nazdeek h dil ke part 16

Hiiii guys this is savera again with an exclusive episode hope u all like it .and plz guys comment more and more becoz when u comment I got the energy to write and try to write the best one so plz guys just comment if u r not liking then also plz tell me.

Anika –wears her mangalsutra and says thank u wo I just coming from kitchen meet u after sometime
Shivaay- so go na why r u telling me ?
Anika- becoz u r my saiyaan ji…. Or other than u whom can I tell this
Shivaay- what’s the language what is sa.. sai…
Anika-its saiyaan ji u don’t know its means husband in desi language
Shivaay- ok leave it u r going to kitchen na so go….
Anika-oh ya she leaves from there
Just then tia come to shivaay and says shivaay baby I m feeling very low .that anika come again in our life she spoiled our breakfast and she hold his hand trying to coming close to him
Shivaay-ok tell me tia what do you want
Tia-shivaay baby can we go out for lunch becoz in this house there is so much negative energy and I want clean my aura
Shivaay –ok get ready we r going on lunch date
Tia-thank u shivaay baby
She leaves from there

Shivaay is getting ready for his lunch date and get ready about to leave just then omru come to his room
Rudra –bhaiya where r u going by getting this much ready
Shivaay-on date
Omru thinks anika is going with him and exchanges their looks
Om-shivaay u know what I m very proud of u .u r doing the right thing
Shivaay-m galat hi kb krta hu
Rudra- bhaiya u go and enjoy ur self
Saying this omru leaves
On the way rudra says to om
Om bhabhi ne toh bhaiya ko itna draa diya apni bang on entry se he get ready to go out on date with bhabhi and went to their room
Here shitia also leaves for their lunch date
Ishu reaches her home
Her mom starts her as usual rag get married soon
Ishu- mom I have just entered the house and u started the drama get married get married ,frankly speaking na becoz of this sadi krlo sadi krlo I don’t want to come home
Mom-ishu have u forget all ur manners and tell me one solid reason why don’t u want to get married atleast meet him once
Ishu- u r saying like this mom as if I will give a solid reason then u will cancel this marriage
Mom-if reason is solid then I can also cancel it .the only thing I want just to see my daughter settle and happy .so….. tell me a solid reason
Ishu- becoz….wo….. I have a boyfriend and I love him very much cant live without him
Mom-but u didn’t tell me about all this before
Ishu-mom how can I tell all this to u becoz I was sacred but u forced me to to get married so I have to tell it to u and this is the solid reason why don’t I want to get marry.
Mom- ya this is a solid reason ok I agree I will not force u get marry
Ishu- gets happy listening this but her mom said to her call him tomorrow
Ishu- kisse bulana h kl mumma ab toh m sbko bula dungi
Mom- ur boyfriend without him u cant live na…. and without u I cant live so call him tomorrow I also want to see ur choice
Ishu gets shocked her mom rocked

Mom- by the way what the name of my to be jamai raja
Ishu- wo… wo… mumma I have to go washroom badly I will tell u later…. Saying this she runs toward her
And in room ishu start her nautanki haye m lut gyi barbaad hogyi she says to her self ishu have u lost it who tell u to become bold ki mumma I have a boyfriend . without whom I cant live she slightly hit her head on the wall .kha se lau ab m boyfriend and do the acting of crying
In oberio mansion
Rudra- om bhaiya bhabhi went on date chlo na we both also make something to eat
And they leave to kitchen from their room
And when they reached the kitchen they gets shocked to see anika having aaloo puri in kitchen
Omru says bhabhi aap yha toh who is with bhaiya
Anika-what happen to both of u
Omru – bhabhi bhaiya has gone on a date with u but u r here
Anika- r u mad I m here in front of u not a ghost
Omru that means bhaiyaa has gone on a date with lady baba
Anika- in shock what shivaay has gone on date with that cheapde.
Rudra –ya bhabhi bhaiya has gone on a date with ur sautan
Anika-I have to go u know In which restaurant he has gone
Om- shivaay didn’t tell us,so we don’t have any guess
Rudra- when rudy is here not to fear I have a plan I can connent bhaiya gps location from my phone
Does logic wala sign
Anika- wow rudra good plan it seems u have started eating 21 almond daily
Rudra- correct bhabhi aapka devar bda smart h
Om- guys we should leave or else shitia finish their romantic date
Anika- unki romantic date par toh aisa raita failaugi ki she will never think of doing romance with my husband
In shivaay car
Tia-shivaay baby I m feeling so relaxed with u .its seems like universe wants me to be with u
Shivaay- does not concentrate on her and lost in his own thinking
Why did she come back ? is she really feels for me ,but I don’t feel for her ,no…… I feel for her but she come back only becoz of court orders
Tia- shivaay baby r u listening
Rudra drives the car and trace shivaay location

Shitia reach the restaurant and book table for them
Here anika,omru also reach the restaurant
Shivaay and tia go to the table and pull the chair for tia to make her sit but anika comes and sit on the chair
Anika says thank u shivaay
Shitia gets shocked seeing her
Tia-what r u doing here she slightly shouted
Anika- shivaay ur high profile or sorry my high profile sautan don’t know how to behave in the restaurant tumse ache toh middle class log behave krte h
Omru smiles seeing them but rudra sasys om I have a plan come with me and they leave from there
Anika-u r a no.1 cheepde u come on date with my husband ,how dare u haa……
Shivaay see all this and cofused on whose side I should speak
Tia-shivaay baby see na how is she talking to me
Shivaay-ani…. Anika ….tum
Anika- u just keep quiet m baat kr rhi hu na
And shivaay doesn’t say any word after this
Just all the member in the restaurant start to leave
Shivaay ask the manager why they all r leaving
Manager- becoz sir u have booked the whole restaurant to spent a quality tym with ur wife
Shivaay-what the wuck when did I do this?
Om- shivaay I and rudra did this I think u should spent tym with anika
Rudra-lady baba what r u doing here in between the two couple oh..oh.. I just forget to say universe doesn’t want u to be here.u can come with us to have food to explory in some other restaurant
Tia smirks and leaves the place
Omru give hifi to each other and says guys just enjoy and leaves from there

Precap-shivika romantic date

Guys sorry for any mistake and plz guys comments and if u r not liking the track then also u can tell me but plz comment
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  1. Savera its always a delight to read your story.. ?Im so happy to see this Anika and im also happy that Tia is not getting success in her plans to spend time with Shivaye.. #Shivaye’sHeartBelongsToAnika ❤?
    Do post the next episode asap..

    1. Thank you Vaishali

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    Great episode..Tia ???

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    Anika today u killed it

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    Waahhj i really loved it…..hardly waiting for shivika romantic date

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