nazdeek h dil ke part 20

Hii guys this is savera again with a new episode,guys this tym I m very upset with u r response this tym in my last episode I didn’t even get 15 comments guys plz comment if u r not liking it then also comment ,but plz comment I want to know ur peninions also…………. So plz comment

Here the episode starts
Anika go inside the house
And all the members are waiting for her and starts clapping saying happy birthday to u ……
Anika first gets shocked and surprised becoz she she didn’t expect this
Ad she smiles and a tear of happiness in her eyes
She ask from rohan and ishu u remember about my birthday
Rohan and ishu come near her says u r most important person of our life so how can we forget about u and hug her
Rudra- happy birthday bhabhi and this very big day for u and u all crying
Om- duffer these tear are of happiness and says happy birthday bhabhi
Anika- thanks to all of them
Sahil- comes from behind and says didi….. this birthday u forget about me
Anika- says no sahil I cant forget about u u r the only one who always memorise me about my birthday toh how can I forget about u
Sahil- then why this tym u give this place to bagad jija ,he is the one who wished u first na
Anika- no….. he didn’t wish me
All shocked what how can this possible
Shivaay comes in the house
Thinks get ready shivaay for the answers which u have to reply
Rohan- u didn’t wish niku
Rudra- tell bhaiya why didn’t u wish her
Ishana- what u r doing the whole night with her that u didn’t wish her

On listening this shivika thinks about last night and blushes
Rudra- why r u smiling bhaiya
Shivaay- wo I didn’t wish her becoz I thought right that there are many people before me in her life which should get chance to wish her first
Rudra- bhaiya …….. aap kbse om ki tarah baat krne lge
and bhaiyaa tell me what happened last night in the honeymoon suit on listening this shivika gets shocked and other people look at rudra that what he is asking
shivaay- ho.. how do u know about it?
Rudra- bhaiyaa I m the great the rudy the agent or muje mere kufiya sutro se pta chla h
Shivaay- w..wo I can explain
Om- its ok shivaaay u need not to explain everything
Ishu- om if jiju wants to explain then let him explain and smiles
Anika looks at her
Ishu- why r u doing long distance war at me
Anika- wo I m going to room
And she leaves
Rohan- what happened to her
Ishu- chillax rohan u haven’t seen her face her face gettened red
Shivaay –thinks don’t know her face got red becoz of anger or blush
Ishu- what u r thinking u start ur story jiju
Shivaay- w..wo.. I have to call khanna about meeting and he leaves fastly without listening their reply
And all laughed
Rudra- bhaiyaa also know how to blush… na om
Om-shut up rudra
They all leaves

In shivika room
Anika was taking out her clothes from her cupboard
Shivaay enters the room and says ani….anika I want to explain u something
Anika- I know what u want to explain that what ever happened between us is mistakes and I should think about it ,see shivaay I understand u very much becoz after every close moment of u come to say this to me so sorry this tym u need not to say anything ,I understand everything
And saying this she leaves the room
Shivaay to himself how can even she think of me like this ,I always used to say these line but this tym I m not going to say these lines
Anika-on her way thinks what happened to me why I m behaving like this I know I love shivaay then I should be happy,but anika shivaay don’t love u he say all these to u which I have said to him
If he says these things to me then I will be more sad
And thinking this she banged to ishu
Ishu- niku now also u r walking in dreams ,wake up niku its morning by the tell me what happened last night jiju phone ka bhana bna ke chle gye
Anika- u start again I told u na nothing happened
Ishu-then why r u blushing
Anika- I m not
Ishu- listen jiju wished u or not,and I m seeing u u r avoiding him
Anika- why r asking this to me ask him na why he didn’t wish me till now
Ishu-so that why madam ji ka para high h, ok get ready we have arranged a party for u

At evening
Rumya,Ishkara,shivika,rohyanka, get down they cut the cake and enjoy the party and now tym for couple dance
Iskara,rumya,shivika, rohyanka do a couple dance romantically on ishq wala love
When iskara dancing suddenly ishu heels breaks she about to fall ,om try to hold him but he also fall with her
Now om in on the upper side of ishu
Ishu slightly push him to ask him to get up but he again fall on her and their lips come in contact accidently
And all gets shocked but iskara enjoying their kiss
And all of them stand away and close each other eyes

Precap-om advice to prpose anika,and shivaay suggest him to propose ishu

Guys sorry for late and short update plz guys comment else I will finish the ff in one or two more episode if u want me to continue then plz comment……………..

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