nazdeek h dil ke part 19

Hii guys this is savera again with a new episode and thanks to all who have commented and also thanks to those who read it but didn’t basically thank u guys…….

Here the episode start
Shivika in hangover do romance and sleeps
In oberio mansion
Rohan-guys its 11;30pm so I think we should call shivaay so that he ca come with niku at 12;00am
Priyanka-ya rohan aap shi kh rhe h
Ishu- ya call them rohan
Rohan –calls shivaay but they r busy in sleeping so didn’t pick up the call,rohan says guys shivaay is not picking up the call
Prinku- rohan u don’t worry shivaay bhaiya is very responsible he will get bhabhi on right time
Rudra-ya prinku is right
So they all wait for shivika
At 12:05am
Om- shivaay didn’t come yet and again call them but they r not picking up the call
Ishu- khi jiju niku ke sath private birthday toh celebrate nhi kr rhe
Rudra-no didi bhaiya don’t know anything about romance in childhood he always take my advice to impress the girls and private romance with bhabhi no chance and does logic wala sign
Soumya- u r saying like this that u have done PHD on romance
Rudra- ya u haven’t seen yet how many girls want to date me
Soumya- really u r really a duffer girls want to date u only for money
Rudra- girls want to date me becoz I m smart
Sahil- pehalwan if soumya is saying this then she is right and u r wrong
Rudra-sahil tu soumya ka chamcha ku bna hua h
Soumya- rudra why r u saying like this to sahil
Rudra- one minute I m saying the rite thing
Soumya- u shut up duffer singh oberio
Rudra-sumo just don’t say this ok
Soumya- I will say this u cry baby
Iskara and rohyanka shouted shut up guys

Here we don’t know where r shivaay and anika and u r fighting like kids
Can we focus on shivika or not
Soumya –ya bade baal wale bhaiya
Rudra-om we should call to khanna he always know about shivaay
Ishu- kya baat h rudy u also use ur brain like me
Om calls to khanna
Om- khanna u know where is shivaay actually he is not picking up the call
Khanna- ya sir, shivaay sir is in hotel with anika mam actually his car is not starting so he calls me to send a car in hotel
Om- can u give me the number of hotel
Khanna –ya sir I will send it to u now
Om cuts the call
Ishu- toh what khanna said where is niku and jiju
Om-khanna said they both r in hotel
Rudra- what they r in hotel what they r doing there?
Soumya- like seriously rudra u r really duffer
Rohyanka says guys don’t start again
Om gets message from khanna
Om calls to manager
Manager – hlo sir how can I help u?
Om- actually there is a room booked on name of shivaay singh oberio I want to talk to him can u plz connect the call to him
Manager –sure sir I will just check it

Just then ishu snactch mobile from om
Ishu-hlo manager can u tell me which type of room mr oberio has booked
Manager-mam,ye kesa sawaal h
Ishu- I mean to say like for married couple or simple room
Manager –ya mam he has booked the honeymoon suit,and I m just connecting the call
Ishu-nhi… no don’t need to connect the call don’t disturb them
Manager- ok mam as ur wish and cuts the call
Ishu gets excited and happy
Om- ishu what is this why did u snatch my mobile? I m talking to him na and u didn’t even talk to shivaay
Ishu- tum na apna deemag use krna thodi na jante ho isiliye I have to snatch ur phone
Om-what did I do?
Ishu- becoz…..
Sahil intrupts u both fight tab tak i m going to washroom and he leaves
Om-now tell me why u did this?
Ishu- becoz jiju and niku is in hotel
Om- wow…. What a great invention by the way we all know about this that shivika r in hotel
Ishu-becoz u idiot jiju has booked a honeymoon suit for them
Om,rumya ,rohyanka shout in shock shout what?
How can this possible?
Ishu- ya manager told me that jiju has booked the honeymoon suit
Rudra- start his nautanki and start crying how can this possible bhaiyaa toh praya dhan hogye he didn’t even take a advice from me about romance
Soumya- shut up rudra we should happy that bade bhaiya is spending tym with bhabhi
Rudra-now I m understanding why bhaiya is not picking up the call becoz he is busy in something else
All give him a look that nothing can happen to him and says shut up rudra
Ishu- u will understand all this when u get married
Rudra and soumya looked at each other and thinks of their marriage
Om- by the ishu u r advicing like this u r married
Ishu-no… I m not married but I have boyfriend aand start laughing
Rohyanka and rumya
What ishu when u have boyfriend u didn’t even tell,who is he?
Ishu- om is my boyfriend
Rohan and rudra what?
Rudra- u didn’t tell me om aap bhi praya dhan ho gye
Om-rudra she is just kidding look I m boy and her friend so I m his boyfriend
Ishu-wah om aap logic kbse lgane lge
Om- its ishu ‘s logic
Rohan- according to this logic prinku is my girlfriend
Prinku smiles and blushes
Ishu- rohan this logic is not for u
Prinku suddenly says why ishu di
Iskara and rumya in shock what?
Rudra-om prinku bhi bdi hogyi deklo ye bhi bolne lgi h
All laughed

Sahil comes and says anika didi didn’t come yet
Ishu- niku will not come today
Ishu- becoz this tym she want celebrate her birthday with shivaay jiju
Sahil- iska mtlb didi isbar apna birthday bagad jija ke sath manana chti h
All laughed on sahil innocence
Sahil- then what we will do of this cake
Soumya- sahil u cut it and we all will have it
So they all cut the cake and have it and enjoy and went to sleep
Next morning
In hotel
Shivaay slightly open his eyes and start yawning ,when fully open his eyes get shocked seeing anika sleeping beside him and seeing himself without shirt and keeping her hand on his chest
Shivaay- keeps her hand aside on this anika also wake up and gets shocked seeing him with shivaay like this
She gets up and covers herself with blanket and shout shivaay what u have done with me last night
Shivaay- also covers himself with blanket and says i…. muj…muje nhi pta and hold his head
And says I think we got drunk yesterday and didn’t remember anything
Anika-runs toward washroom and close the door of washroom
She thinks what I have done …. Then she sees herself in mirror and a smile come over her face and bluses
Then she thinks how will face him after all this
Shivaay thinks how can u do this ,oh god how will I face her
Anika- come out of washroom and she is not seeing at him
Shivaay go to washroom

Shivaay thinks what she will think of me she is not loking at me
After changing he comes out and hesistantly says we should leave anika without saying to him anything and leave to car
They both r in car full of silence
Shivaay-I should talk to her don’t know what is she thinking about me
Anika- anika thinks don’t see at him don’t know what she is thinking about me ,he may be thinking that I m a cheepde girl
Shivaay- u have to talk her and say sorry to her common shivaay u can do it there is nothing impossible for shivaay singh oberio
Shivaay- with lot of courage says ani.. anika… wo… what happened last nght
Anika intrupts says shivaay
Shivaay- i.. I .. can explain
Anika- shivaay stop the car ghr aagya h
Shivaay –hmm… and says yaa and stops the car
Anika- fastly get down from car and go to inside
Shivaay- hold his head and says shivaay what u have done she may be very angry ,and takes out his phone and sees 30 missed calls from om ,then he remembered oh god I just forget today is anika birthday and all planned surprise for her .and now all will kill me becoz I don’t get her at home at right time
Shivaay singh oberio aaj toh tu gya

Precap-all make fun of shivika and shivika try to avoid each other

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