drop u ,and I need to talk u
Ishu-no om I will go by myself and for now I don’t want to talk about anything
Rohan-ishu I will drop u
Ishu-nods yes
Anika- ishu u ok na.. I mean…
Ishu- ya niku I m first class and says I will meet u later
Roish leaves
And all leaves the place
Om in his room thinks about their moment and think I didn’t did it intentionally but I have to say sorry to her.
Shivaay- comes in his room and I know u r thinking about her , u say sorry to her and don’t take tension plz..
Om- shivaay I not taking tension
Shivaay- can u ask u question?
Rudra comes and says u r playing KBC without me
Shivom says come how can we play without u
Rudra – so first question from my side om u like ishu di or not?
Om shocked to his question and says n… no its not like that…..
Shivaay- that means u like her
Omru shocked by listening shivaay
Rudra- bhaiya u also start using logic
Om- u guys why starting the one thing I say na its not like that we r just fri… friends
Shivaay- then why r u becoming so fumble why r u hesitating to saying this I know om the way u look at her it really seems like u like her

Rudra- in shock bhaiyaa… u ok na I think u have 104 degree fever and u need medicine
Shivaay-shut up rudra
Om- even I m thinking the same I think shivaay rudra is saying right
Rudra-thank u om
Shivaay –its not like that and why do I have fever?
Rudra-bhaiya u are talking about love bhaiyaa these love talks don’t u suits u.u look normal in ur bagadbille avtar
And gives hifi to om
Om-shivaay u r advicing me I think u should propose bhabhi
Shivaay-wh..why should I propose her?
Omru-becoz u love her
Shivaay- who said u that I her..
Rudra- bhaiyaa aapki kanji aakhe cheekh-cheekh kr kh rhi h
Shivaay- my eyes cant speak and whose eyes speak only we can speak by our tongue
Om-shivaay why I m thinking like ur logic becoming like rudra,now I feels rudra is more intelligent then u
Shivaay-u guys r mad
Rudra-bhaiya if u nt love her then what r u doing with bhabhi in honeymoon suit
Shivaay thinks about that night
Shivaay- guys I going to sleep its late night
Om- shivaay I think u should propose her and accept ur feelings for her
Shivaay- first u accept that like ishu and leaves from there
Shivaay comes to his room and sees anika…
Anika-was trying to sleep on the couch but she couldn’t
Shivaay-ani..anika if u r not getting sleep here then u can sleep on bed I will sleep here
Anika-or why will u do this? U know na if u do this then I feel like u feel for me and u don’t want me to think so… so I will sleep here
Shivaay-anika why r u behaving like this
Anika- oh rudly behave krna aapka copy right thodi na h and gets up from the couch
Shivaay- where r u going?
Anika-wo I need to talk ishu
Shivaay- wo anika I need to talk u about ishkara ,don’t know weather I m thinking the right thing or not
Anika- its glad to know that shivaay singh oberio also confuse
Shivaay- can we talk without any argument?
Anika-ya sure
Shivaay- I thinks om and ishu like each other but not able to confess this.and whatever happened today I think they should think about their feeling.
Anika-but shivaay whatever happened its just happened accidently then why r u thinking that much deeper
Shivaay- I know it happened accidently but I feels this so can u ask about this to ishu
Anika-so u have the senses by which u detect who feels for whom or not?and shivaay we r on same state where iskara are standing
Shivaay-what r u speaking in which state we r?
Anika-shivaay u know what u always think about others and it’s a very gud thing but when its turn to think about us aapki toh batti gul ho jati h saying this she smiles and says anyway I will talk to ishu
Shivaay says ok and go to bed to sleep and anika near poolside to call ishu
Anika-calls ishu and says ishu u r fine or not
Ishu-ya I m very much fine
Anika-so what u think about ur moment with om
Ishu-niku…. What r u saying it was just mistakenly
Anika-u can tell me without any problem
Ishu- niku u r taking revenge from me for morning jab m tere mje le rhi thi
Anika-its not a revenge I and ur jiju feels like u and om like each other but ont accept this
Ishu- hlo madam from when u become love guru.
Anika-just now by the way u can tell me , m teri setting krwa skti hu and u will become my devrani
Ishu-u know niku u have gotten mad and just sleep its late nite and cuts the call
Ishu thinks about anika’s word and think about om and think do I like him?
Om thinks about shivaay words and his moment with ishu and says to says to himself do I really like her?
Shivaay thinks about omru and anika words and their moment do I love her?
Anika thinks holding her phone in his hand says to herself shivaay u understands everyone what they r thinking then why r u not understanding that I love u.
Screen freezes in four parts ishu,om,shivaay,anika thinking about each other

Precap-om propose ishu for marriage

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  1. Savera

    Sorry guys it’s 21 episode by mistake it’s written210

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  3. Sairan

    Savera plz bring ruhaan back for sometime..Thoda SA jealous Wala shivay le aao..PLZZ and break up story unn dono ki.. Plzzzzzzzz

    1. Savera

      Thank u Sairan and I respect ur view but I was thinking for a leap and after a leap the jaleous shivaay would be seen but u have to wait

      1. Sairan

        Oh god..Plz typical leap baacho wala separation Wala maat banana ??
        And ruhaan character is finished ?

  4. Awesome

  5. Superbbbb….?

  6. Fantastic.. superb….but soon shivay should understand his feelings that he love anika…and propose his lovr

  7. Akshaya

    Oh bête ki. Interesting

  8. Kavya347

    Fabulous….It’s awesome.. Ishkara moment and then both of them embarrassed… so sweet…And also loved the KBC talk of Obros?? Shivika as loveguru for Ishkara…really great!!!! And OmRu teasing Shivaay…haha??loved their talk…And the precap?omg.Om is gonna propose Ishu…wow?..eagerly waiting for it..

  9. It’s nice dearrrrrr… Waiting for the next update.

  10. Ruksy

    Amazing update loved it

  11. Amazing epi

  12. Vincy

    Pls no shivika separation

    1. Savera

      Thank u Vincy and there will not be any separation

  13. Hey sweetie pls make shivaay confess his feelings….!!! Btw awesome epi

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  15. Amazing update…

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