Nazar 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ansh insults Piya

Nazar 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chitali tells that Piya have devi mark. Guru Maa says that devik is a girl who has powers to fight against evil, to bring light to dark, devik are born to finish witches, devik is Piya and there is only one devik. Ruby thinks that if they prove that Piya is devik then I wont be able to marry Ansh. Guru Maa says Piya is real devik so other one is fake. Avi says enough, they are lying to make Piya marry Ansh, Ruby is real one. Vedsheree says we have to find out truly who is real devik, she asks Guru Maa how to do it? Guru Maa says Mata will prove it.
Guru Maa brings all to mandir, she says real devik will be able to light diya with her heart powers, Piya asks what is happening? Guru Maa asks her to just pray from her for Mata to listen. Ruby and Piya starts praying. All close eyes and

pray. Ruby sees Piya’s diya burning and her not burning. She messages Mohana that I need your help. Mohana says no Ruby have to marry Ansh at all costs, it will be difficult to face mata’s idol but I will do it, I will try. Mohana uses her powers to try and make it work. She moves Piya’s diya infront of Ruby and Ruby’s unlit diya towards Piya’s side. Ruby sees all have closed eyes and didnt see it. Mohana becomes old and faints, she thinks that going against Devi Maa made me fall in this condition.
In house, all open eyes and sees Rubys diya burning and Piya’s diya not burning. Piya says I am sorry, I couldnt do it. Chitali says Mata proved that Ruby is real devik. Vedsheree says only Ruby can save Ansh. Piya says to Guru Maa that I tried as you said but diya didnt burn, I am not devik. Guru says you are devik. Vedsheree says Ruby is a devik. Guru Maa says this is Mohana’s trick, she doesnt want you people to get proteced by a devik, this Ruby is lying. Ruby says I am not lying. Guru Maa grabs her and asks why she is faking it? Avi stops her and says enough, you cant behave like this with our would be daughter in law. Guru Maa says try to look at truth. Vedsheree says you gave them test and Piya couldnt do it but Ruby did. Guru Maa says fine, it was my duty to inform you, you trust or not, not my problem, lets go Piya. Piya starts leaving with Guru Maa but stops at Ansh, she says Guru Maa never lies and I have seen different avatar of Ruby, some people want to show something else. Ruby says she is lying. Piya says Ansh this is your life so you decide, you might think I am lying today but you might trust me later so then you will need it, she gives her protective locket to him. Ruby thinks why her words are not affecting Ansh? She gets away from Ansh when Ansh clutches Piya’s locket in his hands. Piya starts leaving wit Guru Maa. Vedsheree asks Ansh why he is not saying anything? Ansh murmurs Piya.. Piya stops. Ruby thinks why Ansh is not listening to me? She calls out to Mohana but Mohana is weak and says I wont be able to help you.. she thinks and says Ansh is my son, he has my blood. She cuts her hand and drops her blood.
Ansh comes to Piya, Piya says I knew you would trust me, something is fishy. Mohana sends her powers to him. Ansh says Piya you are a fishy character here, you want me to break my relation with Ruby thats why you made a story about your mother too so you could trap me, how do I know that your mother is missing? maybe she is dead. Piya gets tensed and says my mother is alive, how dare you even say it? She says Guru Maa my mother is alive, she hugs her and cries. Guru Maa says I am sorry, I came to warn them that you are real devik but if they cant open their eyes and see that they need you but leave them, Ansh doesnt know who he is and who it can be, you are insulting Piya today but you will come to her soon. Vedsheree looks on.

PRECAP- Priest says to Vedsheree that Ruby is not devik, she is a witch. Vedsheree says that cant be possible, I saw vedik mark on her shoulder. Priest shows her fake skin with mark on it and says you saw this on her shoulder. Vedsheree is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am upset with the timings. My family doesn’t let me watch it at 11:00 pm. Really, the timings must be altered. It is a good serial but timings make hotstar the last resort.

    1. Actually i have a doubt can you solve this..?
      What is the relation between Mohna & Ansh ?
      What is the relation between Mohna & Ruby ?

      1. Ooshi

        Ansh is Mohana’s son and Mohana and Ruby both r witches
        If Ansh will merry a which he will completely turn evil and his goodness will finish completely

    2. Mona146

      better go for hotstar in daytime.

  2. True. The timing must altered, why is this daily soap “saas-bahu ” serials until 11?Have to wait for next day to watch Nazar 😭😭😭😭

      1. Agree with you Aditi Anu timing should be change.I also have to wait for morg to watch episode..story is beautiful also acted directed very well…speed of any track is quick…i love dis show

  3. Actually i have a doubt can any one sortout..?
    What is the relation between Mohna & ansh..? What is the relation between Ruby & Mohna ?
    I just watch this serial yesterday thats y’l am asking..Can any one able to answer my question..?

    1. Mona146

      mohana the dayan is the mother of ansh. ansh father is the deceased brother of vaideshree’s husband.

      1. Mona…Thanks for your reply

    2. Mona146

      you can watch 2nd episode of the the serial from hotstar for the flashback.

      1. Yes ofcourse..So many things happened..Very intresting…

    3. Mohana is Ansh mother and Ansh father was a human and vedshree is actually Ansh Chachi but Ansh consider her as mother, vedshree is aware that Ansh has half human and half witch(mohana) son and only a devik(piya) can save him by marriage, but Ruby is also a witch and helping mohana, family is thinking that ruby is devik but she is a witch and Mohana is helping her because if a witch marries his son Ansh then Mohana will be free and can come back to take her revenge, as of now nobody knows that piya is the daughter of same lady who capture witch mohana years back and helped this family, soon they know that piya is devik and there will be so much drama during marriage

      1. Oh…Thanks for your reply..Now i got some idea about this drama..😃

  4. Mona146

    why dont u watch on internet instead. It uploads around 7pm

  5. Ooshi

    Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode

  6. I feel realy disgusted at ystrdays episode. I dont know if u guys have noticed it.. piya is not at al bothered abt anshs behaviour disorder.. she dn
    Snt even confrnt him abt his rudeness his al of a sudden romance.. ek achchi ladki ki charactr ki against hai eh sab. Aur ansh.. what ws he thnkng bfr kissing her and why dint he say sry fr dat if he didnt mean to.. seriously the main lead ansh , he practicaly dsnt knw hw to act.. most of the time he jst stands dr staring and piya lot of overacting even if its pain or sadnes.. and one more thing.. guruma and piyas mom saved dat family frm mohana and whoa what a thanksgiving ws that for guruma.. i mean seriously. Piya sab ko pata hai thum daivik ho.. achchi hai.. masoom hai.. par self respect nam koi cheez hai.. vo bhi seek lo pls.. ( anyone if u gt crossed by my comment and disagree iam sry) its jst my view.. i watch it bcz its teen drama with super natural fantasy.. lst one i saw was pyar ki eh ek kaahani( twilight stry)

    1. Actually Aparna i also have some thoughts lyk you think..Am also stunned about this Ansh’s character..y he was not reacting..I feel lyk The male lead is not @ dominant in this show..Every acts are done by females..They have more space..Ansh character was just lyk a statue..

      1. Yeah nihla he is not even trying to find out why his eyes sparkle or why he feels weird touching him. I have a doubt lik how does he knw dat his eyes sparkle? I laughed myslf out when ansh ws saying his cousins that he has got super natural powers and his eyes glow.. was he infrnt of sm mirror?

    2. Mona146

      hmm heroine is certainly spineless and keeps crying all the time. Hero is the best idiot i have ever seen how come he suddenly kissed her and heroine did not react otherwise.

  7. Touching her( piya) *

    1. Yeah..really @ least y can he communicate his own feelings with anyone including his mom..
      He does’nt have such a dialogues too..He need to change..

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