Nazar 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Piya pushes Ansh away

Nazar 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya says to Ansh that chudail wont be able to come inside as we didnt call her. Chudail glares at her and leaves from there. Ansh and Piya close all windows and doors.

Naman hears bhajan. Mohana throws some bulbs on floor. Vedsheree says what are you doing? Mohana says just do it, I will get my powers back when its morning. Shekhar says we have to wait till then.
Ansh says we can leave, Piya says no she will be waiting for us, why did you come here? I asked you to not come here. Ansh says I asked you to not come here too. Piya says you are not in trouble, you can go. They see chudail making a circle outside house. Piya says she is trapping us.

Naman is walking and steps on bulbs. Mohana says we can hear him when he keeps walking on bulbs. They all silently stand on side.

Naman is walking by them and doesnt hear them.

Piya sees chudail making a circle and is tensed. She says to Ansh that you have to go, if she makes complete circle then you wont go out too, she is behind me. Ansh says there is time, you can come with me.

Naman is near family. Mohana’s blood is about to drip but Vedsheree puts hand underneath it. Naman comes near Mohana, Avi throws vase on otherside so Naman moves towards there. Vedsheree says I have to bring napkin to stop her blood. Chitali says he can hear you, dont take risk.

Ansh is taking Piya but Piya says you are ready to put your life in trouble for me? ready to die? Piya sees chudail gone. She takes her knife and gives it to Ansh, she says we will need it to fight chudail, lets go. She opens door and pushes him out. She closes door, he says you cant do it, open it. Piya says please leave. She puts her hand on glass near his. Ansh says please. Piya looks away and goes in house. Ansh screams for her. Ansh says I have to bring Piya out of here.

Vedsheree comes in kitchen, she finds liquid that can make witch become stoned when light up. Chitali says I am worried for Vedsheree. Vedsheree puts liquid in lamp and is trying to light up but she sees Naman coming there. He says I am blind but I have more senses to smell, I can smell where is who, he says when I didnt let my mother be saved then I cant spare you. He grabs her neck. Shekhar comes there and screams. All family members come there and chants bhajan. Naman screams and moves away from Vedsheree. He throws things away. Chitali lights up lamp. Naman starts getting attacked. Vedsheree says we have to take Mohana out of here. All leave. Naman stops Ruby and says you think they will praise you? they will kill you, just give me Mohana’s braid and I will give your braid back, I will save you too, will you help me? Ruby looks on.

Scene 2
Sushant comes to Guru Maa and asks if Piya came here? Guru Maa says she said she is going to search her mother. Sushant says what? Divya is dead, soemone is fooling her, Saanvi freed biggest chudail dilruba, you and Divya caught her with so much work and Mohana made Saanvi free her. Guru Maa says witches are against chudail then why did Mohana do it? Sushant says Mohana will do anything to keep devik away from davansh. Sushant says Piya is in trouble. Guru Maa says we dont know if Divya is dead or alive, we will find out where is Piya.

PRECAP- Naman is dancing and trying to find Mohana.
Vedsheree says to lord and says save us, if Naman gets Mohana’s powers, he will destroy us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. They are stretching this namun track like bubble gum; how dumb is ruby?
    Wow! pia, you gave knife for ansh (davansh) as self defense? it’s your belonging, what if chudail gets hands on it.

  2. Today i love Priya and Ansh scene wonderful but the precap was very funny. When will Naman will come in his normal form????

  3. To whoever wrote the update, thank you. However, please note: Piya’s father’s name is Nishant, not Sushant. Sister’s name is Saavi, not Saanvi.

  4. What is happening on this show! It’s turning out to be another naagin instead of a spooky thriller where good wins and evil lsoes. And what is the difference between daayan and chudail? How can that fellow get witch powers by wearing the braid? Then anyone can become with na.

    1. Yup, I have the same feeling about the show. All they have mentioned is chudail n dayans are enemies like vampire & werewolf; chudail seems to be half human & half bird.

      Anyone can take dayan powers because there powers lies in their choti. And ruby is so dumb she gave it away by choice not force.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Happy Diwali…..
    They are dragging all this tooo much now…. And it is becoming boring..

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